January 7-11, 2019


Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed Winter Break, and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather this weekend.  Here’s what is happening at school:

Welcome to our class Isaiah!  He comes to our class from Springfield Park Elem. in Henrico.  We are glad you are here!

Math:  Quiz Mon 1/7 on multiplication and long division.  Next unit of study – fractions.  Adding and subtracting with like and unlike denominators, simplifying.

Science:  Moon phases

VS:  Colonization

Reading:  Review of previously-learned comprehension skills.  We will practice reading test-taking skills.

Writing:  Subject & verb agreement, transition words.  Begin thinking of something that is important to your family that you can write about for the Multicultural Museum night in February.  Students will write about his or her chosen topic at school.  (Admin sent an email about this last week.)

Vocab:  Quiz Fri 1/11 on these words:  accused, slammed, tamed, flipped, improved, clapped, directed, accepted, setting, soaring, swimming, moving, dancing, approaching, vanishing, giggling  Quiz Fri

Important dates:

Mon 1/7:  Math computation quiz

Thurs. 1/10:  Young Scientists visit

Fri 1/11:  Vocab quiz, Cold Read reading test

Jan 18:  Muffins for Moms 7:30 am

Jan 21:  MLK day – no school

Jan 28:  no school for students

Feb. 21:  Multicultural Museum night

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  Have a super week and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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Dec 17-19, 2018


Hello.  Here’s what will be happening on these last few days of the school before Winter Break:

Good Luck in the Spelling Bee on Monday, Dhruv!

We are so happy that the Chromebooks have arrived.  We are fortunate to be one of the first elementary schools in the county to receive them.

Reading:  Fact vs. opinion.  We’ll take notes and practice in class.  No reading tests or quizzes until after the break.

Vocab:  No new words until after the break.

Science:  Quiz on Tuesday 12/18.  Know the planets according to size AND their distance from the sun.  Know which 2 early astronomers believed in the Earth-centered model of the universe and which 2 believed in the sun-centered model.  Students have been working in class on a Planets “circle” book, and this will count as a test grade.

Math:  We will spend the rest of this week mastering long division and reviewing 2 x 2 multiplication.  Computation test when we return (after a quick review).

Tuesday 12/18:  Pizza and a movie!  As a reward for working hard (and because of the convincing persuasive paragraphs).  Please turn in the PG permission form if you have not done so already.  (I will not show any PG13 movies).   If possible, please send in $2.00 to help me with the cost.  Thanks!  Science quiz today as well.

Wednesday, Dec. 19:  Winter Party!  After lunch (12:00)-end of day.  All parents are invited and are encouraged to help with an activity.  (Please make sure you have a volunteer application on file with the office.)  No younger siblings.  Thank you so much if you signed up to donate a food item.  Also, a $2 donation would be appreciated to help with costs for the supplies for the activities.

Have a safe and restful Winter Break.  See you next year!

Jan 3:  school resumes


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Dec. 3-7


How can it be December already?  Great news…our Pen Pals in Bay Shore, NY received our letters last week.  According to their teacher they are very excited and are in the process of writing us back.  

What’s happening this week?

Reading:  Novel studies begin.  Students will be reading an assigned novel in class, answering questions and discussing with their classmates during Book Club meetings.  Author’s Purpose review.  Read the Hawaii story in Storyworks magazine.  Quiz on Hawaii story Friday.

Vocab:  same words as last week…quiz Friday.

VS:  Jamestown test Tues.

Science:  Planets

Math:  Long Division.  Computation Quiz this week, date TBD (Wed or Thurs?)  (Computation quiz on addition, subtraction and multiplication only.)  

Writing/ELA:  Editing, revising.  Proofreading marks.  Using a thesaurus.

Important dates:

Tues. 12/4:  Jamestown test

Wed. 12/5 Young Scientists 

Fri 12/7:  Reading quiz (Storyworks Hawaii), vocab quiz, CUBS NIGHT IN!!!  (I’ll be there with Mrs. Shaffer with the IPads.)

Dec. 12:  School-wide Spelling Bee.  Go Dhruv!!

Dec. 19:  Last day of school before Winter Break.  Winter Celebration (party), details TBD



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November 26-30

Welcome back after Thanksgiving Break.  Here is what we are learning this week:

Math:  Estimating sums and differences, then Long Division.  Multiplication 2×2 quiz coming soon.

Reading:  Making Inferences.  Dictionary Skills:  Guide Words and multiple meaning words

Vocabulary/Spelling:  16 words:  photograph, autograph, paragraph, graph, automatic, automobile, photo, telephone, telescope, telegraph, television, photogenic, bankrupt, disrupt, interrupt, abrupt.  (Know the meanings of telescope, paragraph, interrupt, abrupt, automatic, photograph).  Quiz Fri 12/7

VS:  Jamestown.  Test on Tues. 12/4

Science: planets (after Jamestown)

Important Dates: 

Fri 11/30:  Bowling with Dads

Wed. 12/4:  Jamestown Test

Fri. 12/7:  Vocab Quiz, Cubs Night In

Dec. 19:  Last day of school before Winter Break

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Jamestown + 1 day!!!


We are headed to Jamestown tomorrow! 

1. Please have your child at school at 7:15 am.  Text me on Dojo if you have no transportation.  We will leave school at 7:30 SHARP!  We will be back in time for students to ride the bus in the afternoon. 

2.  Dress for the weather.  We will be outside most of the day.

3.  Pack a lunch from home!

4.  OPTIONAL – Money for the gift shop.  (note-students may not purchase any weapon-related items)

Students keep asking if phones are allowed.  No.  Let’s focus on the experience.  Teachers and chaperones will have their phones for communicating.



The only other school day this week is Tuesday.  TURKEY TROT!!!!  4th graders will run from 10:45 – 11:15.  Parents are welcome!!  No quizzes or tests this week.  In class, we’ll practice with 2×2 multiplication, STEM activity, Jamestown follow up.

Important Dates:

11/19 Jamestown

11/20 Turkey Court  10:45 – 11:15

11/21 – 11/23 no school – Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon 11/26:  Class Spelling Bee.  (Click on the link for the words to study)

Tues. 11/27:  Turkey Court – keep sending in those cans!

Dec. 19:  Last school day before Winter Break

Parents, families:  Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.  I appreciate all of your support at home.  I wish you relaxation, joy, and time with family this Thanksgiving.


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Nov. 12-16, 2018

Veteran’s Day!


The annual Veteran’s Day assembly is Monday, November 12 at 9:00 am.  Please come if you are able.  My father will be attending.

Welcome to our new student, Joana.  She recently attended Longan Elementary and is  originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I have one more class T shirt available, Youth Medium.  If you would like it, send in $7.00.

JAMESTOWN field trip is Monday, November 19th.  The bus will leave school at 7:30 am SHARP.  Students who ride the bus in the morning will need to come to school by car.  Wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, and pack a lunch.  There is a gift shop should you wish to send in any money with your child.  We will return to school in time for students to ride the bus home in the afternoon.  We only have 1 chaperone thus far!!??  I’d love to have more parents come.

Please send in cans and other non-perishable food items!  The Turkey Court canned food competition has begin.

SPELLING BEE:  Our class Spelling Bee will be on Monday, November.  The class winner will advance to the school-wide Spelling Bee on Dec. 12.  The words to study are attached here as a page on my blog.

What are we learning this week?

Reading:  Making inferences when reading fiction

Vocab:  Quiz Friday on the same words as last week. (these words are different from the Jamestown vocab. words)

VS:  Jamesstown.  Vocab quiz Thurs.

Math:  2 digit by 2 digit multiplication, estimation, then long division.  PLEASE practice multiplication facts at home.  

Important dates:

Mon. 11/12:  Veteran’s Day Assembly.  Wear red, white and blue if you can

Nov. 19:  JAMESTOWN here we come!!

Tues. 11/20:  Turkey Trot (details from Coach LeClair coming soon!)  Report cards sent home

Nov. 21-23 Thanksgiving holiday.  No school

Nov. 26:  Class Spelling Bee

Nov. 27:  Turkey Court.  Send in those cans and non-perishable food items

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  Have a fantastic week!


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November 5-9, 2018

Related image

Jamestown, here we come!  Our field trip to Jamestown is Monday, November 19.  Permission slips will be sent home tomorrow (11/5).  Chaperones will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis with payment in full.  Please make sure you have an approved volunteer application on file with the office.  If at all possible, try to pay online.  If you can’t, please send in exact change.  (I have to enter payments and write receipts during class time – it is time consuming and I rarely have cash on hand to make change.)  THANKS!!!!  T shirts should be in soon…I will send them home as soon as I receive them!

Parent-teacher conferences are Monday and Tuesday.  I look forward to seeing you.  There are still a few time slots available if you have not signed up already.


What are we learning this week?

Math:  Comparing and ordering fractions quiz Mon. 11/5.  Then begin computation and estimation.  (addition, subtraction, multiplying and long division).

Reading:  Focus on Problem and Solution (conflict and resolution).  Dictionary skills, guide words.  Students are expected to read for 20 minutes at home each day as part of homework, even if it is not written down.  There is a link on my website to novels by F & P reading level.  I expect students to read novels vs. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, comic books, graphic novels, etc.

Vocabulary:  New words.  Due to the short week, we will focus on spellings of these words for 2 weeks:  frown, howl, gown, around, crouch, bounce, sauce, cause, pause, awkward, jaw, lawn    Know the meanings of cause, pause, awkward, crouch  Quiz Fri. 11/16

Writing:  finish fall paragraphs, then begin the writing process.

V.S.:  begin Jamestown unit

Important Dates:  

Mon 11/5 Fractions Quiz, conferences after school

Tues. 11/6:  No school for students, conferences during day

Wed. 11/7:  Fire Safety book due

Thurs 11/8:  Fire Safety House

Mon. 11/12:  Veteran’s Day Assembly.  My dad 88 yr. old dad is coming!  (Air Force veteran)

Mon 11/19:  Jamestown field trip

Tues. 11/20:  Turkey Court assembly

Nov. 21-23:  Thanksgiving holiday

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  I will post any updates here or on Dojo.

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October 29-November 2, 2018


Thanks for all the donations of candy corn and toothpicks!  We will be using these for an activity on Wednesday. 

Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Review of Main Idea, Summarizing, and Author’s Purpose with Halloween/Fall passages.

Vocab:  10 new words from a Halloween story:  substitute, familiars (2 diff meanings), harvest, evolve, deceased, practice, Celtic, associated, immigrated, Halloween.  Quiz Friday.

Writing:  Writing a paragraph with a topic sentence, related details and a conclusion.  Commas in dates, in a series, and cities and states.

Math:  Fractions SOL 4.2:  equivalent fractions, understanding that a fraction is a division statement, comparing and ordering.  Quiz Fri ? or early next week.  (We will add and subtract fractions later in the year.)

Science:  Finish our unit on weather.

Important dates:

Tues. 10/30:  Fire Safety homework in booklets due

Wed. 10/31:  Happy Halloween and lesson from fireman.

Friday, 11/2:  Donuts for Dads, Math Quiz??, Vocab quiz

NO SCHOOL for students Tuesday. 11/6.  Please sign up for a fall conference if you have not done so already.

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you soon at Fall conferences.


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Fall Conference Sign Up

Here is the link to the Sign Up Genius for Fall conferences:


copy and paste?


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Oct. 22-26

Image result for hail to the washington redskins clip artThere is a chill in the air.  I explored a new lake on the kayak this weekend.  Suppose I’ll have to hang up the boat and go on more hikes soon.

School Pictures, rescheduled date,  Mon. 10/22.

FYI:  If your child receives a paper that says “See me at PIE time”, have your student come to me at PIE time, and bring back the paper with my comments.  It will help me make the most of this time.  Thanks!

What are we learning?

Reading:  Author’s Purpose (PIE Persuade, Inform, Entertain).  Reading packets completed independently in class based on previously taught skills.  Quiz late this week on Storyworks – Pizza, Sushi nonfiction articles.

Vocab/Spelling:  New words this week. focus on suffixes and synonyms.  Quiz Fri.  Words in Vocab notebook.

Writing:  Continued stress on answering in complete sentences.  Points will now be deducted.  Writing a cohesive paragraph.  (Topic sentence and details.)

Math:  Decimal Place Value.  Quiz Wed or Thurs.

Science:  Weather.  Keep collecting data for the Weather/Graphing project due Mon 10/29.

For Your Calendar:

Mon. 10/22:  Picture Day

Tues. 10/23:  Fire Safety lesson, Weather Instruments Quiz

Thurs. 10/25:  Decimals Place Value  Quiz, Reading quiz on Pizza/Sushi in Readworks

PTA Movie Night:  Fri 10/26 , Vocab Quiz

Mon. 10/29  Weather/Graphing project due

Check the school website in case I have missed anything.  Have a wonderful week!



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