Magnetism Animations

Jessica Robinson showed me this AWESOME lesson that she got from David Clough that she carried out with 2nd graders who were studying magnetism. I was SO excited when 2nd grade teacher, Amber Fugate from Mehfoud Elementary, signed up to do a lesson on magnets because I have been dying to try this out with a class!

We used ABCya Animate for this activity. Students used the text tool to add their title and name. They choose a character and drew them holding either a horseshoe, U-shaped, rod or bar magnet. They labeled the poles N (north) and S(south). Next they had to find 5 objects, two that were magnetic and three that were non-magnetic. We used the “copy frame” tool to animate the magnet attracting their magnetic objects.

The students submitted their work to the Work Collector and we added the gifs to this Google presentation. Check it out:

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