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Sprinting Springers-Running Club

Sprinting Springers-Running Club

For the month of May, I put together a running club for interested 4th graders.  About 20-25 4th graders came out every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:30 to learn and run.  Running club was a program that developed leadership, built confidence and enhanced character through fitness and peer-relationships.

Each week students learned a different lesson on Respect, Responsibility, Courage and Determination.  We learned these through group activities, videos, and group discussion. Our motto was “I will be respectful and responsible with my words and actions.”   All of this while learning to run 1 mile, 2 miles and eventually 3 miles!

Our final goal was to complete a 5k race.  We ran the Bubble Run 5k which was at the Richmond International Raceway.  The pictures are below.  WE HAD A FUN TIME!

Thanks to the parents of those 4th graders and to the following teachers: Ms. Blackburn, Mrs. Lopez, Ms. Petree, Ms. Staib, Mrs. Hilton, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Heiberg, and Mrs. Lang.

bubble run IMG_2449 IMG_2472 IMG_2452  IMG_2458

2nd Grade is ready for the Henrico Assessment Tests

2nd Grade is ready for the Henrico Assessment Tests

Our second graders have prepared for the Henrico Assessment Tests (HATs) by learning our Motto: “We can FOCUS on the test!”  And by learning a catchy little song to help them be prepared for the test;

Snap your fingers, bend your knees, you can move them from side to side…repeat after me.

“Get a good night sleep” (get a good night sleep)

“Eat a good breakfast” (eat a good breakfast)

“Do your best” (do your best)

“Get to school on time” (get to school on time)

“Read directions carefully” (read directions carefully)

“Listen carefully” (listen carefully)

“Be quiet” (be quiet)  “Be quiet” (be quiet)

Selected 2nd graders from each 2nd grade class performed the song and FOCUS on the morning announcements this week!  They were great and all 2nd graders enjoyed the song!