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Ms. Siegel is currently out on Educational Leave to get her Master of Arts degree in Technical Communication and E-Learning, but what better place to continue learning than on our blog!? For the 2018-19 academic year, this site will focus on her past students’ adventures as well as share all about what she is learning at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Follow along with us as we continue to learn, and as they say in Ireland, “You’re all very welcome!”

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There’s a castle?!?

The sun was out for all of five seconds, so I missed the photo I really wanted. The one I got was okay, but then I saw something! Wait, what’s that on the left?!

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Happy New Year!!

Hey y’all! I hope your New Year celebrations were fun, and you’re ready for a great 2019! I was in a Chicago for a week, which meant I was able to compare anything I (or my family) noticed from my return. So here’s some differences and assorted Irish things. My lunch garlic mayo wrap Click …

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Shortest Day of the Year

Being so far north means the Earth’s tilt really affects the day light! Here are the records for both Henrico and Limerick. You all are getting nearly an hour and a half more sunshine than me!! Something else to notice is Ireland doesn’t have a big difference between our high and low temperature for the …

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Dogs for less stress!

So we’re in Study Week right now which means no classes this week because everyone should be….studying! Final exams start tomorrow. To help students take a break, the student villages have been putting events on this week. Tuesday was the “paws from the stress” and they brought in rescue dogs for us to see, pet, …

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