March 8, 2019

Have you noticed that Friday folders are a little lighter?  Wonder why?  Now that each student has his/her own Chromebook, our classrooms have gone almost entirely digital and most assignments are completed online through Schoology instead of on paper!  Want to see what your child has been up to, find missing assignments, and see details about his/her grades?  Follow the steps below and contact me with questions!

  • Visit
  • Ask your child to log in with his/her hcps username.
  • Select blue Schoology icon.
  • Select Courses (at the top) and pick any course.
  • Under Materials, you can see your child’s current and past due assignments.  Click the assignment to see his/her submission.
  • Under Grades, you can see your child’s scores (note not all Schoology assignments are recorded in my gradebook in PowerSchool).  Click any assignments to review them.

In math this week, students continued exploring triangles.  Students learned that the sum of triangle’s interior angles is 180 degrees and practiced finding the missing angle.  Check out students creating right, obtuse, acute, iscoceles, scalene, and equilateral triangles using digital geoboards and see our Padlet here!  Today, we rocked a summative assessment. Check PowerSchool for scores!
Image result for how to find a triangles interior angle

In science this week, we wrapped up our study of matter and rocked a summative assessment!  Check PowerSchool for scores.  Students submitted their creative Atoms We Eat projects and learned how elements affect our bodies.  Thank you for your project support at home!  They’ll be on display in the hallway soon!

We also began a new unit on sound.  Students learn that sounds are created from vibrations and sound energy travels in compression waves.  Check out students exploring how tuning forks create sound and transfer energy to other objects!  Next week’s card quiz is SOL 5.2 Sound (this is a change from the original schedule we provided due to a change in curriculum pacing).Visit Mrs. Golden’s blog to read what students did in language arts and social studies this week!

Click here to see MANY more photos from our week!


  • MATH: Quadrilaterals, Circles, & Transformations
  • SCIENCE: Sound
  • READING:  Figurative Language
  • WRITING: Revising & Editing
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Midwest Region of the US


  •  Monday, 3/11: Henrico Survey opens.  Parents are asked to submit their opinions on the 2019 Henrico Schools Survey at between March 11-29.  Fifth graders will also complete this survey at school unless you returned an opt-out form. 
  • Friday, 3/15: Aquarium Field Trip.  Drop off at 7:00 AM and pick up at 5:00 PM.  Click here for reminders!


  • Field Trip Update: We will be BUSY in the month of March!  This week a flyer was sent home regarding our three field trips as well as Young Scientists visits.  Please return the attached permission forms ASAP, along with $20 for Young Scientists (or pay online).  We need chaperones for the VCU Market Day trip!  We are headed to VCU’s Siegel Center with hundreds of other students, so the more adults the merrier!  The trip is 3/26 from 9 AM – 1 PM.  Please contact me if you can make it!
  • Career Exploration: Students have been exploring career fields with Mrs. Bushey in preparation for Career Day!  Check out the site at home to find out more and save the date for Career Day on March 27th and click here for the flyer.
  • Brookland Middle School Talent Show: All fifth graders and their families are invited to see Brookland Middle School’s Talent Show & Fashion Showcase on 3/22 at 6 PM at Hermitage High School.  This is the same day as our field trip to Hermitage, so your child can show you what he/she did that day!  Check out this flyer for details!
  • Camp Innovation: Check out this flyer for details about Camp Innovation summer offerings at the Math Science Innovation Center!
  • (Repost) MobyMax March Madness: All Trevvett students are challenged to focus on math fact fluency in the month of March!  Fifth graders are tasked with mastering multiplication and division facts through 12 by the end of March. Students that earn 100% mastery in MobyMax OR practice for 1 hour a week in MobyMax will get the chance to decorate a rock garden to beautify our school grounds! Click here to see the flyer sent home last week.

Have a great weekend!

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