Welcome and First Day Reminders

Welcome to our class blog, Everyone!

I had such a great time meeting you all at Kindergarten Orientation! Your little ones are so precious. I already love them! It’s going to be a marvelous year!!!

A few reminders for Tuesday:

SEPARATION ANXIETY: PLEASE hug and kiss goodbye at the front entrance of the school. We cannot have parents in the classroom or Kindergarten hall in the mornings. It creates extra tears for your littles – and other people’s kids, too. We will comfort your babies and help them smile. The tears really do dry up within minutes. It’s harder on you than it is on the child. Please be supportive of all students and respect our building safety policies by saying goodbye at the bus stop or outside at the front door.

FOOD: Please pack a healthy SNACK every day – even if you are buying lunch. Snacks are not provided by the school. Please label your child’s snack as such (so we don’t accidentally eat part of our lunch at morning snack time). PLEASE no tree nuts, coconut, or mango due to allergy safety.

PACKER OR BUYER? If your child will be buying lunch on the first day, please make sure they know that and can tell me (I will help with lunch numbers the first week, so no worries if they haven’t got it memorized by Tuesday.). Packers should be pretty obvious, but please do practice saying “I’m a packer.” or “I’m a buyer” and explain the difference.

LUNCH VISITORS: We ask that you wait a few weeks to come in for lunch, so that we can all get settled into a routine first. Only adults on the child’s “Authorization to Pick Up” form may come in for lunch. This new policy is highlighted in a letter from Dr. Austin that’s in your red welcome folders.

TRANSPORTATION: Make sure that I know how your child is going home at the end of the school day. If there is ever a change in routine, please submit that in writing by the morning of (This must be a note – not email. The school requires a signature.).   Thank you!

SUPPLIES/EXTRA CLOTHES: Please send in anything you didn’t bring to Orientation on the 1st day if possible (We were mostly missing a few people’s 2 pocket folders and extra changes of clothes.). Thanks!

WARNING: Your babies will be super tired and grumpy the first week or two-or three. This is a BIG, over stimulating, and exhausting transition for many. Lots of littles go through a cranky phase at first.  It will get easier in a couple of weeks. I promise. I am here to dry tears and give hugs (for Kinders – and parents, too).

QUESTIONS? I am happy to help!  No question is too silly or too small. Ask away!

THANK YOU, PARENTS! I hope you all are as excited as the children about this new adventure. I look forward to partnering with you as we all learn and grow together!

Have a relaxing Labor Day!


Mrs. Brady


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Welcome Message 2018-2019

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Fun & Creative Ways to Get Ready for 1st Grade!

Hi Everyone!
Many folks want to know what they can do this summer to get their little ones ready for next year. Here’s a great website that we’ve used in class this year. It’s called Art for Kids Hub. https://www.artforkidshub.com/
Most of the videos on Art for Kids Hub are free and can also be found on YouTube. Now, why is the Kindergarten teacher recommending an art site? Well, here are the things that following these step by step art tutorials will help with: fine motor skills (always a plus), following directions (If your kid can listen and follow directions well, he/she can accomplish ANYTHING), and Rob (the host) always encourages folks to not worry about perfection and to add their own touches on their creations(Being flexible and thinking outside of the box are very good abilities to have!).
Once your child has created a fabulous work of art, encourage them to label the picture with sight words and/or invented spelling (spelling phonetically using their letter sounds). Then encourage them to write a 3 sentence story about their picture. After that, have your child read his/her writing to a family member or a friend. If your child is showing particular enthusiasm for the subject of their work, take him or her to the public library and check out some books. Then together, you can learn more about it!
Your children have worked hard this year – and so have you! Thanks for supporting their learning…Now Everybody: go relax, play barefoot in the grass, run on the beach, splash in the pool, make some Music on your ukuleles, and have lots of FUN!!!!
Mrs. Brady

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Purposeful Play

In Kindergarten, sometimes we assess learning with activities that look more like play. Today, I assessed the students’ understanding of the butterfly’s life cycle by having them create the 4 stages (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, & butterfly) with play dough. This was a great way to focus on Science content while still allowing the children to express their creativity.

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Ways to Make 10!

We had so much fun practicing all the ways to make 10 in Math class today! Beginning addition is fun! Check out the wonderful, homemade, super soft play doh! Thank you so much to Pierce and Julia’s moms for making it! Thank you to Ariyana’s mom for the containers to keep it soft, too! We LOVE it!

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Blood Drive, March 20th

Dear Shady Grove Parents,
In our efforts to promote The Cardinal Way at school, we are looking to establish community events that support our five pillars of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Creativity, and Kindness. On March 20th, SGES will be hosting a Blood Drive in partnership with Virginia Blood Services in the gym from 3:00-7:00 pm. To sign up, visit https://donateblood.vablood.org or walk-ins are welcome. A free t-shirt will be given while supplies last. Please consider using this opportunity to give blood as one of the most impactful acts of kindness. These acts of generosity will certainly set a positive role model for our students here at Shady Grove.

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Valentine’s Day : Passing On Kindness

Today, the Uke Fairies from Room 4 left a Valentine surprise in the SGES teacher’s lounge: a ukulele! This is a Pass It On Uke. It was donated to Pass It On Ukes. It was to be left somewhere so a would-be beginner uke player could discover it.
We had so much fun sneaking in to leave this special Valentine for a lucky staff member. We cannot wait to find out which SGES staff member takes the ukulele and decides to learn how to play! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Deep Run Intern, Miss Taylor

In addition to Miss MacAleese on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we will now have the good fortune of a second intern to work with us on Wednesday and Friday mornings. I am super proud that Miss Taylor (Logan) has been placed in room 4, as she is one of my former Kindergartners! Miss Taylor will begin on February 21st. Here is her introduction:
Hello! My name is Logan Taylor and I am a junior at Deep Run High School. I am currently enrolled in the Teachers for Tomorrow Program, which allows me to come and intern at a nearby elementary school. I actually attended Shady Grove and I cannot wait to be back and get to work with Mrs. Brady’s class for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year! I will be with Mrs. Brady’s class every Wednesday and Friday morning for a couple of hours until about mid May. One of my favorite sports is riding horses. I actually started riding horses when I was in Kindergarten and have loved it ever since. I also love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my black lab, Cooper! I look forward to this amazing opportunity to spend the Spring in Mrs. Brady’s class and to get to know and work with her students!

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Writing in Kindergarten

As more and more writing comes home, I wanted to share with you all what we are aiming for by the end of the year in Kindergarten. Our goal is 3 simple sentences using basic sight words on a topic by the end of the year.
For example, if a child drew a picture of a cat and wrote:

I see a cat. The cat is big. I like the cat.

Invented spelling for big words or names is also acceptable. For example. If a child drew a picture of Disney World and wrote about his/her vacation:

I wnt to Dizne Wrld. It is fun. I love Mikee and Mnnee.

As noted on the newsletters, we are introducing new sight words and word families weekly and will have lots of modeling and practice throughout the year. However, any time you can encourage writing at home it is so very helpful. Have your child draw a picture about a trip to the grocery store or a family gathering and write about it. Encourage him/her to use letter sounds to “turtle talk” the word and spell it phonetically. Encourage starting sentences with a capital letter and using “one finger spaces” between words. Remind your child to put a period at the end of his/her sentences.

Thank you for all you are doing at home to help your child learn and grow as a writer!

Mrs. Brady

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Holiday Service Project

Dear Parents,
The Kindergarten classes at SGES have decided to do a holiday service project! We are collecting new, adult size socks OR gloves for the homeless. These items will be donated to a local charity, Pay It Forward Outreach. This organization will distribute the socks and gloves to local homeless individuals and/or shelters.

We are asking each family to send in one pair of new gloves OR one pair of socks (adult size) by Monday, December 11, 2017.

We are so excited about this opportunity to encourage and model The Cardinal Way of Kindness. The students will be adding their item to a care bag that they will be crafting as one of the stations at our upcoming Winter Party.

Thank you for your support in helping to warm hearts, fingers, and toes this holiday season!

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