Computer Use Rules

Use of your Chromebook is a privilege.

CTES Computer Rules
Computer usage -Leadership Team developed these. We will have some students communicate these creatively, yet we’d like teachers to share these rules right away.
1 – no food or water bottles on table with computer
2 – no computer use on floor
3 – wash or sanitize hands before use
4 – access only teacher allowed sites during indoor recess – (no you tube)
5 – use only your computer and log in
6 – carry your computer like a tray with 2 hands
7 – any changes in settings must be teacher approved – background, bookmarks
8 – google may be used for only school purposes (may not create google team

1 – suspension of computer privileges – up to 5 days for 1st offense (admin
2 – suspension of computer privileges – up to 2 weeks (admin contacted/approved)
3 – referral to administration and parent contacted