Aug 2

We are getting ready to start our new school year soon!  Our theme this year is “Make Every Moment Count!”  That is what we will do as we keep busy in room 19, Mrs. Locher’s First Grade classroom!

See you there soon!

Mrs. Locher

Oct 2

IMG_2610 (1)Yes…we can make patterns in first grade.  Here we have a pattern that certainly repeats itself!!  Way to go first grader!!  You got this!

Oct 2

IMG_2614Marvin Monkey went home with the Curtis family and made slim…yes slim!  We even got to touch it and decide if it was a solid or a liquid.  We are still guessing…we are going to research this further!  Great job on this ‘at home experiment’ for Science!  Go Marvin Monkey!!!

Oct 2


Here we are…ready for another day of learning in first grade with Mrs. Locher!  Go first grade!

Sep 7


We have enjoyed practicing our routines as first graders!  We reviewed our rules, learned about being “heart smoothers” and about being good citizens.  We practiced the 3 ways to read a book with the books from our book boxes.  Ms. Spicer, our student teacher, was our “student of the day” and we wrote sentences about her.  We took our first math test on numbers 1-10…went to P.E. and had playground time both inside and out today!  What a busy day 2!

Sep 6

Yes, it was our first day and we had 22 smiling faces to welcome to our classroom.  Here is my smiling face welcoming everyone!    IMG_2500

Today we learned that there are 3 ways to read a book and we practiced all three, one using pictures only, one with words read and finally retelling the story.  We were able to go to the library and check out our first book for the year and for homework we will practice reading with our families and caregivers!  Great first day first graders!  Mrs. Locher

Jun 13

IMG_2246 IMG_2253 IMG_2250 IMG_2245 IMG_2242

Jun 13

IMG_2241 IMG_2240Here we are!!  Celebrating with our Kindergarten students!  Happy Birthday America!

Jun 13

IMG_2231 IMG_2234All of our first grade teachers and Mrs. Utley enjoyed some time after school for a “Book Worm” party!  Great fun!  We love reading!

May 24

IMG_2121 IMG_2116 IMG_2104Reader’s Theater…We  all took turns reading a play for the class!  Great job first graders!  You are looking good and ready for second grade!

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