Tech Takeout Serves 4th Grade Math Review

Last Wednesday Tech Takeout visited Donahoe to focus on different math skills and had A BLAST! Stephanie Wright, the ITRT at Donahoe, met with the Title I math teacher to see which areas were in most need for 4th grade math. The Tech Takeout crew headed over to Donahoe to work on comparing numbers, rounding, graphing, fractions, and other great math concepts.

Stephanie kicked off the lesson with a Kahoot to get everyone’s math mind going. Kahoot is a great tool that teachers can easily integrate into their lessons because not only are Kahoots simple to make, but there are also a TON of teacher made Kahoots available to use!

Mr. Caratachea and Mrs. Green gave their groups a Google Slide template to compare numbers. They used a random number generator to choose two numbers to compare. Then the students used the snipping tool to take a snip of their numbers and put them on a slide. To show the inequalities the students took pictures within Google Slides using their arms to show which number was greater. Finally the students added some personalization to their slideshow with background colors and animations. The students did an amazing job!!

Mrs. Hues & Mrs. Robinson had their students make a copy of “On Target With Decimals” in Google Slides. Students logged into Google and made a copy of the presentation so they could edit the slides to demonstrate their understanding of place value, rounding, comparing and ordering, and adding and subtracting decimals. The students were excited to see pictures of actual items on the shelves at Target!

Jim Covais and Julie Smith had their group use Scratch to program a sprite to move across a number line of decimals between 0 and 1. Students created their own background in which they had to generate their own number line with the drawing tools and divide it into fractional parts. They also were given a decimal card in which they had to correctly identify their decimal’s location on their number line and mark it with a hash mark. Students used the coding blocks to make their sprite move to different parts of the number line in which a recording of their voice saying the decimal’s name was included. Furthermore, students got practice typing the word form of their decimals into the speech bubble that they programmed to pop up. If you are interested in carrying out this same lesson with your students then click {HERE} for the step by step directions.

Check out these student examples:

Ms. Wright used the online collaborative tool, Padlet, to compare fractions. Students picked fractions that were prepared ahead of time and then went to THIS site to  work with digital manipulative fraction tiles. The students ordered the fractions so that they were easily compared. Once the students had everything in order they took a screenshot using the snipping tool and went to Padlet. Each student posted their fractions to share with their classmates. Check out some of their work below!

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