October 15-19


I hope everyone enjoyed the surprise long weekend!  Did anyone lose power?

Here is what we are working on this week, and some dates have been adjusted:

Reading:  Continue with finding the Main Idea and supporting details in non-fiction.  Students will be allowed plenty of time to complete last week’s reading packet.  A short packet may be assigned this week, still focusing on Main Idea.  Cold Read test moved to Thursday.

Writing:  Subject, verb agreement

Math:  Place Value test Monday 10/15.  Next unit of study: Decimal place value to the thousandths

VS:  Indians test Mon. 10/15.  Students worked on shoe box clay regions project for 2 days at school. Many  were finished.  They were sent home Thursday with a list of the requirements, so they could be looked over and finalized.  Projects need to be returned to school on Monday 10/15 for a project grade.

Science:  Scientific Investigation, Weather

Important Dates:

I will pass along the new dates for Donuts for Dads and for class pictures when I know.

Mon. 10/15:  Vs Indians test, shoe box projects due, Place Value test

Thurs. 10/18:  Cold Read test

Friday 10/19:  Vocab Quiz  (16 prefixes)




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October 9-12


I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  Here is what we will be learning this week in 4th grade:

Reading:  Main Idea in non-fiction.  Reading quiz Thurs. on “Brave Chicken” story from Storyworks magazine.  Cold Read test Fri.

Vocab/spelling:  focus on prefixes.  16 new words:  nonfat. nonsense, nonfiction, nonverbal, nonprofit, unhappy, unbutton, uneasy, uncover, unbuckle, unequal, dismay, disable, disagree, disgrace, disappoint.  Vocab: (know the meaning)  disgrace, dismay, uneasy, nonfiction, nonsense  

Math:  Rounding numbers to the millions.  Test coming soon on all of place value.  Decimal place value is the next unit of study.

VS:  Finish Indians.  Test Fri.  Work on Regions (shoe box clay project).

Science:  Scientific Method

Dates to Note:

Mon. 10/8:  No school for students

Tues. 10/9:  Chipotle Spirit Night! 4pm -9pm

Wed. 10/10:  Fire Safety homework due

Thurs. 10/11:  Young Scientists, Reading Quiz on Brave Chicken

Fri. 10/12:  Donuts with Dads, Cold Read reading test, Indians Test, Picture day


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October 1-5


Can it be October already!?

Congratulations to our SCA Reps..Adiisyn and Promit!  They will represent our class wonderfully and keep us informed about school events.

Please note:   When students turn in an assignment to be graded…if there is a word bank…spell words correctly!  Points will be deducted in the future!

What are we learning this week?

Reading:  Finding the main idea in fiction.

Writing:  avoiding double negatives

Vocab:  homophones from last week.  (We needed more time).  Quiz date Mon. 10/8.

Math:  comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers to the millions

VS:  Va Indian tribes, language groups.  Quiz end of week.  Unit test forthcoming.

Have a safe week!




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September 24-28, 2018


Hello everyone.  I can’t wait to tell the kids tomorrow about a crazy experience on my kayak yesterday.  Boy do I have a story to tell.  Hint…I may need to replace my phone!

MAPS testing this week.  Reading on Monday morning and Math on Tuesday.

Here is what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Summarizing fiction using SWBST method (somebody wanted but so then).  Cold read test Fri.

Writing:  review subject & predicates, sentence fragments and run on sentences,

Vocab:  homophones:  witch, which, whole, hole, peddle, petal, whether, weather, steel, steal, plain, plane, bare, bear, knight,night, piece, peace, flower, flour.  Quiz Mon. 10/1

Math:  Place value to the millions, expanded and written form, comparing, rounding and ordering

VS:  5 regions of Va.  Quiz Thurs or Fri

DATES to remember:

Mon. 9/24:  MAPS reading

Tues. 9/25:  New family coffee in cafeteria, MAPS Math

Mon. 10/1:  Vocab Quiz

Oct. 4:  gifted Identification process meeting 6-7 pm in cafeteria

I hope I haven’t left anything out.  Have a fantastic week!!!


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Sept. 17-21

Image result for september clip art

Did you enjoy the “hurri-cation?”

Important Dates:

Mon 9/17:  Reading/vocab quiz on Lou Gehrig biography

Tues 9/18:  VS quiz: bordering states, bodies of water on a map

Wed. 9/19:  half day for students.  Dismissal begins 3 hrs. earlier.  Lunch will be available

Thurs. 9/20:  BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT, 6:15 pm!  I look forward to seeing you!  

Fri. 9/21:  Math test…graphing , in class graphing projects are due

Mon. 9/24:  Maps testing – Reading

Tues. 9/25:  Maps testing – Math


What are we learning this week?

Reading:  While I continue to administer F&P reading tests, students will read independently and complete reading/vocab activities.  Reading Skill:  summarizing fiction SWBTS method

Vocab:  20 homophones.  Test on Friday

Math:  Graphing.  Bar and line graphs.  (In addition to reading graphs, students need to know when to use a Bar Graph vs Line Graph.  (categories vs change over time).  Under my guidance, students will collect data from family, classmates, and create a graph.  I will assist students in class.  No at home help needed.  Counts as a Quiz grade Fri.

VS:  Quiz Tues. on bordering states and bodies of water.  Next:  the 5 regions of Va.  NEXT WEEK… will need some parent volunteers for an in-class activity.  


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September 10-14, 2018



Hi everyone.  Welcome to my blog.  I strive to have it updated before each new week at school.  Week #1 went well – we focused mostly on getting to know each other, rules, and procedures.  Here is what we will be learning this week as well as a list of important dates:

Reading:  I will be administering the Fountas & Pinnel (F&P) reading assessments this week.  Students will read the biography entitled “Lou Gehrig – The Luckiest Man Alive” from the reading textbook, and complete classwork independently based on the story.  Reading & vocab quiz on Friday.  Students will take the book home nightly and read from the story for at least 20 minutes.  Rereading builds fluency and will help students be better prepared for the test.  Here is a link that will assist with studying the vocabulary words:   


Math:  Graphing – reading and interpreting bar graphs and line graphs.  Possible test on Friday.

V.S.:  Geography.  Vocabulary quiz Tues.  Students will learn to name and locate the 5 states that border Virginia, name and locate Va.’s 4 main rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.  Possible geography quiz Thurs.

Important dates:

Tues. 9/10:  Geography terms quiz

Thurs. 9/13:  possible VS quiz on Va’s bordering states and bodies of water

Fri. 9/14:  Reading/vocab quiz.  Possible Math test

Sept. 19:  1/2 day of school for students

Sept. 20:  Back to School Night

Things to note: 

please do not send in any food that contains nuts.  We have a peanut and tree nut allergy in our class.

Please purchase the VS weekly magazine if you have not done so already. 

I have a “store” on Fridays where students can spend their Dojo points for prizes.  Any donations of small toys, pencils, etc. would be appreciated.


Have a super week!!



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First Day of School

The first day of school was a success!  We spent time getting to know each other and organized our supplies.


IMPORTANT:  Students brought home a form to sign up for Class Dojo today.  Please take a few minutes to sign up ASAP.  This is my main form of communication.  THANKS!!!

Please complete and send back all forms ASAP, or complete them online.

We have a peanut and tree nut allergy in class, so make sure any snacks you send in do not contain these.


I look forward to hearing from you soon on Dojo!


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Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  I am excited about the upcoming year, and I am looking forward to meeting all the new 4th graders!

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SOLs are Finished!!!!



SOL testing in over, Thank Goodness!  There are many special activities coming up…see below.

What are we learning?

We now have time to focus on Science.  This week we’ll learn about Electricity and Magnetism, and we will build circuits.  I chose an awful time for Project Moon Watch, as there have been so many clouds in the sky.  Use the internet to update any evenings the moon is not visible, and turn in the completed sheet on June 5 for a Quiz grade.

Math:  Ordered pairs, Area and Perimeter, Geometry review

Word Trek:  Week 20 (final one).  Last Quiz on June 5.

Important Dates:

Friday, June 1:  FIELD DAY!!!!!  Crossing fingers for a nice day!

June 5:  Word Trek Quiz, Project Moon Watch due.

Thurs. 6/7:  4th grade Book Celebration!!!!!

Friday, June 8:  Yearbooks distributed, PTA Fun Run 6:15 pm , followed by Cub Celebration (details to follow)

Mon., June 11:  5th grade Wax Museum.  Bring extra change to donate to the American Red Cross.

Thurs. 6/14:  5th grade graduation.

Fri. 6/15:  Last Day of school!  Report cards will be sent home with students.

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CRAZY amount of rain recently!  Due to last Friday’s “rain day”, our Va. Studies SOL has been moved to Friday, May 25. 

THANK you for making me feel so loved and appreciated during Teacher Appreciation Week recently!  I have such a thoughtful class!

Please return the permission slip to watch a PG/PG13 movie if you haven’t already done so.  Remember – this is not required.

What’s happening at school?  

Va. Studies:  T-shirts due Tues 5/22.  Please wear the shirt to school.  You can leave it on all day or change after it has been graded.  Review, review, review for the SOL on Friday.  Please click on the “links to websites” tab for fun review games and interactive activities.

Science:  Project Moon Watch was sent home today (5/21).  Please read and let me know if you have any questions.  The paper will be due on June 5 and counts as a quiz.  We will begin to study Electricity and Magnetism.  We are in need of some batteries, size C or D.  We can just “borrow” them for an activity on Friday or early the following week.  Write your name on it and it will be returned to you.

Reading, Writing, English:  Word Trek week 20 words were distributed today.  This is the LAST one we will complete this year.  Quiz on 6/5.  word parts:  man(u)=hand, mar(e) = sea.  10 words:  magazine, magnanimous, magnate, magnificent, manipulate, manual, manuscript, marathon, marine, masquerade.  

End of Year F&P reading tests will be given.

Math:  review

Important dates to remember:  5/22 T-shirts due

5/25:  Va. Studies SOL

Mon. 5/28:  No School – Memorial Day holiday

Tues. 5/29:  Book Celebration responses due, Young Scientists (rescheduled)

June 1:  Field Day

June 5:  Project Moonwatch due, Word Trek quiz week 20


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