End Of Year important dates:

Here are some important dates for the remainder of the year:

Fri 6/5  11-1 pm.  Drive through the bus loop to pick up contents of desk, supplies.  Bring library books that need to be returned.

Mon. 6/8  11:00 am  last regular class meeting on Zoom

Mon 6/8 and Wed. 6/10:  Individual students conferences on Zoom.  Here is the link to sign up if you haven’t done so already:


Tues 6/9  4-5 pm:  Drive through “Moving Up Ceremony/Reverse parade” in bus loop

Fri 6/12  11:00 am:  Our VERY last End of Year celebration on Zoom, use the same code.  


What a CRAZY end to the school year!  Room 216 is officially closed. 

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Application for CTES News Crew 2020-21

Here is a link to the News Crew application:


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May 18-22, 2020

Hi everyone.  I MISS YOU ALL!!!!

Here are the assignments:  ALL are in Schoology.  Math: Measurement US weight, Reading: Virtual Learning passages:  Big City Fun and Teddy Bear.  English:  Spelling list D11.

I hope you are logging into Clever – There are many new things.  Try Dreambox and let me know what you think of it.  Contact me if you still can’t access Clever.

If you’s like to participate in playing the recorder with Mrs. N, contact her on Quaver.


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Safety Patrol Application

Safety Patrol application.  Read it carefully and pay attention to any deadlines .Copy and paste.


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May 4-8, 2020

CartoonsLearning Under Quarantine – May 4-8, 2020

Reminders:  We meet each Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 on Zoom.  793-369-0703  Glory.  

This week we will be covering new material.  As our time together on Zoom is limited, I will be assigning videos and/or activities which will enhance and supplement learning.  Schoology will be used for assignments.  Parents:  I will instruct your child and provide him or her with additional learning assignments.  Although they won’t be graded, the assignments need to be completed so students can learn the curriculum and make the most of our time together on Zoom.  I may offer an additional, optional class meeting weekly if I feel we need more time together.  

This week:

Math– Measurement, length, US customary (inches, feet, yards, miles)  Choosing proper unit, estimating length/distance, converting.  Assigments will be given in Schoology (courses, math)

Students will need to study and memorize the following:

1 ft. = 12 in.      3 ft. = 1 yd.      1 mile = 5280 feet, 1760 yards  Can you use this information to determine how many inches are in 1 yard?  How many inches are inn 5 feet? etc.

Next week students will use a ruler to measure to the nearest 1/8 inch.

Reading:  making inferences (reading between the lines)  Assignments will be communicated in Schoology (courses, Reading).

Edflix Link:  http://blogs.henrico.k12.va.us/hlp/virtual-learning/






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School picture ordering info

We wanted to provide you with instructions on how to purchase your child’s speculation package through our online system. Currently, Strawbridge is offering a one time, special offer to purchase your entire speculation package for just $22!

 To order your pictures online, please follow these steps:

 1) 1. Go to Strawbridge.net

2) ​2. Click Order Pictures and Yearbooks

3) 3. Enter in your unique code where it says

4) 4. Complete the step by step instructions to complete your order.


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HCPS Edflix link

Our class meetings will happen each Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 – 11:45 am. on Zoom.  The code will be sent shortly before each meeting.

Here is the link to the HCPS “Edflix”


Stay safe!  See you soon!

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March 9-13

Image result for school picture day clipart images

School pictures Wed. 3/11.  The whole-class picture is $9.00 and needs to be paid in advance.  Individual pictures will also be taken.

Save your TP and paper towel cardboard tubes for the Art teacher.

The SCA is assembling care packets for the Ronald McDonald house.  Donations of coloring books, crayons, markers, other misc. inexpensive items would be greatly appreciated.  No food items please.

Heads up:  We are low on our class supply of notebook paper.  If you see any on sale I would appreciate donations.  Also, some students have misplaced their scissors, and my loaners have disappeared.  Ask your child if they need a new pair.  

Career Day is Friday.

Here’s what we are studying:

Math: Geometry (plane – lines, polygons and quadrilaterals & solids.)  Possible quiz Friday.  math Morning work quiz week 22 on Wed. 3/11. 

Vocab:  Quiz on Word Trek week 4 on Tues. 3/10.  Week 5 words will be introduced:  chaperone, chronic, clamor, clarity, coincidence, companion, concentrate, concoct, concur, congregate.  Quiz Tues. 3/24.

Va. Studies:  begin Civil War.  vocab quiz Fri 3/13

Reading:  comparing and contrasting.  Read “There Were Giants” from Storyworks.  Possible quiz Fri. 3/13.  Figurative language.

Important Dates:

Tues. 3/10:  Young Scientists Electricity lesson, Word Trek week 4 quiz

Wed. 3/11:  School pictures, Math morning work week 22 quiz

Fri. 3/13:  Career Day.  VS vocab quiz, possible Geometry quiz and/or Storyworks Reading quiz

Mon 3/30:  1/2 day 

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March 4-6

Image result for field trip clip artI can’t wait to see all of the Biography Bottles tomorrow!  

No quizzes or tests this week.

St. John’s Church field trip is Friday, 3/6.  Here’s what you need to know:  Leave school on school bus 10:00 am, return 12:00 to eat lunch in classroom.  There is no gift shop, so please don’t send any money.  No electronics.  Wear green class t-shirt.  Thank you Max and Gemma’s moms for being chaperones.

What’s happening at school?

Math:  Geometry.  Lines, angles, polygons, quadrilaterals.

Vocab:  Word Trek week 4 quiz Tues. 3/10

Science:  Finish Force & Motion.

VS:  Begin Civil War Unit

Reading:  Comparing and Contrasting.  Storyworks:  Read “There Were Giants”.

Important Dates:

Wed. 3/4  Biography Bottle projects due, wear “Wacky” clothes for Read Across America

Thurs. 3/5:  Wear tshirt from a place you’ve visited or would like to visit for Read Across America

Fri. 3/6:  St. John’s Church field trip, dress up as favorite Dr. Seuss character for Read Across America

Tues. 3/10:  Word Trek week 4 quiz, Young Scientists visit

Wed. 3/11:  Picture Day – class and individual spring pictures

March 30:  1/2 day of school

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Feb 24-28


The kids (and I ) were disappointed that we didn’t get our snow day last week.  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.  Heritage Night is this Thursday from 6-8 pm.  I hope to see you there!  Here’s what’s happening at school this week:

Math:  Quiz Mon. 2/24 on last week’s Morning Work.  Fractions test Wed.  Monday night’s homework will have questions similar to the test.  Note any areas of difficulty and we will work on them Tuesday in Math and PIE time.  Next unit:  Geometry

Reading:  Poetry.  We’ll explore and identify rhyme, rhythm, figurative language, sensory language, main idea, inferring and author’s  purpose as we read a variety or poems.  We’ll write our own Haiku.  Tet Friday.

Vocab/Spelling:  Quiz Tues on Word Trek week 3.  New words will be introduced Wed.  Week 4 words:  browse, buoyant, calamity, candid, candidate, canopy, cantankerous, ceaseless, century, certify.  These are difficult words – so we will focus on them for 2 weeks.  Quiz 3/10.

Science:  Force and Motion.  Vocab Quiz Thurs. 2/27, Test week of March 2.

Important dates:

Mon. 2/24:  Math Quiz on week 21 morning work

Tues. 2/25:  Word Trek quiz week 3 words

Thurs. 2/27:  Family Life 8:30 – 9:30, Science vocab quiz, Heritage night 6-8 pm

Fri. 2/28:  Poetry Test

March 3:  No school

March 4:  Biography Bottle Projects due

Fri Mar. 6:  St. John’s Church field trip.  Wear green shirt.  


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