Jan 15-18, 2019


I just love snow days!  Have you heard the forecast for next week?  

Here is what we will be learning this week:

Math:  Fractions.  Adding and subtracting with like denominators.  Simplifying using GCF.  Using LCM to find a common denominator, then adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Reading:  Identifying and categorizing sensory language.  (Ex:  something silky or rough appeals to the sense of touch.)

Spelling/Vocabulary:  Spelling words:  kindness, shyness, weakness, darkness, fairness, fearless, hopeless, helpless, homeless, speechless, effortless, wooden, tighten, soften, sharpen, sicken.  (suffixes -ness, -less, -en)  Vocabulary: dinosaur, museum, speechless, darkness, ancient, nervous   Quiz Friday Jan. 25.

Va. Studies:  Colonization, moving Va’s capital, colonial economy 

Important Dates to remember:

Fri. 1/18:  Muffins for Mom 7:30

Mon. 1/21:  MLK holiday, no school

Tues. 1/22 and Wed. 1/23:  Reading Benchmark tests

Thurs. 1/24 and Fri. 1/25:  Math Benchmark tests

Fri. 1/25:  Vocab/Spelling Quiz

Mon. 1/28:  No school for students

Thurs. 2/21:  Cultural Museum Night showcasing student writing




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