3rd Grade Probability

Today I worked with some 3rd grade classes at Highland Springs Elementary on the basics of probability.

We kicked off the lesson by giving every student an iPad to use with this Nearpod presentation I made below:

After interacting with the probability Nearpod, students put their knowledge of probability to the test! They scanned a QR code that took them to {THIS} Comemories site that I had preloaded with different probability templates. Students chose their favorite color background and saved the template to the camera roll.

Next, we launched the app, Doodle Buddy, and brought the Comemories template in as the background. Students read the sentence at the top of their template and had to make a picture representation to match the probability description using the stamp tools. This was a lot harder for them than it looked. They used the pencil tool to write their name at the top.

Students submitted their work to The Work Collector and we projected their creations on the board for everyone to read and decide if the sentence matched what was represented in the stamps they chose to use. We had some really good conversations about some of the pictures and students seemed to walk away with a better understanding of probability!

Here are a few of their images that MATCH their probability description.

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