Tech Takeout Serves Dumbarton: Measurement

Last Friday the #TechTakeout crew headed to Dumbarton Elementary to hang out with their AMAZING 5th graders. We started out by introducing the students and their teachers to Nearpod. Mrs. Hues led the students through a Measurement Nearpod. She was able to control their computers and send them lots of practice items straight to their screens. Students were able to practice measuring length by using a virtual ruler. They also used an interactive website where they selected the appropriate unit to measure with and estimated to measure the object on their screens.

Mr. Favale and Mr. Clough’s group used the website to create comics using math vocabulary terms. When the students launched the site they were prompted to create a settings for the comic. They were encouraged to make their comic all about circles. Students created scenes that incorporated specific circles such as a baseball field, pizza parlor, classroom and park. Students added speech bubbles and had their comic characters talk about key terms like diameter, chord, circumference and radius. Students then took screenshots of their comics and uploaded them to a CoMemories site.

Mrs. Hues, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Robinson’s group used the website Build with Chrome to create their own closed structures using legos. They used various colored legos to create virtual masterpieces. Then they used the snipping tool to take a screenshot of their creation, used the pen tool to add their perimeter and area and finally they added their images to a Padlet wall to share with each other.

Mr. Caratachea, Mr. Covais and Mrs. Browne’s group used the Dell Web Cam to take pictures of various classroom objects they had measured. They saved their images and then launched ABCYa Talkify. Students uploaded their images, added a mouth and then recorded themselves sharing their measurements in both centimeters and millimeters.

2 from Jim Covais on Vimeo.

I worked with Ms. Wright and our group opened a blank Pixie document, opened the the Activity Folder→ Math Activity Folder→ Small Grid. Students used the paint can tool to create a closed figure. They saved the figure as a jpeg and then used the paintbrush tool to help them solve for the area and perimeter of their figure in square units. Next they used CheckThis to create interactive websites that their peers could view and vote to select correct answers. They uploaded their Pixie image to the website and created two polling questions. You can check out their websites by clicking {HERE}.

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