Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month! I had the honor of observing Deanna Pollard, Mehfoud Elementary’s OUTSTANDING librarian, today who has been teaching all of the children at Mehfoud about autism. This subject can be very tricky to discuss with the little ones but her mini lesson was absolutely fabulous. I loved how she approached the topic, shared movie clips, talked about tablets being an avenue for nonverbal children to communicate and wrapped up the lesson by having the students complete an exit TWEET.

I learned that in 2015 Sesame Street introduced a new character who has autism, Julia. Where have IIII been the past year??? There are a ton of awesome videos that teach others about the challenges people with autism face on a daily basis. Deanna showed the kids two of those videos.

Check out her lesson:

Autism Awareness from Julie on Vimeo.

If you are interested in carrying out a similar lesson, here are the resources Deanna used:

First video that was shown about Julia:

Second video that was shown about Thomas:

The book that was displayed next to the questions can:

HERE are the practice pages.

You can grab the Tweet Exit Card by clicking the image below:


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