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Sprinting Springer’s Running Club

Sprinting Springer’s Running Club

Our group of 4th grade runners and 5th grade running mentors finished the Sportsbackers Call Federal Marathon Jr. one mile race today 10/29/16.  It was at Byrd Park and the Springers did a great job!  We even had a Springer win the race!  Way to go, Luke!

Below are pictures for you to enjoy!  A BIG Thank you to all the parents who brought their child to run today and to  practices each week and to my teacher helpers for helping with practice:  Ms. Blackburn, Mrs. Lopez, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Staib and Ms. Petree.  I hope to put together another running club again the spring of 2017.

race1 race2race5race3race4kl

“Be a Hero!”Super Hero Winners Are Announced!

“Be a Hero!”Super Hero Winners Are Announced!

The Super Hero Decorating Contest finished on Friday and winners in grades Kg & 1st, 2nd & 3rd and 4th & 5th were announced today.  The winning classes will receive an extra recess with a special treat!


Kg & 1st—Ms. Cumming’s Kg class

2nd & 3rd–Ms. Densley’s 2nd grade class

4th & 5th–Mrs. Nowicki’s 5th grade class

Below are their creative super heroes from those classes

hero34 hero99

Ms. Cumming’s Kg class                                   Ms. Densley’s 2nd grade class & Mrs. Nowicki’s 5th grade class




“Be A Hero!” Bully Prevention Month

“Be A Hero!” Bully Prevention Month

Our Bully Prevention Program this month is underway.  We are learning about bullying and what to do about bullying and how to stop bullying.

We have started our Super Hero Decorating Contest this week. This  Friday, the Super Heroes will be judged and winner in grades K-2 and 3-5 will be announced!  Below are some pictures of our super heroes so far…stay tuned for more pictures added to my blog!

hero1 hero2hero6


Monday, October 17th through Friday, October 31st  is our Puritan Cleaner Coats for Kids Collection.

Springfield Park Elementary is supporting Puritan Cleaners Coats for Kids coat drive!

Coats of all types and sizes are accepted but their biggest need is for children’s size coats, so please bring in your coat and help a needy child this winter.

All we ask is that you ensure the coat is ready to wear and the pockets are empty.  Puritan Cleaners will do the rest by cleaning and repairing the coats and transporting them to the Salvation Army for distribution.

Channel 8 News will be here on November 1st filming our school collecting coats and giving them to Puritan Cleaners.  This will air on Channel 8.  We’re going to be famous!  🙂