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Ms. Siegel is currently out on Educational Leave to get her Master of Arts degree in Technical Communication and E-Learning, but what better place to continue learning than on our blog!? For the 2018-19 academic year, this site will focus on her past students’ adventures as well as share all about what she is learning at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Follow along with us as we continue to learn, and as they say in Ireland, “You’re all very welcome!”

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Welcome to my kitchen!

I realised (realized in US) that I hadn’t shown some of the very first differences I found upon arrival. I made a six minute video that walks you around my kitchen here at UL. If anything is inaccurate or you had a question on something I didn’t mention, post it in the comments below! Click …

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Gaelic Football!

Now before anyone says that I meant to say, “soccer,” let me reassure you it’s not a typo. You can kick like soccer, hand pass like a serve in volleyball, score into a net like soccer, score over the crossbar like hurling or football, and dribble (once between each solo kick off your foot) like …

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Fall is here!

So I wrote this gorgeous blog post all about learning the Irish language and how I was enjoying class. It didn’t upload, and I was too frustrated to go back and redo it all. I’ll come back to it though, and it’ll be even better! It’s a great story as well because it is through …

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After work brings…

I finished working at the library and walked out into the rain/sun, looked up and saw… Then looked again… I started grinning because it was just gorgeous!

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