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Shady Grove Elementary School
12200 Wyndham Lake Drive
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059

What is a SLOMP?

Do you ever wonder what a SLOMP is, me too, here is my opinion for a SLOMP. I think a SLOMP is a lazy slug, this is because if you think about it, a slug and a lazy person, put it together and you get SLOMP. Okay, well you could say it could be a …

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The Surprise

It is my birthday and I am so excited, I woke up very early. I get the option to stay home and I say yes ( of course ). I get on my clothes and brush my teeth. I go downstairs and turn on the TV. I was just wishing that my mom and dad …

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I was fishing on a marshy, foggy, and fish filled lake, so far I have caught more than 20 bass. I love fishing here, no one ever knows it’s here. I always come here hoping to catch the legendary fish. I don’t know if your ready to know what it is, you might tell someone …

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  What’s a slomp? I think I met a slomp when I was four. I was walking through a park, then I saw this fuzzy green moss. When I started to walk towards it, it shook my hand. It told me it was a slomp. I started writing this down in my notebook.   I …

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