Author’s Purpose iPad Activity



Today I had a blast hanging out with Mrs. Waite and her 3rd graders as we used the iPads for an Author’s Purpose lesson. We collaborated with Mrs. Harris, the librarian, who graciously hosted us in the library and helped pull persuasive books.




First, students scanned a QR code that took them to THIS  pie template I created and dropped in Google Drive. They saved it to their camera roll and imported it as a background in PicCollage. Next, students added their name to the bottom right corner of their screen. If I were to do this lesson again, I would have them add their name to the bottom LEFT. The PicCollage watermark covered up their name once they saved. Then the fun and thinking began!



Students went on a picture hunt to take pictures of different books/sources that were examples of persuading, informing and entertaining.




We showed them how to use the editing tool within PicCollage to cut out the extra space around the books. Once the image was edited, students simply pinched their pictures and added them to the correct piece of PIE.



Persuasive books are very challenging for students (it was hard for me too!) to pick out among the hundreds of books in the library. It helped tremendously that Mrs. Harris had pulled a few and set them out on a table.



The students found themselves walking to the nonfiction side of the library to take pictures of books that INFORM.




Books that ENTERTAIN were all over the place!

Once students had decorated their pie, they saved their work and submitted it to The Work Collector.

Check out their PIE Posters:

At the end of the lesson Mrs. Waite mentioned that even the younger grade levels could do a similar activity but sort books by fiction vs. nonfiction. I LOVE this idea! Students could draw a T-Chart and label it in Doodle Buddy, save and pull it in as a background in PicCollage!

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