Last Week of School!

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It’s hard to believe the school year is coming to the end.  I’ll miss all my students and their fantastic families.  Thank you all for your support!  I wish you all safe travels and a relaxing summer.  Stop by and say hello any time next year!

This week:

Tues. 6/11:  No school for students

Wed. 6/12:  Bring 1-2 small action figures, dolls, and/or stuffed animals for a Book Buddy activity.  SCA “spirit week” wear pajamas (no slippers).

Thurs. 6/13:  SCA spirit week wear your favorite hat.  4th grade Book Celebration (students will watch a movie from a novel they read).  Pizza (if ordered), but lunch will be served as usual.

Fri. 6/14:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  1/2 day.  End of Year assembly in the morning.  Lunch will be served early.  Report cards sent home, MAPS and SOL scores included. Wear beach attire and flip flops.  (No bathing suits).

Sat. 6/15:  SUMMER BREAK BEGINS!!!!!!

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End of the Year Things to Note

Dear CTES Students, Parents & Faculty,


Our Annual 5th Grade
Change for Charities Wax Museum
 event will be held at CTES on our STEAM Night, June 7th.  Students, Parents & Faculty will be visiting the museum in the Gym and Cafeteria are encouraged to bring change for our chosen charity The World Wild Life Fund.  Thank you so much for helping the 5th Grade support such a great charity.  We look forward to your visit to the museum!


The 5th Grade Class


Parents and students, Mrs. Smith, our art teacher, has very exciting news to share with all of you and your family members!!  This weekend, Saturday June 8th, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, only a short distance from Short Pump, is a FREE FAMILY FUN DAY FEATURING MALI, the ancient African Country.  All the kids studied about Africa in the art room and this day features, drumming, storytelling, hands-on art making projects the children will love and it is all FREE!!!!  What a great opportunity to see the African collection as well as other parts of the museum. It features art from all over the world, including an amazing Marble Garden from India on the third level, Tiffany Lamps, Faberge Eggs, Contemporary Works of art, Art Deco from France, a mummy in the Egyptian Gallery, beautiful Asian Scrolls and much more!!!!  Mrs. Smith used to work at the museum for many years and she keeps encouraging the kids to visit.  The VMFA is open every day 9-5 in case you want to go on a free family field trip during the summer months.  Enjoy the outdoor sculpture garden as well!

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Va. Studies SOL Review

Try this link:

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May 13-17

Thank you all so much for making me feel so loved last week!  I have the best class in the school!!

I’m so proud of how the 4th graders performed in the chorus and recorder concert.  Hard work pays off.  Mrs. N. Rocks!!!

Here is condensed information about the week:

Math SOL  Tues and Wed 5/14 and 5/15

T Shirt project due 5-21.  Info was sent home and link on this site.  Counts as a Project/test grade.

Wed. 5/22 – VS SOL

Then…focus on Science!!!

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May 6-10

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Recorder/chorus concert is this Friday, May 10, 1:45 pm.  Students need to wear jeans and their class t-shirt (or a solid dark gray shirt.)  Bring recorder to and from school every day for practice.  (Make sure it always stays in the backpack.)

SOL testing has begun..Reading part 1 May 6, and part 2 May 7.  

Field Day is Friday, May 31.  Information was sent home from Coach LeClair.  Volunteers needed.  Please return the lunch order form.

Here’s what’s happening this week in room 216:

Reading:  SOLS.  We’ll be focusing on VS and Science content.  2nd novel needs to be finished by Friday 5/10 so students can participate/discuss.

Vocab/Spelling:  New words will be given out this week.  Quiz Fri. 5/17.  Know how to spell these:  gymnast, gym, giraffe, imagine, surgery, sponge, germ, magical, agile, legend, orange, giant, dangerous, genuine, gentle, agent.  Know the meaning of these:  gymnast, agile, surgery, genuine, gentle, giant, dangerous, legend

VS:  Reconstruction, Segregation…Possible Quiz later this week.  SOL 5/22.

Math:  Equality, Associative Property.  Then we will be in review mode for the SOL on 5/14 and 15.

Have a great week, and I hope to see you at the concert Friday!

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Post from Admin.

Spring has arrived – plants are growing, kids are spending more time outside, and the temperatures are warming up.  With these changes, what we wear also changes.   Parents – please be mindful of what your child wears to school to ensure that they are in compliance with the HCPS Code of Conduct – Dress Code.  Thanks in advance for adhering to these expectations.

Dress code excerpt below from the HCPS Code of Conduct:

Students may not wear the following items unless otherwise stated:

Hoods, hats, face masks, or head coverings of any kind inside school buildings during regular school hours, unless required for religious or medical reasons.

The following items on school grounds during regular school hours: bandanas, do-rags, head scarves (with the exception of head garments for religious reasons), hair picks, wave caps, large combs, brushes, and rollers.

Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a physician.

Dresses, skirts, shorts, athletic shorts, and other similar clothing must reach the tip of the thumb when hands placed at the sides (arms straight with palms flat). When wearing leggings, tights, or similar apparel as an outer garment, tops must also reach the tip of the thumb.

Messages on clothing, chains, jewelry, and personal belongings that pertain to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, gangs, vulgarity, or that could cause a substantial disruption to the learning environment.

Spiked jewelry, chains, and items which could cause student injury.

Beachwear (which includes bathing suits and trunks) and sleepwear.

Clothing that reveals undergarments.

Cut-off jeans, cut-off sweat pants, or torn, ripped, or slashed clothing that reveals undergarments or body parts excluded by other parts of this code.

Bedroom slippers or shoes with wheels, also known as “Heelys.”

Clothing that reveals the midriff while sitting or standing.

Clothing that is tight, skimpy, or with plunging necklines.

Clothing that is see-through, revealing, or resembles undergarments.

Tube tops, halter-tops, halter-top dresses, strapless dresses or tops or dresses with spaghetti straps (tops must be at least two inches wide at the shoulder).

High heels or flip flops at the elementary level (Elementary students are encouraged to wear athletic shoes or closed toe shoes with a rubber sole and should wear such shoes for Physical Education and recess).

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April 23-26

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What a beautiful weekend!  Friday’s rain cleared out some pollen and I can breathe again!

The Pamplin Park field trip is one week away!  Please send in money and permission slips ASAP if you want your child to attend.  (The deadline for money was actually last Friday.)  Wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, and pack a lunch from home.  I think all parents interested in chaperoning will be able to attend, I will contact you within a day or two.

Students were issued a novel a few weeks ago.  They need to be finished reading it before Fri. 4/26 so they will be prepared to complete an activity at school with other 4th graders who read the same book.  Three novels in all will need to be completed by early June.  (Fun culminating day!  Details forthcoming.)

Here’s what we will be learning this week:

Reading:  SOL review based on MAP data.  Students need to read and reread the story “My Life Without Hair” and “Haircuts for Hope” from the May/June Storyworks.  Students will receive their magazines on Tuesday.  Please do not lose them! (The magazine can be accessed online though…  Quiz on these articles Thursday.  Cold Read on Friday.

Vocab/Spelling:  week 13 – homographs.  Students receive word list on Tues. 4/23.  Know how to spell these words:  brace, shrink, wave, passage, crane, can, pitcher, park, match, rock, diamond, fair, bank, yard, play, break.  Know the multiple meanings of pitcher, can, park, passage, & crane.  Quiz Fri. 5/3.

Writing:  Parts of Speech, prepositional phrases

Math:  Elapsed time.  You can help at home by practicing reading time on a traditional (analog) clock.  Measurement TEST Thursday April 4/25.  Measuring on a ruler in inches and centimeters, converting weight, length and volume in US customary and metric units.

VS:  Continue Civil War battles.  Quiz Fri. 4/26 on VS7A.  Study Guide will be sent home.  Civil War Unit test next week date TBD.  Pamplin Park field trip Mon. 4/29.  Wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, pack a lunch.

Dates to Note:

Thurs. 4/25:  Math measurement TEST, Readworks Quiz

Fri. 4/26:  VS Quiz, Cold Read Test, Novel Study group activity

Mon. 4/29:  Pamplin Park Field Trip.

SOL Dates:  Reading:  May 6-7.  Math:  May 14-15, VS:  May 22

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April 8-12, 2019

I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow.  I look forward to reading what you write in your journals about Spring Break!

This week we’ll be learning:

Reading:  Main Idea in fiction and non-fiction.  Book Reports due Wed. 4/10.

Vocab/Spelling:  Be able to spell and know the proper version of these words:  Thrown, throne, pear, pair, night, knight, weight, wait, peek, peak, hole, whole, no, know, allowed, aloud    Know the meanings of these words:  night, knight, allowed, aloud, peak, peel, homophone  (We will review parts of speech which will help with homophones).  Quiz Fri 4/19

Math:  Measurement:  capacity and volume, converting within the metric  system.  Quiz Thurs.  Unit test next week.

VS:  Civil War.  Differences between North and South, causes of conflict, involvement of Virginia and Virginians.  Vocab Quiz Fri. 4/12

Important Dates: 

Wed. 4/10:  Book Reports Due

Thurs. 4/11:  Measurement Quiz

Fri. 4/12:  Career Day!  Civil War vocab quiz

Unit test on Measurement this week (Apr 15-9)

Fri. 4/19:  Vocab Quiz on homophones, 1/2 day!  Cold Read?

MAPS Testing:  4/17 Reading, 4/18 Math, Go Nuts for Reading base all game.




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March 18-22


A big “shout out” to Leila S!  Her artwork was selected to represent our ENTIRE SCHOOL and is on display at the district office!

Dhruv, Akilesh, and Sidhvi are on the CTES “24” Math team and will participate in a tournament Thursday evening against other elementary schools.  

Book Reports coming soon!  Look for an information sheet that was sent home 3/18 with your child.  Please read, discuss and return the bottom portion.  Thanks!

We still need donations of notebook paper.  Thank you in advance if you can help.

What are we learning this week?

Reading:  Making inferences, predictions/drawing conclusions.  Using evidence from  text to justify answers.  Reading a novel for upcoming Book Report due 4/10.  

Vocab.  Week 11 Quiz Friday 3/22

Writing:  Following directions carefully to fully respond to writing prompts.  

Science:  Electricity and Magnetism.  

Math:  begin unit on measurement, focusing on length this week.  Converting between inches, feet, yards, miles.  Measure on a ruler to the nearest 1/8 inch.  Measure accurately in centimeters.

Remember, March 29 is a 1/2 day and marks the beginning of Spring Break!

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March 11-15

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Whats happening this week in room 216?

Friday, March 15 is picture day.  Individual pictures AND whole-class pictures.  Information will be sent home in the Tuesday folder.

What are we learning?

Math:  Area and perimeter, then begin measurement.  Area and perimeter quiz on Friday 3/15.

Science:  Force and Motion vocab. quiz Tues. 3/12.  Students may bring in one Hot Wheels or Matchbox car on Wed. 3/13 for a Science investigation on friction.  No worries if you don’t have one – I have plenty to share!

Reading:  Mixed comprehension skill review.  Cold Read Friday. (I cancelled the one previously scheduled for last Friday as we had such a busy day.)

Vocab:  16 new Spelling Words:  weigh, neighbor, sleigh, eight, reins, reindeer, deceive, receive, field, friend, grief, piece, relief, yield, believe, thief.  (Remember the rule “i before e except after c”.  Vocab words:  experience (n), rein (n), sleigh (n), impatient (adj), relief (n), neighborhood (n), convenient (adj)  QUIZ Friday 3/22

Writing:  descriptive writing with lots of details

Dates to remember:

Tues. 3/12:  Science quiz on Force and Motion vocab

Wed. 3/13:  bring in a small toy car if you have one

Fri. 3/15:  Area and Perimeter quiz, cold read, Picture day

Fri. 3/22:  Vocab quiz week 11

Fri. 3/29:  1/2 day

Spring Break – return to school on Mon 4/8

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