Student Logins Got You Down? I’ve Got Your Back!

Having students login for the first time on the computers can seem like an impossible task, especially in the younger grades. You find yourself running from one side of the room to the next making sure everyone is together. Then after 45 minutes of getting students to type in their username and password, everyone clicks login. That’s when you find out about half the students typed in the wrong combination and you have to start all over again.

Here are 5 tips to getting your students logged in for the first time with no tears (from the teacher).

1.Use the login templates that Christina Aquilina made. Click here for that blog post!

2. Highlight the username in green and the password in yellow. This way you can say, “Look at the username it’s in green.” Or you can say, “Type in the password it’s in yellow.”

3. Break it down! Break the username into three parts.

  1. Have all the students type hcps first.
  2. Then have all the students press the dash, and show them where it is on the keyboard.
  3. Finally have the students type in the rest of their username.

4. Explain to the students that the password is their first initial, last initial, and lunch number.

5. Repeat! Once the students are logged in have them shut down and repeat. Have your students do this process over again 2 more times. By the end most will feel comfortable about logging in.

This will take about 45 minutes, but 45 minutes of time well spent. This will help students login fast during station time, or whenever else you use the computers in your classroom..

Have Fun!

First Week – DONE!

The first week of school is over. All the kids got home on the right bus and most of the students remember their lunch number. You’re like 94% sure that you have the right seating arrangement for students to stay focused. Now you feel like you can dive into the curriculum and start planning out some great lessons.

Well, you felt that way until you realized that most of your afternoons are tied up in meetings. When you’re not in meetings you’re gathering data to reviewed by the administration. In addition you have to have time plan out high quality lessons so you students can perform well on the SOL test at the end of the year. This can seem overwhelming as a classroom teacher and almost impossible to get everything done. This is where I come in.

I can sit down with you and plan these high quality lessons, during a time that is most convenient for you. We’ll unpack the curriculum together and make cross curricular connections. When we plan together I use the TIP-Chart as a guide for our lessons. If you haven’t seen the TIP-Chart check it out, it can really help improve your lessons. We can even look at some past lessons against the TIP-Chart and see what we can do to bring your lessons to a higher level.

I know what you’re thinking, yeah that’s great and all but I really need a second set of hands to help teach this lesson. Well good news! I can also co-teach with you. After we plan out the lesson we can co-teach or I can just be a second set of hands to help you out.

Bottom line I’m here to help you.

When you’re ready to get planning sign up for me. I can’t wait to start working with you!

Student Passwords – YOU CAN DO IT!

You no longer need your ITRT to get your student password information! This means you can get all of your student passwords without having to wait for me. Just follow the directions below from Matt Caratachea, Kelley Taylor, and Christina Aquilina.

**In order to follow these directions correctly you MUST be in PowerSchool ONLINE.



Snapchat Template for Students

Click Here for the Template

Here is a Snapchat template made in Google Slides that you can use with your students.

Some ways you can use this template:

  • Have students create a snap of a famous American.
  • Snap a photo of a book character.
  • Students can create historical selfies by inserting their picture into historical photos.
  • For the video feel you can put an animated GIF in the template.

What are some ways that you can use it in your class?

Techapalooza + You = Awesome!

Want to rock out your classroom with incredible technology instruction? Want to experience cool collaborative vibes with other amazing educators? Well tune up your axe, grab your glow sticks, and head to Techapalooza! Techapalooza will be THE place to get some funky fresh technology ideas to jam out to with your students. This is the perfect opportunity to start your year cranked up to the max. Be at Deep Run High School Thursday, August 11th from 8:30-3:00.

Register at using your HCPS issued username and password. To access the registration system you will need be connected via Ethernet or HCPS staff wireless within any Henrico County building. Use the following information to help you locate the session when registering, SRN 20163092401

Don’t forget to consider presenting your knowledge of 21st century skills. Complete this lesson proposal by June 3rd.