Team Parker

Team Parker

Greetings to all my new students and parents!  I hope each of you had a restful and relaxing summer.  The school year is about to begin and I am looking forward to working with each of you as a team.  I am confident this will be a great year.

This year we will use my blog as an additional resource for curriculum and websites.  Your child will mainly be using schoology to complete most assignments.  In the homeroom section under the courses tab, I have added some helpful resources for parents.

For weekly communication, I will be sending home a progress report along with updating current messages and reminders on Bloomz.  I highly encourage you to join our class bloomz so you can get daily notifications.  This site is free and you can download the app to your phone.

If at anytime, you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!  I am looking forward to working with each of you this year!  Mrs. Parker

Team Parker

Team Parker

December Highlights

Our class met with their book buddies from Mrs. Scuderi’s class.  They had a blast reading with their book buddies.

Musical Performance at St. Mary’s

Fifth Grade continues to make me proud each day!  They did a phenomenal job on this performance!  Way to go 5th Graders!

Godwin Book Give Away

Sing and Ring Fun and 5th Grade Winter Party

Everyone enjoys this spectacular day!  It was fun making great memories with our friends!

Team Parker

Team Parker

Making Reading Connections

In late, November our class finished reading the book, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  This story was told in a phenomenal way sharing two characters  perspectives of their life in Africa.  Our class did a Stem Project where they had to create shoes that are durable to sustain very hot desert climate.  In the story, Salva walked many miles and his shoes eventually fell apart. These are photos of our Stem Project and the final products.


We have also written postcards to another class in Virginia, about this book. We are eagerly waiting for their responses.

Team Parker

Team Parker
  • Week of November 13-17th

Our class has had an outstanding week!  Our class has worked as a team in art to earn art stars.  They won the golden palette for our grade level for this second nine weeks.  They also have received several compliments for walking down the hallways and following directions in specials.  I am so very proud of all of them working together.  We had a special treat on Friday.

In reading, we are still focusing on learning how various authors structure their writing.  We are learning about various text structures in nonfiction text.  This week we will focus on Comparing and Contrasting and Cause and Effect.  Students will be able to identify these text structures in the text.

In social studies, we have been continuing our study of Geography.  This is preparing us to move into the study of the Southeast Region of the United States.  The students learned about longitude and latitude by labeling oranges and peeling them to learn about longitude.  Then they divided them into two hemispheres.  Your child will have a Geography Vocab. Quiz on Friday.  Please study the terms and definition study cards that were sent home last week.

Discovering Hemispheres

Please consider donating canned food items this week for our Henrico Christmas Mother.  Your child will earn a star for bringing in items this week!

Team Parker

Team Parker

Week of November 3-7th

I cannot believe it is November!   I have enjoyed meeting with everyone during conferences.  The children have enjoyed learning about Career Week this week.  This week we are finishing up inferences in reading.  We will be moving into learning text structure over the next two weeks.  We will read passages and identify patterns of sequence, cause and effect, compare and contrast and problem and solution in the text.  The students will be looking for key words to help them with this particular strategy.

In writing, we are continuing to write introductions of 5 paragraph essays.  They are using a prewrite plan to write the introduction paragraph.

In social studies, we have finished learning Henrico History.  We have moved into the study of Geography.  We are learning the absolute and relative locations of places in the United States.  We are also learning about the 5 themes of Geography along with latitude and longitude.  Your child was given geography terms along with definitions and study cards.  It is important that they are studying every night for their upcoming quiz, next Friday, November 17th.

Please remember to have your child log in books to their 40 Book Challenge.  It is a lot easier if they log in after they read a book.

Upcoming Reminders:

  Nov. 9th IB Writing Prompt

Nov. 10th Veteran’s Day Assembly at 8:30 A.M.   Wear Red, White and Blue  Nov. 14th Picture Make Up Day

  Nov. 16th PTA Reflections and Art Night

 Nov. 21st Report Cards go Home   Nov. 22-24th Thanksgiving Break



Team Parker

Team Parker

We have had a busy two weeks.  I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather this weekend.  Our class has started to decorate our class pumpkin and they really work well together.  We will be adding the final touches this week!  Thanks to Mrs. Dutari for coming in and running a station!  I hope to see everyone at the Fall Festival on Friday, October 27th.  It is going to be a fun time.  I love seeing all the cool activities.

In reading we have been reading nonfiction text.  Our focus has been on identifying text features, and using the strategy of turning headings from the text into questions.  We then look for supporting details of those headings.  We realized that the headings are our main ideas.  We have really focused heavily on summarizing nonfiction using the key word strategy.  The children have circled 8 key words in the article, then using those specific words, they write a summary.  Summaries should not be super long.  We are trying to keep them to 2-3 sentences long.


Using our leadership skills to show text features!                        Completing a text feature activity using Nearpod

In writing, we have continued to work on writing introductions to paragraphs and we are writing a sloppy copy of a nonfiction article and applying text features we learned in class.  Ms. Franklin is coming in this week to teach us how to write our final using Wixie.  The students are very excited!

Working hard towards her reading goal!  Way to go!

Please have your child continue to read for 20 minutes each night.

Weekly Reminders:

October 25th: Family Life

October 26th:  PTA Reflections Due

 October 27th:  Fall Festival

Fall Festival Basket Sign Up

Teacher Luncheon Sign Up


Team Parker

Team Parker

Week of October 2-6th

We had a great start to this week!  The kids were super excited to be the lead class for the most box tops collected!  Kuddos to all my families who have been saving these treasures!  5th grade is still in the lead so please keep those box tops coming!

In reading, we focused on summarizing fiction.  The children were engaged in different stories and enjoyed the action in each of the stories they read this week.  We also used our thesaurus to find synonyms of boring words to spice up our vocabulary and writing.  The kids enjoyed making synonym flowers. This week we will be focusing on learning nonfiction text features.

We spent most of our social studies time creating Henrico Historical Sites projects.  The students are pretending to be tour guides and they will give their class a tour of the Historical Site they researched.  I am very proud of all the effort and work going into these projects.

Please continue to read with your child or have them read each night.

Tests and Quizzes this Week:

Thursday, October 12th : Main Idea/Summarizing Test

Friday, October 13th: Double Negative Quiz



Team Parker

Team Parker

Week of September 25-29th

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Everyone had a productive week this week.  The students loved reading part of Hatchet.  We analyzed the main character, Brian and worked on summarizing the text.  I had a lot of students want to check out the book to continue reading!  I loved seeing the excitement on their faces.  In writing, we spent time writing about why dogs or cats make the perfect pet.  It was so neat to hear each students persepctive.  They also continued to work on pre-writing strategies.  In social studies, we continued to study Henrico History. This week we will be working on strategies to find the main idea in fiction.    We will also be learning about synonyms and double negatives.

The students created a google doc form for their 40 Book Challenge Reading Log. They were excited to do this.  Now they can log in their books on google which will make it easier to keep up with.  They can do this from school or home.

Our school has reached their ray goal! Yay!  Our class enjoyed their special ice cream treat on the playground.  


The students enjoyed getting cozy and letting their mind focus on which makes the perfect pet, a cat or a dog!  They wrote main idea sentences supported by factual information and their opinions.  Everyone did an outstanding job!