Glance at a Golden Week 1.7-1.11

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Hmmmmm….snow, snow & ice, or nothing much at all. It’s hard to tell at this point! Whatever we get, I hope you all have a safe, warm and cozy weekend! 


Reading-  Students continued reviewing character analysis while adding on another component of plot and conflict. We reviewed the elements of plot including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Throughout every story the author utilizes these elements to organize the events. Additionally, in every story there is some kind of conflict that pulls the plot along. It is important for the students to understand how the author organizes the plot to better understand the events in the story.

Writing- We continued finalizing our hamburger essays in which they wrote about their favorite place to eat. We have worked on these essays for quite a while now and it is wonderful to see how the final essays turn out!

Social Studies- We began working on our cumulative states project. In pairs, the students are creating a Google presentation in which they describe their assigned state in the Southeast region using the five themes of geography (location, place, region, human-environment interaction, and movement). I look forward to learning more about the states in our region!

Math & Science– Visit Miss Capano’s blog to read what students did in math and science this week!


  • MATH: Stem and Leaf Plots & Line Plots
  • SCIENCE: Fourth Grade Review of Plants
  • READING: Mixed Comprehension Review & Summative Assessment
  • WRITING: Writing Prompt Assessment
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Cumulative States Project


  •  Tuesday, 1/15:
    • SOL 5.5 Science Summative Assessment
  • Friday, 1/18:
    • Reading Summative Assessment


  • Benchmarks: Benchmarks are upcoming in late January/early February! We will wait to communicate dates until we see what the upcoming snow storm brings. Students are working hard to review, set goals, and synthesize what they’ve learned this semester so they can show what they know!  Please join us by encouraging your child to review his/her journals, study guides, and flashcards, complete homework, hop on MobyMax, and complete online games using the resources above!
  • February Conferences and Sixth Grade Course Recommendations: Ready or not, middle school is coming!  Next week Miss Capano and I will begin the process of recommending courses for sixth grade. The window for parent input is January 29th – February 8th.  Expect details soon about this easy, online process.  Miss Capano and I invite you to join us for a conference to review our recommendations and discuss your child’s progress on January 31st and February 5th.  Conference sign-up details will come home next week!
  • Capitol Waffle Shop Fundraiser (REPOST): Consider supporting our school with some tasty waffles! Six lucky Trevvett students will have their waffle recipes featured on the menu at Capitol Waffle Shop for the month of January.  Proceeds benefit Trevvett and the student whose waffle is ordered the most will be crowned the winner!

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