Language Arts

Reading:   In 5th Grade we will have a 90 minute Integrated Language Arts block each day.  During this time, students will participate in small group reading rotations/literature circles.  Novel groups will be differentiated based on Lexile reading levels.  Each small group will read a novel while concentrating on narrative elements, comprehension and vocabulary.  We will also be learning to read more fluently while increasing our vocabulary and fine tuning our spelling through Word Trek our enrichment word study program.  Included in our Language Arts block will be whole group instruction on fiction and nonfiction texts, figurative language, grammar/usage, and writing.  In addition we will have Reader’s Theatre, Socratic Seminars and Novel Navigators throughout the year.

We plan to read 8-10 novels within our curriculum this year.  You can help your student become a better reader by asking him/her what we are reading.  Please also encourage your student to read at least 20 minutes at home each evening.

Writing:  In 5th grade, much of our writing will be part of our whole group reading.  We will focus on appropriate paragraph format, author’s purpose in writing, grammar, usage and mechanics while following the writing process.  We will follow 6 Traits of writing Program.  We will also complete significant amounts of writing in conjunction with other content areas such as Science and Social Studies.  Some formal writing assignments will have a holistic scoring rubric guide.

Word Study:  We will be working with Word Trek which focuses on Greek and Latin Roots while identifying vocabulary and spelling skills.  Each student will be given a list of word study words during small group rotations every week.  Each week, the students will complete word study activities during their independent reading rotation or for homework.  These assignments need to be completed each week and will be collected and graded.  The students are expected to review their word study list each evening prior to their word study assessment every week.

Our Literature Circles Include…

– Differentiated instruction

– Small group analysis

– Self analysis

– Effective communication

– Speaking formally with grammatically correct English

– Point of view
– Identify different view points
– Compare and contrast view points
– Create convincing arguments
– Paraphrase and summarize what is heard
– Use language and vocabulary appropriate to audience, topic and purpose

Students Discuss…

– Confusions in reading

– Reflections
– What do the details remind you of in your personal life?
– What other writings (books, poems, journals, plays) do you think about as you read the text?
– How does the text compare with things going on in the world today?

– Vocabulary they don’t know or can’t pronounce
– Use roots, cognates, affixes, synonyms and antonyms to expand vocabulary
– Use context and sentence structure to determine meaning
– Identify and analyze figurative language
– Use word Reference material
– Extend vocabulary applying it to new learning

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