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IB Writing Prompt

IB Writing Prompt

Wednesday, Nov. 16th is the IB writing prompt.  It is one of the components for the application process for Moody Middle IB.  All students who are applying to the IB Moody Middle School Program will have 90 minutes to complete the writing prompt.

Students will meet with Mrs. Tate (part-time school counselor) in the cafeteria at 8:15am.  They may use dictionaries and have scratch paper with them.

Good luck to all of our applicants!

November is Tattling Vs. Telling Month

November is Tattling Vs. Telling Month

“Don’t Squeal, Unless It’s a Big Deal!”  That is our motto this month for our students in grades K-3

Students are learning about tattling and the difference between tattling and telling.  Tattling is when problems are small and can be handled by yourself.  Telling is when problems are a big deal and a teacher needs to know.

Tattling                                                                                                  Telling

Trying to get someone in trouble                                                   It’s an emergency

kid-sized problem                                                                              Adult-sized problem

worrying about others instead of yourselves                                You or someone you see if getting hurt/harmed or in                                                                                                                      danger

Think before you Speak T-it is true? H-is is helpful? I-is it inspiring? N- it necessary? K-is it kind?  This is our motto for 4th & 5th graders.  They are to ask themselves this question before saying something mean or hurtful to others.  They have also learned how to use an “I” message:

I feel___________________________  when you_____________________________ please_________________.