Jan 22-25



Winter conferences are coming soon.  I will be available on Thurs. 2/7 from 3-7pm  for any parents who desire to meet.  (These are optional.)  I will contact any parents privately that I absolutely need to talk to.  A Sign Up Genius will be created soon and I’ll forward the information via Dojo.  If this date does not work for you, contact me and of course we can arrange an alternative. 🙂

What’s happening at school this week?

Benchmark testing.  Reading Tues and Wed, Math Thurs and Fri.  

Reading:  Review of strategies and test-taking skills with any available time after testing

Vocab:  Quiz Friday 

Math:  LCM, finding a common denominator.

VS:  Finish colonization VS4.  Vocab Quiz Thurs.  Students will vote on a test date for Colonization.  Study Guide will be provided, but study notebooks!  Vocab quiz Friday.  Next – American Revolution.

Important dates to remember:

Thurs 1/24:  Va Studies vocab quiz

Fri 1/25:  vocab quiz 

Mon 1/28:  No school for students

Wed. 1/30:  Family Life lesson

Thurs. 2/7:  Winter conferences

Feb, 21:  Multicultural Museum (writing) night






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