Dec. 9-13


Good Luck Cooper!  He will represent our class in the school-wide Spelling Bee on Wednesday.  PLEASE JOIN the PTA.  You do not have to pay anything (unless you would like to).

It’s SCA School Spirit Week!  (Participation optional.)  Mustache Monday, Dress Like a Teacher Tuesday,  Wed dress like a Hero or Villain, Throwback Thurs dress from favorite decade, Friday wear Pajamas (no slippers).

Monday is yet another 1/2 day

This week “at a glance”:

Reading:  Nonfiction text features, Cold Read test on Friday.  BOOK REPORTS due Mon 12/16.  Read the “I Live in a Refugee Camp” article in StoryWorks.  This article will be used to identify various text features and for a comprehension quiz next week.

Vocab:  Quiz Tuesday , week 7.  

Writing:  Elf writing project, indenting, topic sentences, paragraph structure

Math:  Long Division.  TEST Thurs on Multiplication.

Science:  Solar System.  Characteristics of planets.  Revolution vs rotation.  Early astronomers, moon phases.  Quiz Fri on the Flashcards/vocab.  Test next week

Important Dates:

Mon. 12/9:  HALF day.  We will have PE.  Solar System Quiz.  Students will need to know the order of the planets by distance from the sun, and be able to list them by size.

Tues. 12/10:  Week 7 vocab and spelling quiz

Wed. 12/11:  School Spelling Bee.  Go Cooper!!!

Thurs. 12/12:  Multiplication TEST, 5th grade performance/assemble in afternoon

Fri. 12/13:  Reading Test, Science note card/vocab quiz, cool moon Oreo activity.  BRING a BLANKET and pillow!  Kids have earned a special movie time as a reward for reaching the end of the “Compliment Chain”!

Mon 12/16:  Book Reports due!!  Bring everything in and be ready to present.   Smencils for sale

Tues 12/17:  Solar System TEST, Smencils for sale

Wed. 12/18:  Young Scientist lesson, Storyworks comprehension quiz

Thurs. 12/19:  Storyworks Quiz Refugee Camp article

Friday 12/20:  Last day of school before Winter Break, Winter Party  11:45 – 1:00.  Tacky Sweater/Holiday attire

WHEW!  So many activities this time of year!  Forgive me if I have missed anything!!



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Dec. 2-6


The Jamestown field trip was a success; I heard compliments from chaperones and the Jamestown staff about how well-behaved our class was.  THANKS KIDS!!!  Our “Compliment Chain” is complete and we will vote on how to celebrate.  Please read below for important dates and information.

Math:  Multiplication.  Quiz Friday, test forthcoming

VS:  Jamestown Test Thurs 12/3.  Study Guide will be sent home

Science:  Solar system:  Planets, early astronomers, relationship between Earth, moon, sun. Quiz 12/9 on planets in order by distance from sun and size.  Quiz 12/13 on vocab/Flashcards.  Unit test on 12/17 or 12/19

Reading:  Media Messages – types of (audio, visual, written)  & author’s purpose.  Book Reports due Mon 12/16- these count as a Project grade.

Vocab:  Week 7.  Know how to spell and the meanings of these 15 words for Quiz on 12/10:  throne, through, throw, three, threat, thrill, thread, throat, throttle, thrifty, tropical, community, rainforest, ecosystem, climate

Important Dates:

Thurs 12/5:  Jamestown test

Fri. 12/6:  Cubs Night In!   Hope to see you there!!

Mon. 12/9:  another 1/2 day for students, planets quiz (size and distance from sun), SCA Spirit Day Mustache Monday

Tues. 12/10:  week 7 vocab Quiz, SCA Spirit Day “Twisted Tuesday” students dress like teachers, teachers dress like students

Wed. 12/11:  School Spelling Bee – go Cooper!!!, SCA Spirit Day “Wicked Wednesday” students dress like their favorite hero or vililan

Thurs, 12/12:  SCA Spirit Day “Throwback Thursday” students dress from a decade,,,80s, 90s, etc

Fri. 12/13:  Science quiz (vocab/notecards), possible Reading test on Media Messages, author’s purpose, SCA Spirit Day “Footie Friday” wear pajamas (no slippers please)

Mon. 12/16:  Book Reports Due

Tues. 12/17:  Planets TEST (today or Thurs)

Wed. 12/18:  Young Scientists, SCA Meeting

Fri. 12/20:  Winter Holiday party – details tbd, SCA Spirit Day “Tacky Sweater”


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November 18-22


CHANGE:  1) No Math test on Friday, 11/22.  We will test after the Thanksgiving Break.  2)  Oops – I had the incorrect date for the Velveteen Rabbit assembly.  It is on Wed. 11/20 vs. 11/19.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the donations of cans, boxes, and money for the food drive!  I have never, ever received so much support!  Regardless of who is crowned “King or Queen” of Turkey court, it was for a great cause.  The silly assembly will be on Tues. 11/26 at 1:30 pm.

Jamestown here we come!  Here are the main things to know:  Students need to arrive at school at 7:15 am. and report to the cafeteria.  The chartered bus will leave at 7:30 SHARP, so please be on time!  Students will need transportation to school in the morning as the buses will not arrive in time.  Contact me if this is a problem and I will help you. Dress for walking and for the weather.  We will be outside for the majority of the day.  Pack a lunch from home.  Snack optional.  No electronics please!!!  Cameras are fine, but please do not send a cell phone for pictures.  Gift Shop – optional.  We will be allowed to visit but it can get a bit crowded and it is not guaranteed your child will have enough time to shop.  Students are responsible for any cash you send with them.  Please remember no toys that are weapon-related are allowed to be purchased.  Students will ride the bus home from school in the afternoon, as we plan to return around 2:15 ish.

What are we learning this week?

Math:  multiplication.  2 digits by 1 digit ( ex 87 x 6), 3 digits by x 1, and 2 digits x 2.  Quiz Thurs. 11/21 on week 5 Daily review.  TEST Friday on multiplication, and a few review problems on decimals and equality will be included.

Reading:  Drawing conclusions, making inferences.  Test Friday. 

Book Report:  Students received a list of novels slightly above reading level.  Begin reading.  Due date 12/16.  Students may bring back and forth to school and will have time to read in class.  Details on presentation options coming soon.

Vocab:  week 6. Quiz Tues 11/26.  15 new words:  chief, bunch, shift, cheap, hunch, sheep, shelter, perch, chance, shack, eclipse, lunar, diamond, solar, heaven.

Writing:  topic sentences and paragraph structure

VS:  Jamestown.  Tobacco cash crop, slavery, arrival of women, government

Dates to Note:

Mon 11/18:  1/2 day for students

Tues 11/19:  Velveteen Rabbit play 9-10 am

Thurs 11/21:  Math Quiz week 5 daily review

Fri. 11/22:  Math test, Reading test

Mon 11/25:  JAMESTOWN!!

Tues. 11/26:  Vocab week 6 Quiz,  Turkey Trot in am, Turkey Court assembly 1:30

Nov. 27-29:  Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 16:  Book reports due

Dec. 20:  last day of school before Winter Break.  Class holiday party, time tbd

WHEW!!!  Hope I haven’t forgotten anything!  Have an incredible week!

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Week of Nov. 4-8

Image result for can food drive"

SCA is sponsoring a canned food drive.  Please send in non-perishable food items on or before November 13th.  All food collected will benefit residents right here in Henrico County through the Henrico Christmas Mother program.  I will be making a trip to Aldi this weekend, in case you want to send in $.  Thanks!

SCA is also collecting soda tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Image result for soda tabs"  Save them and send to school.  This collection will continue until the end of the year.

Jamestown, here we come!  Please pay $26 and return the permission slip ASAP.  Let me know if your would like to chaperone.  We will ride on a chartered bus, and students need to arrive at school at 7:15 am.  Please pack a lunch from home.  Students may bring money for the gift shop, but no weapon-related items are allowed to be purchased.  No cell phones please, but cameras may be brought.  We will arrive back at school in time for students to ride the bus home in the afternoon.

Here’s what’s we’re learning this week:

Math:  adding and subtracting decimals, decimal word problems.  Quiz forthcoming.

Reading:  Read the Orangutan article and the poem from Storyworks.  Quiz next week.  Vocab:  new words are from the orangutan article.  prefix de means “anti/away from”.  Know the meaning and spelling of these words:  deforestation, dehydrated, ecosystem, extinction, habitat, malnutrition, nutritious, primatologist, sustainable.  Quiz Wed. 11/6

V.S.:  Jamestown.  vocab quiz Friday 11/8.  Students are encouraged to bring the VS notebook home nightly to study.

Important Dates:  

Fri. 11/8:  Va. Studies Vocab Quiz

Wed. 11/13:  Young Scientists visit in morning

Mon 11/18:  1/2 day for students

Tues. 11/26:  Turkey Trot in morning, Turkey Court assembly in afternoon

Wed. 11/27-12/1:  Thanksgiving Break.  


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October 28- Nov. 1

Image result for Diwali"

4th graders are Bronze Level winners in the PTA membership competition!  They earned a celebration with Mr. Schatz on Wednesday.

Thanks to Max’s mom and grandma – they came to school and read to our class on Friday.  Max’s grandma is a former teacher and she dressed as a witch!

Please pay for the Young Scientist lessons if you have not already done so.  Thanks!

Fire Safety lessons are over and we had fun in the Fire Safety House on Friday.

Batteries are needed for an activity on Wednesday.  Size C or D will work best.  If you can send some in – write your name on them with a Sharpie and I will return them after the activity.

Mr. Andrews says “Thank You” for all of the cards.  He is home and is feeling better. 

Meteorologist Zach Daniels comes to school on Friday.  He usually takes a picture and shows it on the evening weather forecast.

What are we learning this week?

Reading:  Nonfiction.  Through the Storyworks article “How to Save a Baby Orangutan”, and the poem “A Poem From the Treetops”, we will focus on Text Features, Main Idea & details, Author’s Purpose.  Read and reread nightly for 20 minutes.  Vocabulary will also come from this article.

Vocabulary:   CORRECTION!!  These 15 words are our current list of words and will be on the Quiz Wed. 11/6:  string, scrape, screw, squirm, stretch, squeaky, strength, scream, streak, strap, latitude, longitude, compass, Equator, hemisphere.  Know how to spell, and the meanings.  

prefix de means “anti/away from”.  Know the meaning and spelling of these words:  deforestation, dehydrated, ecosystem, extinction, habitat, malnutrition, nutritious, primatologist, sustainable.  Quiz Wed. 11/6

Writing:  Commas in a series, Quotation marks in dialogue

Math:  Finish decimals.  Test Friday.  Study Guide will be sent home.

Science:  Weather Test Wednesday.  Study notebook.  Begin Jamestown Thursday.

Important Dates: 

Mon. 10/28:  1/2 day of school for students

Tues. 11/29:  vocab quiz (multiple meaning words)

Wed. 11/30:  Science test on Weather

Thurs. 10/31:  Halloween, fun Halloween and Diwali activities in the morning!

Fri. 11/1:  Decimals test, Zach Daniels from WTVR News visits. 

Tues. 11/5:  No school for students

Wed. 11/6:  Vocab Quiz from Storyworks

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October 21-25


4th graders have received 3 classroom lessons on fire safety from a Henrico County firefighter.  Please make sure the booklet is completed in full and turned in before Friday.  Also, wear long pants on Friday for the visit into the mobile Fire House.

Please join the PTA!  They do so much for our school and our students.  Plus…there is a membership contest!

Please pay for the Young Scientists lessons asap if you have not done so already.

Make sure to sign up for a Fall conference if you have not done so already.  Thanks!

What we are learning this week: 

Reading:  comprehension skill of conflict and resolution (formerly known as problem & solution) in fiction.  Plot and theme.  Students need to read and reread the article “The Day the Worms Moved In” from the Oct/Nov issue of Storyworks.  Dictionary skills.

Vocab:  New words (multiple meaning words):  scale, blue, jerk, pupil, leaves, squash, park.  See vocab notebooks for the two meanings, and know how to spell.  Quiz Tues. 10/29.

Math:  Decimals.  Rounding, comparing and ordering, identifying from a model, fractional equivalents.  Quiz or Test date TBD.

Science:  Weather.  vocab quiz Tues 10/22.  Test Friday.

Important Dates: 

Tues 10/22:  Science Vocab Quiz,  SCA Smencil sale.  $1 each. 

Thurs. 10/24:  Fall Family Picnic and Book Fair

Fri 10/25:  Fire Safety House-wear long pants & booklet due, Science Test on weather

Mon. 10/28:  1/2 day for students

Tues. 10/29:  Vocab Quiz (multiple meaning words)

Fri. 11/1:  visit from meteorologist Zach Daniels from Channel 6.  He usually takes a picture and posts it on the evening news.

Message from Coach LeClair:  

CTES Families,

The Regency Mile (formerly Short Pump Mile) is Sunday, Oct. 27th. There is still plenty of time to register your students! We have been talking about the Heart and Cardiorespiratory Endurance exercises in class. This run would be the perfect culmination of those lessons! It is not mandatory at all but the kids who have run it have had a great time in the past. It’s not just a run, there is a lot more to do that day. The schools with the most students registered can win money for the PE program. It will help us buy some awesome equipment for your students to use in the gym. The top 5 boys and top 5 girls with the fastest times can even win gift cards to Dicks Sporting Goods. If you are interested in signing your student up please use the link below! Thank you very much for considering and thank you to those who have already signed up!

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October 7-11, 2019

School Picture Day Girl Clip Art

Picture day is Friday, 10/11.

We began reading the novel Front Desk through the Global Read Aloud.  We have a partner class in Oregon and we’ll be communicating with them about the book as we read.

All 4th graders receive fire safety lessons from a Henrico county firefighter.  Please complete the first homework assignment before Wednesday.  This will count as the first Science grade.

What’s happening this week?

Math:  Review whole number place value.  Quiz on Wed.  Then place value with decimals.  

Reading:  Making predictions and inferences through Front Desk and other text/passages.  Cold Read Friday 10/11.  Students need to read the Storyworks article “Our Beautiful Town is Gone” nightly for 20 minutes.  Try to have read the article completely through a several times – Quiz forthcoming…Tues 10/15?

Vocabulary:  Quiz Tues. 10/8 on week 4.  CHANGE FOR NEXT WEEK:  New, more challenging vocabulary will come from the September, 2019 issue of Storyworks article “Our Beautiful Town is Gone”, quiz Tues. Oct.  15.  There will not be a spelling portion, but deductions will be taken for spelling on the quiz as there will be a word bank from which to copy.  11 words:  wilderness, plume, ignited, smoldering, mobilized, predicable, evacuate, abandoned, refuge, dousing, resilient

VS:  Unit test on Indians Friday 10/11.  Then….Science unit on weather!

Important dates:

Tues. 10/8:  Vocab & Spelling Quiz week 4

Wed. 10/9:  Fire Safety homework due (in booklet), Place Value Quiz

Thurs. 10/10:  2nd Fire Safety lesson

Fri. 10/11:  School Pictures, VS Indians Test, Cold Read test

Tues. 10/15:  Vocab Quiz, possible reading quiz from Storyworks article “Our Beautiful Town is Gone”



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Sept. 30 – Oct. 4


It’s officially Autumn, but the temperature still feels like Summer!

Please pay for the T-shirt and VS/Science Newspapers by the end of this week.  We need to place the orders.  Friday is the deadline!!  $22.00 total.  Please contact me directly if this is a financial hardship and I will help you work out a solution.

Gifted Information:  the window for referring students for the Gifted Program is October 7-25.  If your child meets the criteria and will be nominated by me, I will contact you individually.  There will be a parent information meeting on Oct. 15 at 6pm in the cafeteria.  Should you have any questions, contact Lisa Koprowski.

Here’s whats happening in room 216:

Spelling Vocab.  Week 3 Quiz Tues 10/1.  Week 4 words (long i, o, u)  price, broke, issue, divide, croak, argue, swallow, lightning, value, spoke, motion, usually, spice, invite, drive.  Week 4 quiz Tues. 10/8.

Reading:  Reading groups will begin this week.  Comprehension skill:  making predictions  Genre quiz Wed. 10/2.  be able to identify characteristics of and place books into these categories:  Realistic fiction, Historical fiction, Humor, fantasy, Fable/Fairy Tale, Poetry, Folk Tales/Tall Tales, Literary nonfiction.  Notes are in Reading/Writing notebook

Writing:  Answering questions in complete sentences, prefixes

VS:  Virginia Indians.   Quiz late next week, then begin Science unit on Weather

Math:  Week 3 Daily Math Review.  Quiz Friday     Place Value:  rounding and comparing numbers to the hundred million.  Quiz date tbd

Dates to remember:

Tues. 10/1:  Vocab / Spelling quiz week 4

Wed. 10/2:  National Custodial Worker Day, Genre Quiz

Friday 10/4:  PAYMENTS due for Tshirts and Sci/VS newspapers, Math Daily Review quiz week 3, Fire Safety class #1

Thurs. 10/10:  Donuts for Dear Ones

Fri. 10/11:  School Picture Day

Oct. 15:  Gifted informational meeting for parents, 6pm cafeteria


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Sept. 23-27


Mon. Sept 30 is a 1/2 day of school for students.  Dismissal will begin at 11:35, and bag lunch will be served.  Please return the yellow form if your child would like the bag lunch.

SCA:  Students will be giving speeches to the class on Friday 9/27.  No posters should be made for the classroom election.  The two students with the most votes will be our classroom representatives.

I’d like to share some diet 7-Up with the class for a writing activity.  Please let me know if your child can’t have this.

Thanks Cooper for the cool prizes for the Dojo Store!

Thanks Milena for the mealworms!

Let me know if you are ordering from the Scholastic Book Club from the form that was sent home last week.

Here’s what’s going on in room 216:

Reading:  genre.  Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Poetry, Fable /Fairy Tale, Realistic Fiction, Literary Nonfiction.  Quiz Fri

Writing:  Sentences:  types of sentences, sentence fragments, run on sentences, writing quality 4th grade sentences, capitalization and ending marks.

Vocab/Spelling:  week 2 Quiz Tues 9/24. Week 3 words:  steak, cable, agent, steam, paper, breathe, trace, beast, weight, screech, honey, plain, field, reason, escape. Week 3 Quiz 10-1

Math:  Begin Place value.  All of the following, whole numbers, to the 100 millions place:  identifying place name and digit value, rounding and comparing.  NOTE:  No Morning Work/Review Quiz this week.  (Already have a VS test and reading quiz on Fri.)  Graphing project due Mon. 9/30.

VS:  finish the 5 Regions of Virginia.  Test Friday 9/27 on Virginia’s waterways, regions, bordering states.  Reading over VS notes nightly is recommended.

Dates at a glance:

Tues 9/24 week 2 vocab/spelling quiz

Fri. 9/27:  VS Test, Reading quiz on Genre, SCA speeches for class election

Mon 9/30:  Graphing Project due, 1/2 day for students

Tues 10/1:  Vocab, Spelling Quiz Week 3


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PTA Video

Here is the link to the PTA video that was shown at Back to School Night.  Thanks to all that came out!

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