Peer Ambassadors are responsible 5th graders who elect to work each morning to assist a teacher with many morning jobs:  assisting new students, tutoring, reading, morning folders, and/or arts & crafts.

Time of day:  7:20-7:45 or 7:50am

Number of days per week:  5 day (unless specified by your assigned teacher)

Number of months: September-June


Peer ambassadors are to be on time each morning.  1 unexcused tardies will result in a reminder from me.  2 unexcused tardies will receive a call home to parent.  3 or more unexcused tardies will result in suspension from peer ambassador duties until the student can get to school on time.

Peer ambassadors must keep a “C” average or higher in grades.

Peer ambassadors must exhibit good behavior, have good manners, be a good leader and able to complete work in a timely manner.