Reading: target skill practice through our reading series and other picture books.  Small group with individualized reading books and individual assignments further enhance student learning.

Writing: focus on forming proper sentences with correct grammar.  Our goal will be for students to write a 5-8 sentence paragraph by the end of 2nd grade.

Word Study: study and identify various letter/sound patterns found in word lists. Transfer patterns to non-list words.

Mathematics: use of concrete manipulatives to focus on the topics of: calendar, temperature, graphing, even/odd numbers, patterns, addition and subtraction, place value, comparing numbers, rounding, fractions, money, time, geometry, measurement, probability (Please work on addition and subtraction facts all year long)

Social Studies:  use many texts and a variety of sources to learn about: citizenship, government, geography, First Americans, American symbols, economics, Famous Americans

Science: use the scientific method to learn about the following topics: weather, water cycle, seasonal changes, animals, scientific investigation, magnets, life cycles, plants, matter