This October our school will focus on Bully Prevention.  Our motto for this month is “This Is Me” from the motion picture THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.  We are going to focus on acceptance this month.  Students will learn to love qualities about themselves and it does not matter what anyone else thinks or says because everyone is special in their own way

Each classroom K-5 will have classrooms lessons on acceptance and diversity.  Students will learn what they like most about themselves and celebrate it!  We will be learning the words from the song “This is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman”.  They will learn they are important and not make fun of others because of differences through stories, videos and activities.

Students will be decorating mirrors with qualities about themselves that make them special and unique.  They may color them and they will be displayed on my hall bulletin board for all to see.

On October 17th, we will have out Acceptance Program with choreographers teaching us a dance to the song from the motion picture The Greatest Showman “This is Me”.  Nutzy the Squirrel will join us for this program and dance with us.



October 26th is our 1st annual BULLY FREE Walk.  We will be walking the perimeter of the school on the paved path.  Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange.  Signs will be held during our walk…orange balloons will mark our path, NUTZY the Flying Squirrel will come and walk with us.  The walk starts at 8:30 for grades K-2 and 9:15am for grades 3-5.  Come join us to say “TAKE A STAND, LEND A HAND”.