Middle School/IB Information

The middle School Transition can be one of the most challenging transitions in a child’s life, but with support, this transition can change from stressful to an EXCITING “rite of passage” for you and your child!

I assist students and teachers in the course selection process.  Hungary Creek and Holman School Counselors will visit with 5th graders in January to discuss course selection.  I work with students on making a smooth transition to middle school in classroom lessons, groups, and individual counseling.  If you don’t know where your child is going to school next year, please go to: http://www.henricoschoolboundaries.com/

Below are some GREAT website resources for parents about MIDDLE SCHOOL TRANSITION.

Other resources: Middle School Years Resources

You will need to go on PowerSchool to review recommendations made by your child’s teacher and make the official requests.

Holman Scheduling Meeting for Parents: TBD

Hungary Creek Curriculum Fair: TBD

Holman Middle Curriculum Fair: TBD

Course selection work window for parents: DATES TBD

Course Selection Forms Due:  TBD

*International Baccalaureate (IB)– If your child applied for the I.B. program at Moody Middle School they should STILL proceed as if they were going to Hungary Creek or Holman.  Once a student finds out that he/ she has been accepted (EARLY MARCH), then the necessary changes will be made, as there is a different procedure for I.B. scheduling/ course selections.

Middle School Websites:

Hungary Creek – http://hungarycreek.henricoschools.us/

Holman –  http://holman.henricoschools.us/

International Baccalaureate Program: 

Application process begins in September for the following year.  Students entering the IB Program from Echo Lake are zoned to go to Moody Middle.

Video about Moody Middle School IB: Moody IBMYP

The IBMYP program considers the following when determining acceptance:

–       MAPs (NWEA) recent test scores in math and reading

–       Non-weighted GPA from 4th or 5th

–       Two teacher recommendations from 4th or 5th

–       Writing Sample