Jan 29-Feb 1

Welcome back to school after a 3 day weekend.  It’s going to be a busy week!  Please take a moment to look over the page titled “Computer Use Rules” with your student.  Thanks!

2019 CTES PTA Winter After School Enrichment registration is open.

We have a great line-up of classes this session!

Classes run the week of February 11 through the week of March 18.

This is the last week to sign up for classes, so log on today and register.

Deadline to register for classes is Monday, February 4th. 

Visit the CTES PTA website to get more information and register online. https://colonialtrailpta.membershiptoolkit.com/ase

You can view the descriptions of each class online or attached is the 2019 ASE Flyer.

What are we learning this week?

Reading:  Poetry.  Elements of poetry and author’s purpose when writing poetry.  Quiz Friday.

Spelling/Vocab:  New Words:  Spelling:  quizzed, strolled, stammered, whined, dew, temperature, clouds, vapor, endangered, adapt, captivity, wildlife, conservation, extinct, motion, gravity

Vocabulary:  vapor, endangered, extinct, gravity, adapt, strolled, quizzed.  Quiz Fri. 2/8

Writing:  Pen Pal friendly letters, plural and possessive nouns.  We will begin writing our essay for the Multicultural Museum night on Feb. 21.  Please make sure your students knows their topic, and think of an artifact that can accompany the writing.

Va. Studies:  American Revolution.  Test Thurs 1/31 on Colonization.  Study notebooks and study guide.

Math:  Fractions.  adding and subtracting with unlike denominators.  Using LCM to find a common denominator.  Using GCF to simplify.  Improper fractions.  Quiz on Friday on adding, subtracting with like and unlike denominators, simplifying.

Important dates:

Wed. 1/30:  Family Life Lesson 8:30-9:30

Thurs. 1/31:  VS Colonization Test

Fri. 2/1:  Poetry quiz, Math quiz

Feb. 7:  Parent-teacher conferences.  3-7 pm.  I will contact parents directly that I would like to meet with.  Feel free to sign up even if I don’t contact you.  Here is the link to the Sign-Up-Genius:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084EACAB2CA0FD0-winter

Feb. 8:  Vocab quiz week 8

Feb 21:  Multicultural Museum night

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