March 9-13

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School pictures Wed. 3/11.  The whole-class picture is $9.00 and needs to be paid in advance.  Individual pictures will also be taken.

Save your TP and paper towel cardboard tubes for the Art teacher.

The SCA is assembling care packets for the Ronald McDonald house.  Donations of coloring books, crayons, markers, other misc. inexpensive items would be greatly appreciated.  No food items please.

Heads up:  We are low on our class supply of notebook paper.  If you see any on sale I would appreciate donations.  Also, some students have misplaced their scissors, and my loaners have disappeared.  Ask your child if they need a new pair.  

Career Day is Friday.

Here’s what we are studying:

Math: Geometry (plane – lines, polygons and quadrilaterals & solids.)  Possible quiz Friday.  math Morning work quiz week 22 on Wed. 3/11. 

Vocab:  Quiz on Word Trek week 4 on Tues. 3/10.  Week 5 words will be introduced:  chaperone, chronic, clamor, clarity, coincidence, companion, concentrate, concoct, concur, congregate.  Quiz Tues. 3/24.

Va. Studies:  begin Civil War.  vocab quiz Fri 3/13

Reading:  comparing and contrasting.  Read “There Were Giants” from Storyworks.  Possible quiz Fri. 3/13.  Figurative language.

Important Dates:

Tues. 3/10:  Young Scientists Electricity lesson, Word Trek week 4 quiz

Wed. 3/11:  School pictures, Math morning work week 22 quiz

Fri. 3/13:  Career Day.  VS vocab quiz, possible Geometry quiz and/or Storyworks Reading quiz

Mon 3/30:  1/2 day 

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March 4-6

Image result for field trip clip artI can’t wait to see all of the Biography Bottles tomorrow!  

No quizzes or tests this week.

St. John’s Church field trip is Friday, 3/6.  Here’s what you need to know:  Leave school on school bus 10:00 am, return 12:00 to eat lunch in classroom.  There is no gift shop, so please don’t send any money.  No electronics.  Wear green class t-shirt.  Thank you Max and Gemma’s moms for being chaperones.

What’s happening at school?

Math:  Geometry.  Lines, angles, polygons, quadrilaterals.

Vocab:  Word Trek week 4 quiz Tues. 3/10

Science:  Finish Force & Motion.

VS:  Begin Civil War Unit

Reading:  Comparing and Contrasting.  Storyworks:  Read “There Were Giants”.

Important Dates:

Wed. 3/4  Biography Bottle projects due, wear “Wacky” clothes for Read Across America

Thurs. 3/5:  Wear tshirt from a place you’ve visited or would like to visit for Read Across America

Fri. 3/6:  St. John’s Church field trip, dress up as favorite Dr. Seuss character for Read Across America

Tues. 3/10:  Word Trek week 4 quiz, Young Scientists visit

Wed. 3/11:  Picture Day – class and individual spring pictures

March 30:  1/2 day of school

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Feb 24-28


The kids (and I ) were disappointed that we didn’t get our snow day last week.  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.  Heritage Night is this Thursday from 6-8 pm.  I hope to see you there!  Here’s what’s happening at school this week:

Math:  Quiz Mon. 2/24 on last week’s Morning Work.  Fractions test Wed.  Monday night’s homework will have questions similar to the test.  Note any areas of difficulty and we will work on them Tuesday in Math and PIE time.  Next unit:  Geometry

Reading:  Poetry.  We’ll explore and identify rhyme, rhythm, figurative language, sensory language, main idea, inferring and author’s  purpose as we read a variety or poems.  We’ll write our own Haiku.  Tet Friday.

Vocab/Spelling:  Quiz Tues on Word Trek week 3.  New words will be introduced Wed.  Week 4 words:  browse, buoyant, calamity, candid, candidate, canopy, cantankerous, ceaseless, century, certify.  These are difficult words – so we will focus on them for 2 weeks.  Quiz 3/10.

Science:  Force and Motion.  Vocab Quiz Thurs. 2/27, Test week of March 2.

Important dates:

Mon. 2/24:  Math Quiz on week 21 morning work

Tues. 2/25:  Word Trek quiz week 3 words

Thurs. 2/27:  Family Life 8:30 – 9:30, Science vocab quiz, Heritage night 6-8 pm

Fri. 2/28:  Poetry Test

March 3:  No school

March 4:  Biography Bottle Projects due

Fri Mar. 6:  St. John’s Church field trip.  Wear green shirt.  


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Feb. 17-21


Monday, February 17th is a 1/2 day for students.  A form will be sent home about the upcoming “Family Life” lesson on 2/17.  You don’t need to return unless you do NOT want your child to attend.  Please return the St. John’s Church field trip permission form with $8.00 if you have not already done so.

Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Poetry  

Spelling & Vocab:  (same as last week) Word Trek week 3:  Quiz Tues 2/25 on spelling and meanings of these words: baffle, barricade, belated, bewilder, bibliography, binoculars, bizarre, boycott, brilliant, brisk

VS:  Test Tuesday on Rev. War, Founding Fathers & Documents (VS5&6)

Science:  Force and Motion

Math:  Fractions.  Aiming for test on Friday – adding & subtracting fractions with and without common denominators, simplifying.  We will resume the math morning work that was used previously.  We will quiz Monday, 2/24 on week 21.  (These are not necessarily used in order – I try to time them by skills.)

Important Dates:

Mon. 2/17:  Reading Quiz on “The Big One”

Tues. 2/18:  VS Test, Recite portion of Patrick Henry’s speech for extra credit

Wed. 2/19:  Young Scientists 

Fri. 2/21:  Fractions test

Thurs. 2/27:  Family Life lesson, Heritage Night

March 3:  No school

March 4:  Biography bottles due

Fri. 3/6:  St. John’s Church field trip


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February 10-14


This will be a very busy week at school!

*Valentine’s Day is Friday.  We have 23 students.  There will not be a party, but tthere will be time to deliver cards in class.  Small candy items are OK.  This is optional, but please include everyone if you choose to participate.    Carter, Neel, Amin, Srinesh, Suhas, Aahana, Saanvi, Subinay, JP, Cooper, Alvin, Max, Vihaan, Eshal, Miramina, Allie, Harmony, Gemma, Akshaya, Milena, Griffin, Angela, Gowtham

*Student-Led-Conferences are Thursday.  Here is the link to sign up if you have not already:  If you can’t attend, your student can still share their presentation with you at home from Google Slides.

*Here is information from the PTA:

Dear CTES Families, 
We’re excited to announce that our CTES Heritage Night will be on Thursday, February 27th from 6pm-8pm. Please click on the SignUp Genius link below to read about the event and to sign up to help us make it a success. We need support from our CTES Families to make this event amazing. So thank you in advance for your time and dedication! 
Go Cubs!!
Heather Kirschner
CTES PTA President
Math:  Fractions – We will work towards adding and subtracting with unlike denominators.  (Factoring, GCF, simplifying, LCM, common denominator,  improper fractions)
Reading:  Quiz Friday on Storyworks “The Big One”
Vocab:  Quiz Tues 2/11 on Word Trek week 2.  New
words (Word Trek week 3:  baffle, barricade, belated, bewilder, bibliography, binoculars, bizarre, boycott, brilliant, brisk.  Week 3 quiz on 2/18.)
VS:  TEST Friday on American Revolution and New Nation.  Information was sent home about the upcoming Biography Bottle project.  Due date March 3.  Let me know if you need a plastic bottle – I’ve been saving some.  Field trip information sent home 2/10 about St. John’s Church.  Patrick Henry speech extra credit opportunity Feb. 18.


Dates:  Mon. 2/10:  Report cards sent home, St. John’s Church field trip info sent home

Tues. 2/11:  Word Trek vocab quiz week 2, Watershed lesson 9:30 am

Thurs. 2/13:  Student Led conferences 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Fri. 2/14:  VS Test, Reading quiz, Valentine’s Day

Tues. 2/18:  optional recite PH Liberty or Death speech for extra credit, Word Trek week 3 quiz

Wed. 2/19:  Young Scientists lesson on Force and Motion

March 3:  Biography Bottles due

March 6:  St. John’s Church field trip

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February 3-7

Image result for february clip art"

Here is what’s happening in room 216 this week:

Math:  Benchmark testing Feb. 3 & 4, probability, test on Probability Fri. 2/7

Reading:  Reading comprehension skills & strategies, (finding evidence in text, context clues, STP Stop, Think, Paraphrase) Cold Read Friday

VS:  American Revolution.  Quiz on Wed, Test next week.  Memorize part of Patrick Henry’s speech and recite 2/18 for optional extra credit.

Vocab:  Word Trek week 1 Quiz Tues. 2/5.   Work Trek week 2 words:  approximate, apt, aquarium, aquatic, arid, askew, assume, authentic, avalanche, badger.  Quiz Tues. 12

Important dates to remember:

Mon. 2/3:  Math Benchmark #1, Assembly 1:15-2:15

Tues. 2/4:  Word Trek quiz week 1, Math Benchmark #2

Wed. 2/5:  VS quiz

Fri. 2/7:  Probability Test, Cold Read test

Mon. 2/10:  Report cards sent home

Tues. 2/11:  Word Trek week 2 Quiz

Thurs. 2/13:  Student Led Conferences

Thurs. 2/14 Valentine’s Day




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Jan 28-31

Welcome to our class Harmony and Angela!  We now have 21 students in our homeroom class (23 for Science & Social Studies).  The deadline to sign up for After School Enrichment classes is Friday, Jan. 31.  Look for information that was sent home about the “Kindness Challenge”.  

This week:

Vocabulary/Spelling:  Please note – we are beginning the 3rd quarter and it’s time for a fresh start.  I will begin using “Word Trek” for vocabulary and spelling.  There will be fewer words (10 vs. 15), but these words are more challenging.  We will begin with Lesson 1, and students will be assessed on spelling and meaning.   abolish, abound, adapt, adore, agenda, amuck, angular, anniversary, antique, appalling.  Quiz on Tues. 2/4.

Reading:  Review for Benchmark (Plot vs Theme, genre, test taking strategies)

Math:  Test on Comparing & Ordering fractions Wed. 1/29, then Probability & Benchmark review.

VS:  American Revolution: Quiz on causes of Revolution upcoming.  Date TBD, Study Guide will be completed in class.  Optional Extra Credit:  memorize and recite a portion of Patrick Henry’s speech, recite on 2/18.  Information was sent home.

Important Dates:

Wed. 1/29:  Fractions Test

Thurs. 1/30 & Fri. 1/31:  Benchmark Reading testing

Mon 2/3 and Tues. /4:  Math Benchmark testing

Tues. 2/4:  Word Trek quiz Lesson 1

Thurs. 2/13:  Student-Led conferences 3:30 – 5:30.  Sign-ups for time slots will be sent soon.

Thurs. 2/19:  Young Scientists



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Jan 21-24

Image result for mlk

Brrr!  What a cold weekend!  The new After School Enrichment flyer was sent home on Friday.  These classes fill up quickly so sign up ASAP.  3rd grade is collecting coins to help animals injured in the wildfires in Australia.  Please send in any extra change that you have.  Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math:  Comparing & Ordering fractions. (4.2) Test on Friday.

Reading/Language Arts:  Cause & Effect, test taking skills. Writing using sensory language, new vocab words Week 24:  safely, freely, lonely, finally, truly, closely, perfectly, certainly, barely, secretly, wrench, chain, hammer, drill, carpenter    Spelling & meaning Quiz Tues 1/28.

Read and reread the article “Alligator on the Loose” in Storyworks magazine.  Comprehension Quiz Thurs. 1/23

VS:  American Revolution

Important Dates:

Tues. 1/21:  Week 21 vocab & spelling quiz

Thurs. 1/23: Storyworks reading Quiz – Alligator article

Fri. 1/24:  Math Test (4.2 fractions), Assembly/Pep Rally 2:00 pm

Mon. 1/27:  No school for students

Reading Benchmark testing:  Jan 30 & 31

Math Benchmark testing: Feb. 3 & 4

Feb. 13:  Student-Led Conferences – more details coming soon


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Jan. 13-17

Welcome to Colonial Trail Allie.  We are glad to have you in our class!  Sadly,  Divyanshi has moved back to India.

Thanks for sending in pizza boxes and cardboard tubes.  These will be used for a fun STEM activity on Wednesday.

Benchmark testing is coming up.  Reading Jan 30 & 31, Math Feb. 3 and 4.  Student-led conferences will be on February 13th.  (See the email that was sent on 1/13.)

What are we learning this week?

Math:  4.2 Comparing and ordering fractions.  Tentative test date 1/23

VS:  Begin American Revolution.  Quizzes Friday 1/17 on the settlement area map and Colonial Va. vocabulary.

Reading:  Main idea in fiction and non-fiction, sensory language.  Cold Read Friday.  Read the Storyworks article “Alligator on the Loose”.  Comprehension quiz on this article next week, date TBD.

Vocabulary.  New words (week 21) incorrect, unless, incomplete, unfair, unable, invent, unaware, instead, instant, unkind, crocodile, monkey, alligator, kangaroo,  elephant    Spelling and vocab quiz Tues. 1/21

Important Dates to note:

Tues 1/14:  Week 8 Spelling & vocab quiz

Fri. 1/17:  VS quizzes on settlement areas map and Colonial Va. vocabulary. cold read reading test

Mon 1/20:  No school.  MLK holiday

Tues. 1/21:  Week 21 vocab and spelling quiz

Mon. 1/27:  No school for students

Thurs. 1/30 and Fri 1/31:  Reading Benchmark testing

Mon 2/3 and Tues 2/4:  Math Benchmark testing

Thurs 2/13:  Student Led Conferences

2/19:  Young Scientists



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January 6-10, 2020


Welcome Back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the winter break by relaxing and spending time with family and friends.  We said “goodbye” to Tushar, and we wish him the best of luck on his move to Texas.  Thank you Max for caring for Glory over the break!

Here’s what we’ll be learning this week at school:

Math:  Long Division.  Test Thurs or Friday

VS:  Colonial Virginia  (VS4)  Capital moves from Jamestown, population increases ad affects Va.’s culture, expanding farther westward within Va.

Language Arts:

Vocab:  15 new words:  wren, design, wreck, comb, wrinkle, limb, align, wrap, sign, eight, immigrant, passage, population, refugee, pioneer   Quiz Tues 1/14

Prefixes, suffixes, New Year’s Resolution word writing, using strategies when reading for comprehension.  Cold Read Friday





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