Springfield Park is recognizing Kindness the whole month of January.

We are “Planting Seeds of Kindness”  all month of January.  Students may “pluck” a sunflower petal off the bulletin board and complete the act of kindness written on the petal.  Once completed, they can return the petal that will go back on the board and they may choose another petal to complete.

The Great Kindness Challenge Week is January 29th-Feb.1. This week students will be challenged to complete (at home or at school) a “Kindness Bingo Board” of random acts of kindness and I’d like for parents to initial that their child successfully completed the acts before turning into me for a small prize.  Each day of the kindness week students will celebrate:

Monday Give a high five Day
Tuesday Help clean & straighten up centers or stations and classroom Day
Wednesday Give a compliment Day
Thursday Include others Day (at lunch or recess)
Friday Give a wave Day


We will also have trivia questions on the morning announcements to help celebrate the Great Kindness Challenge.