February: LOVE your teacher! Positive Behavior Strategies and Techniques

February:  LOVE your teachers!:  Positive Behavior Strategies and Techniques– In February LOVE is in the air!  So why not spread LOVE to your awesome teacher by “polishing up” on your BEST behavior?  In these lessons will will address good conduct and work/ study habits.

National School Counseling Week

The first full week in February is always recognized as National School Counseling Week!  🙂

This is a time to reflect on the value of SCHOOL COUNSELORS in our schools!

DES Student Career Week- March 12th-16thInterested in helping out with Career Week? Contact Mrs. Mayo for more information! 

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Due to the short month, I will be taking a “break” from lessons.  Students can still refer themselves for individual counseling (responsive services) support.  I will also continue to honor requests from teachers and parents.  In December, I will devote a great deal of my time to holiday assistance, “new student fun lunches, closing out things from the first 1/2 of the year and planning for the second 1/2!  Upcoming lessons for the remainder of the year will be:

January:  Growth Mindset (Review)/ Perseverance- The second half of the year is often very challenging for students.  As a school counselor, part of my job is supporting students academically, in addition to personally/ socially.  The goal of this lesson is to teach students to work through challenges and obstacles by helping them understand that hard work and effort is how their brains stretch and grow!

February:  LOVE your teachers!:  Positive Behavior Strategies and Techniques– In February LOVE is in the air!  So why not spread LOVE to your awesome teacher by “polishing up” on your BEST behavior?  In these lessons will will address good conduct and work/ study habits.

March:  Careers: (In preparation for CAREER WEEK March 12th-16th)- Students will participate in a “Mini” Career Spirit Week and special projects throughout the month!  We will work in collaboration with Youth Art Month, which is also during the month of March.

April:  Yoga 4 Classrooms (In preparation for Spring Testing)- Students will engage in classroom guidance lessons centered around a Yoga practice specifically designed for the classroom in an effort to teach anxiety/ stress management skills during a stressful time of year.

**No May/ June lessons due to SOL testing.

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November: The “Month of the Mind”

Hi Dumbarton Family!

The HUMAN BRAIN is an AMAZING organ!  Mindfulness is an intergral part of the DES School Counseling Program and Mrs. Mayo’s practice. delivery and philosophical/ theoretical approach.  In addition to our “Mindful Monday Moment” on the morning announcements,all lessons this month will be on the topic of “FOCUS on SUCCESS!”:  Mindfulness/ Executive Functioning/ Focus and Brain Basics.  Attention/ Focus and Anxiety/ Stress Management are huge challenges for so many of our students.  This topic for this month will support these great needs for our school/ teachers and students.

For more information about MINDFULNESS, find this great article and visit:  https://www.mindful.org/what-is-mindfulness/

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The Defensive Line: National Bullying Prevention/ Kindness Month Activities & Events

Hi Dumbarton Community! 

We are “warming up” and “conditioning” for an OUTSTANDING celebration of KINDNESS for National Bullying Prevention Month in October!  See the flier here:  Kindness Month 2017

TEAM NAME:  The Dumbarton Kindness Crusaders

STADIUM:  Dumbarton Elementary School


National Bullying Prevention/ Kindness Month

Activities & Events

Dumbarton Elementary School Counseling

Mrs. Jentae Mayo, School Counselor

The following will be offered and available to students during the month of OCTOBER:

  1. Kindness “Quote of the Day” on the morning announcements each morning in October.
  2. “Team Kindness” Huddle: Discussion topics given to teachers to incorporate in class discussions.
  • Week #1: Why does kindness matter?
  • Week #2: How can we use KINDNESS to defend our school against bullying?
  • Week #3: What are some EXAMPLES of how we can show KINDNESS in the classroom?
  • Week #4: Role play some SPECIFIC EXAMPLES for using KINDNESS to deal with bullying.
  1. Mayo’s “Anti-Bullying/ Kindness Library” will be available in the teachers’ lounge for teachers to borrow/ sign out books to share with classes.
  2. Anti-Bullying/ Kindness classroom counseling lessons in EVERY classroom K-5
  3. “Mix it Up at Lunch Day” (October 31th)- Students will get to know others through diversity and new friendship building skills.

Welcome Back!: Mindful Mondays and Yoga Flex Fridays!

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Hi Dumbarton Wildcats!  

I am SUPER excited to begin my 3rd year at DES!  This year, my School Counseling Curriculum focus will be on evidenced based practices in school counseling!  We will focus on Mindfulness, Growth Mindset and Yoga in Classrooms!  Research shows great benefits in the implementation of these practices for students.  During our SEPTEMBER LESSONS students will learn/ review the role of a school counselor and be introduced to the concept of GROWTH MINDSET and the POWER of “YET”!  Parents, please help your students practice turning negative (fixed) statements into statements of GROWTH!  Below, is a great chart that will help!

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To continue this focus, throughout the year, we will learn to set an intention/ goal for the week on Mondays by practicing a “Mindfulness Moment” on the Morning Announcements.  We will finish out the year with a Yoga for Classrooms technique on the Morning Announcements.  These are yoga-based techniques that include imagery, fitness, stretching and movements that can be done within a classroom structure/ environment.  I believe that by teaching our student these techniques, skills and strategies, student behavior and academic progress will grow to maximum potential.

I hope everyone has an OUTSTANDING beginning to their school year, and I look forward to an AMAZING year!


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January will be busy in the “land” of DES School Counseling!  A new face will be assisting and learning from Mrs. Mayo after returning from winter break.  Ms. Kelsey Wolfrey will be completing her internship at DES this Winter/ Spring.  She is a student from Liberty University.  We are excited to have her at Dumbarton!  

Image result for kindnessKindness Month/ January Classroom Counseling  Lessons! 

DES “transforms” into “COOPERATION STATION” this month!  In honor of Kindness Month, all classroom lessons will be based on KINDNESS and how to peacefully solve conflicts.  Please look out for a flier that will be sent home highlighting this month’s activities!   Parents- January Kindness Month Activities

January 23rd-27th will be “Kindness Spirit Week”

  • Ride the “Kindness Wave”- Wear “beach” attire (NO BATHING SUITS PLEASE!- Ex. sunglasses, beach hats, Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, leis…get creative!)
  • “Flash Back Friendship”- Dress like you lived in the past
  • Dream of Kindness- Pajama Day
  • Go “Crazy” for Kindness- Crazy Hair Day
  • Kindness Rocks- Dress Like a Rock Star OR Spirit Wear


November…Mrs. Mayo is BACK!

I am SO happy to be back with my Dumbarton Family!  I am still working hard to get back into the swing of things and adjusting to being a mom of two!  I have had abundance of student. teacher and parent requests since I have returned from maternity leave.  Please be patient with me as I make every effort to honor your requests in a timely manner.

Berkeley Rose Mayo

Born 8/12/16


NOVEMBER- “The Month of the Mind”


ALL Lessons this month will be on the topic of FOCUS on SUCCESS!”:  Mindfulness/ Executive Functioning/ Focus and Self Control.  Attention and focus is a huge challenge for so many of our students.  My topic for this month will support this great need for our school, teachers and students. 



Small Group Counseling Groups are Underway!

*Groups participants and topics were based on teacher referrals.

Coming in December:  Group-O-Rama!

There will be no classroom guidance lessons offered during the month of December due to helping out with various holiday assistance within our school community.  I will still maintain daily interactions with students by offering counseling groups based on a topic of need for each grade level this month.  Each group will meet two times per week, once during lunch and again during recess. 

~All of Mrs. Mayo’s Groups will be held in the DES School Counseling Office~


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In addition to developing and facilitating a comprehensive school counseling program for my second year, here at DES, I have taken on two new adventures!

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  1. S.H.E. (Sisters Helping Each Other) is an afterschool program that meets on Tuesdays for 4th and 5th grade girls.  We currently have a total of 10 girls who benefit from this program.  To find out more about this program, please visit http://www.sistershelpingeachother.org/.  Currently we have a limited number of slots with a maximum capacity of 15 girls.  We plan to keep the raining slots for referrals during the year and students that transfer to Dumbarton at various times throughout the year.  Please contact Mrs. Mayo if you would like your child to be considered for this awesome experience!
  2. National Junior Beta Club now has a chapter at Dumbarton.  I am so excited to serve as the sponsor of this awesome organization that I was also a part of as a young student!  We inducted 29 new members on November 10, 2016. To find out more please visit https://www.betaclub.org/. CLICK HERE for requirements and other information about our chapter, at Dumbarton!

For more information on this month’s happenings in DES SCHOOL COUNSELING check out the DES School Counseling Newsletter- November 2016.

Mrs. Mayo will miss starting school with the BEST kids around!

Mrs. Mayo will be out taking care of her new baby, Berkeley Rose Mayo until Early/ Mid- October.  She will have an awesome substitute to take care of her friends while she is out.  Mrs. Terry Mullinnix will be serving as Mrs. Mayo’s substitute.  She is a retired Henrico County School Counselor who has worked at all levels.  She cannot WAIT to meet everyone!


Terry Mullinnix is a retired School Counseling Director from Tuckahoe Middle School.  She has been a school counselor at all levels including a year teaching counselor education courses at VCU as the Counselor-in-Residence.  She has also been involved in professional counseling organizations as President of Virginia Counselors Association, the Richmond Area Counselors Association,  and Vice-President of the Virginia School Counselor Association.

Terry is married and the mom of two girls, 24 and 28.  She shares her time with her home here in Richmond and her retreat on Gwynn’s Island in Mathews.




April Awesomeness!

School Counseling Curriculum:  

Classroom guidance is the primary way I will interact with your child each month.  All classroom guidance lessons for the remainder of the year will be based on student needs for their respective developmental/ grade levels.  Lessons will be designed in conjunction with the Leader In Me/ 7 Habits program.

April Classroom Lesson Topics

Pre- K:  Understanding Feelings

Kindergarten:  Respect

1st Grade:  Understanding Feelings

2nd Grade:  Making Good Choices/ Positive School Behaviors

3rd Grade:  Problem Solving

4th Grade:  Problem Solving

5th Grade:  Problem Solving

*April classroom lessons will be the last lessons of the school year.  For the months of May/ June, I will support students through individual counseling and by assisting with testing.

Please check the “This Month…(April)” section of this blog for the school counseling newsletter.  3-5 Small Groups (6 Weeks) will begin this month  There will be 2 small intensive behavior- focus groups (administrative referral only) and a Middle School Transition Group (5th Grade).  Information about this service/ resource will be posted in the “Small Group Counseling” section of this blog.

section of this blog for the school counseling newsletter.  3-5 Small Groups (6 Weeks) will begin this month  There will be 2 small intensive behavior- focus groups (administrative referral only) and a Middle School Transition Group (5th Grade).  Information about this service/ resource will be posted in the “Small Group Counseling” section of this blog.