January 11, 2019

Brrrrrr!  Winter is in full force this week and so is learning in our classroom.  We are busy wrapping up the second quarter and preparing for semester benchmarks.  Read on for details about our week, upcoming assessments, middle school course assignments, and more!
Image result for chromebook clipartWe are LOVING the brand new Chromebooks provided for every student by HCPS!  Students use Chromebooks throughout each day for tech-based learning, games, assessments, and more!  Check out students exploring Discovery Education Science interactives to review vascular vs. nonvascular plants and vertebrates vs. invertebrates. Thank you for partnering with us to promote digital safety and responsibility with this exciting new technology!In math this week, students learned to analyze a data set by finding mean, median, mode, and range.  This is a calculator skill and a quick study for most students, but be sure to review at home so students can confidently distinguish those tricky Ms–mean, mean, and mode. Next week we will explore new ways to display data including stem and leaf plots and line plots!

In science this week, we wrapped up our study of plant and animal classification.  Students learned to classify animals as vertebrates (with backbones) and invertebrates (without backbones).  We were shocked to learn that over 90% of animals are invertebrates, including over 10 quintillion insects or 20 million for every human!  Whoa!
Image result for vertebrates and invertebrates

 Use study guides, science journals, and homework (See Homework tab) for science summative on SOL 5.5 Cells and Plant/Animal Classification on Tuesday, January 15th!  This is the final assessment of this quarter and a perfect opportunity to boost your science average!

Visit Mrs. Golden’s blog to read what students did in language arts and social studies this week!


  •  Tuesday, 1/15:
    • SOL 5.5 Science Summative Assessment
  • Friday, 1/18:
    • Reading Summative Assessment


  • MATH: Stem and Leaf Plots & Line Plots
  • SCIENCE: Fourth Grade Review of Plants
  • READING: Mixed Comprehension Review & Summative Assessment
  • WRITING: Writing Prompt Assessment
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Cumulative States Project


  • Benchmarks: Benchmarks are upcoming in late January/early February! We will wait to communicate dates until we see what the upcoming snow storm brings. Students are working hard to review, set goals, and synthesize what they’ve learned this semester so they can show what they know!  Please join us by encouraging your child to review his/her journals, study guides, and flashcards, complete homework, hop on MobyMax, and complete online games using the resources above!
  • February Conferences and Sixth Grade Course Recommendations: Ready or not, middle school is coming!  Next week Mrs. Golden and I will begin the process of recommending courses for sixth grade. The window for parent input is January 29th – February 8th.  Expect details soon about this easy, online process.  Mrs. Golden and I invite you to join us for a conference to review our recommendations and discuss your child’s progress on January 31st and February 5th.  Conference sign-up details will come home next week!

Have a great weekend!

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