Social Studies

Fifth Grade Students will have social studies instruction during each marking period.  We will rotate social studies and science units throughout the year.  During each unit of study we will have social studies every day for one hour until the unit is complete.

Social Studies for 5th grade students in Henrico County includes Henrico County Studies and Regions of the US. We will also focus on the 5 Themes of Geography and map skills during our study of the Regions of the US.  Our social studies curriculum will include technology and hands-on learning through our TCI program, Project Based-Learning (PBL) and writing research papers and informative writing.

Enrichment additions to be added to our curriculum include:

  • Article of the Week that will be due every other Friday where we will focus on current events and analysis on nonfiction forms of text.  We complete a unit study on journalism and move toward creating our own articles to be published weekly on our blog or school newspaper.  We will find out is print dying or can it be revived?
  • Mini Economy unit of study.  We will learn Economy 101 and create our classroom economy.  We will have our own classroom market day to help prepare us for Market Day at VCU in the spring where we will sell our products on the open market!
  • Stock Market Game unit of study.  We may extend on our knowledge of economy and learn about the stock market.  We will learn the basics while preparing for the Stock Market Game!

There is a lot of content and students will need to have section of their binder designated for Social Studies.  It is important for students to be very organized and they will be responsible for keeping track of all their assignments.  We will begin to learn  and practice proper note taking and study skills this year to help students progress to independent learners.

5th Grade Pacing Guide with Units of Study


  • Henrico Studies


  • 5 Themes of Geography & Map Skills
  • Southeast Region


  • Northeast Region
  • Midwest Region


  • Southwest Region
  • West Region

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