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Ms. Siegel is currently out on Educational Leave to get her Master of Arts degree in Technical Communication and eLearning, but what better place to continue learning than on our blog!? For the 2018-19 academic year, this site will focus on her past students’ adventures as well as share all about what she is learning at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Follow along with us as we continue to learn, and as they say in Ireland, “You’re all very welcome!”

Shady Grove Elementary School
12200 Wyndham Lake Drive
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059

Summer Blast

                          My Summer Break I started my break with a water balloon fight right after school at Shady Grove playground with my friends, it was so much fun. After we ran out of water balloons we started to do cartwheels, I never knew I could do 2-3 cartwheels in a row.  When we were done, …

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Summer Thoughts: ready or not?

Hey Siegel Students!! It’s now the beginning of August, and back to school commercials are starting! Five Below is still showing summer fun and pool float commercials, but Target is ready to sell some glue sticks and markers. So, here’s the question: which commercial best fits your mindset right now? (Also, feel free to tell …

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Boring Backup Poem

I’m going to a backup care And it’s really bare I wish I could be with my friends I think my brain always to bends I would rather be with a hare Very bored, Aadhvika

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5/17/18 Dear classmates, I made it to Texas!!! (Thankfuly) It’s scorching hot out here. (I don’t know how people survive.) I wish I was still at Shady Grove. I also wish Ms. Siegel was my teacher so I would at least know someone in my new school. How’s Ireland Ms. Siegel? Is it hot like …

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