2017 Summer Trip Information

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APHG (all periods)

Go to this link to put in book information



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APHG: The “Global Village”

Please post a comment as to what surprised you most about this information and why you were surprised (2-3 sentences):

If the World were 100 people; there would be:

61 Asians( 19 from China and 18 from India)

16 Africans

10 Europeans

9 Latin Americas (w/Caribbean)

5 North Americans


12 Mandarin, 5 Spanish, 5 English, 5 Hindi and Bengali, 3 Arabic, 2 Portuguese, 2 Russian, 2 Japanese, 1 German (the rest would have over 6000 options)


33 Christian, 22 Muslim, 14 Hindus, 7 Buddhists, 2 Atheists


26 under 14

8 65 and over


82 would earn $15 a day; but 51 of those less than 2$ a day

18 would earn $90 a day or more

10 would have no job

36 farmers, 21 industrial workers (factories and mines) 43 services (lawyer, doctor, waiter, sales, etc…)

Living Arrangements:

51 would live in Urban areas (cities and suburbs)

60 would live within 60 miles of the coast

11 cars

40 would lack clean sanitation (plumbing and bathroom)

14 would lack safe drinking water

22 overweight or obese

13 suffer from malnutrition

7 unable to read or write

7 college educated

5 gay/homosexual

3 migrants

Life expectancy: 68 years



77 cell phones would be available; but several people have 2 or more

33 would have access to Internet

12  would use Facebook

33 believe in ghosts, witches or aliens


6 people have 50% of the wealth (3 Americans, 1 Japanese, 1 German, 1, Chinese)

1 person has 40% (most likely an American)


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AP HG: Map and Locations



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APHG Syllabus


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July 2017 Trip? Class of 2017 only

Here is some info. Spread the word to family, friends, etc…

Where? Germany and Czech Republic (Berlin, Dresden,  Prague, Franconia)

How long? 10 days

When? July 6-16

Cost? 4,000 (around)

Includes?  flights, hotels, transportation, some meals, tour guide, bike tour, raft tour

How many?  30 (no more than)

Email Mr. L if you are interested.  Parent meeting in late Sept. or early Oct.

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Turn in your computer at DSF by August 15th!!

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Exit Interview Exam Schedule

Sign up for a time in green by putting your name.  PLEASE sign up ASAP


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Mentor Evaluation

Summer Internship Evaluation 2016

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Summer Internship Assignment #6

Here is the list of seven questions from early in June that you were told to be able to “reflect” on while at your internship. Many of you have finished or are getting close to finishing your internship.  Please answer the following questions in 3-4 sentences minimum, each.  Adjust your answers based on your individual internship experiences.

1) What impact does conservation of resources or  climate change have on your company?

2) How essential is technology to your company in its mission?  Is the company very Globalized?  How “Flat” is it?

3) What impact does government regulation  play in how your company performs its “business”?

4) What is the “office” environment like?  Hierarchy? Formality?

5) What seems to motivate people there? Is the atmosphere positive/negative? Upbeat? Serious?

6) What impact does gender and cultural diversity play out at the company?

7) What type of personality traits or leadership “styles” does your mentor exhibit?

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