4th Grade LA Updates

It is now MP3! We have much to do and learn and the work will increase and become more challenging!  Please take your time and do not rush!  Give a 100% all the time!

    • New integration of LA Warm-Ups to practice and reinforce skills.
    • Reminder about answering open ended reading comprehension questions in complete sentences and not starting with pronouns or because. Too any points are being lost simply because some of you don’t follow directions!
    • Please check grades regularly on power school. Come see me when you see a M which means missing work.


  • 4th Grade Weekly Updates 3/18
    • LA Skill- conclude Poetry activities and start Elements of Drama, Prose. Quiz on Elements of Drama, Prose and Poetry on Thursday.
    • Reading- Need to finish novels and novel packets and submit on schoology.  They are due this Friday! Differentiated groups based on skill level will begin to strengthen weaknesses and practice applying knowledge in a variety of forms.  You will only receive your new novel and novel group when you are done with the current novel and novel packet.
    • Word Trek- No Word Trek. We will have word work during Wednesday Warm Ups.  Vocabulary will be the only warm up and next Wednesday you will have a quiz on all the vocabulary words.  You will get a hard copy of the vocabulary words and definitions to study daily.  You should mark the ones you already know and only focus on studying the ones you do not know,
    • Grammar Skill- Mini Lesson on Articles and Spelling!


  • **The marking period ends next Friday! All missing work must be submitted to me by Thursday 3/28!

Important Notes for Students:

It is now MP3!!! Wow!  That flew by!  You will begin to be marked off points for not following directions such as answering questions in complete sentence, starting open-ended questions with pronouns instead of restating the questions and not adding correct capitalization and punctuation.  If a questions is not answered in complete sentences and the directions stated it clearly, you will get the entire question marked wrong.  You will lose 2 points for every start with pronouns, lack of punctuation and capitalization up to a maximum of 10 points on any single assignment. 

There will be some reading homework assignments on schoology this week.  Your student will need access to the internet. 


Important Notes for Parents:

  • We will have many projects during the year but most of them your student will have some time in class to complete. They will have the option to work on some at home if they are behind.  If you are noticing your child completing an entire project at home, then please contact me.  If that is the case, they are not prioritizing and utilizing the time given and class and I will need to address that with the student.  The students have rotation time daily. That is the time they are completing assignment while I am meeting with small groups.  While I am in the room, I am focusing on the 5-6 students at my table to give them individualized instruction.  I am trusting that your child is at their desk completing the tasks assigned so they can be completed on time.