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November is Respect Month

November is Respect Month

This month our classroom lessons are focused on respect.  We are celebrating with a “Raising Respect” Week November 27-December 1st.  Each day this week we will focus on a specific act of Respect:

Monday-smile and say good morning to every teacher you see.

Tuesday-Tell or write a note to your teacher on why you respect them

Wednesday-Pick up any trash you see on the floor of your classroom, hallways or cafeteria.  Thank our custodian and cafeteria staff and monitors

Thursday-Say “please or thank you” every time you speak to someone.

Friday-Be sure to finish your “Respect Card” and turn in to Mrs. Woody

Students can also fill out a Respect Card to complete during the week and be put in a raffle to win a prize,  along with a car or truck to decorate with ways to show respect to decorate our “Respect Road” that will be in the main hallway for display.