Your school counselors provide engaging classroom guidance lessons that help students understand healthy emotional growth, stimulate active problem solving, and provide students with the opportunity to practice important skills they will use throughout their lives. Some of the topics explored include conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and friendship development, study skills and self understanding as it connects to the work world.

These topics are presented through The Leader in Me/7 Habits of Happy Kids (Sean Covey) curriculum.

The 7 Habits are

1) Be Proactive (I’m in Charge of Me)  2)  Begin with the End in Mind (Have a goal and a plan)

3) Put First Things First (Work first then play)  4)  Think Win/Win (Everyone can win)

5) Seek First to Understand then to be Understood (Listen first then speak)

6) Synergize (Together is better)  7)  Sharpen the Saw (Balance feels best)