Feb. 4-8


Donation needed:  Can anyone send in a large bag of plain M&Ms for a Va. Studies activity?  Need Wednesday.

What will we be learning this week?

Math:  Fractions:  Adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  Simplifying.  Changing Improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice-versa.  Quiz Wednesday 2/6 on adding and subtracting, simplifying.  No improper fractions on quiz.

Reading:  Continue with poetry unit (elements of poetry, author’s purpose).  Quiz Thurs. 2/7.   Cold Read Friday.  (The only way to prepare for these is to READ.)  Although I don;t write it down, students are expected to read nightly at home for 20 minutes.  Students will also be reading two articles about lions from the Jan/Feb issue of Readworks magazine in class, and rereading at home for further comprehension.  Possible quiz next week.

Vocab:  Quiz Thursday. (see last week’s post for word list)

Writing:  write in class for the multicultural writing night on 2/21.

Va. Studies:  American Revolution.  Causes of the American Revolution.  Boston Tea Party.  No quizzes or tests this week.

Important dates:

Wed. 2/6:  Fractions Quiz

Thurs. 2/7:  Poetry quiz,  winter conferences.  (If I thought a conference was necessary, I would have contacted you privately.  Sign Up Genius link on last week’s post)

Fri. 2/8:  Vocab quiz

Thurs. 2/21:  Multicultural Night

Fri. 3/1:  Field Trip to St. John’s Church.  Details coming soon.

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