April 23-27

animated-book-image-0010  Book Reports Due Wed. 4/25

What’s happening at school this week?

Math:  Elapsed Time, Quiz Wed or Thurs, then Geometry. (We skimmed over these topics before MAPS, but need to go into more detail).

Reading/Writing:  Kids will write and mail a friendly letter this week.  Please see the note that is being sent home – we will need an address and postage.  Thanks!

Reading:  Text features.  Cold Read Friday.  Word Trek week 17., Quiz May 1.

Book Reports due Wed. 4/25 (These are the last ones!)  Please pay close attention to the requirements for each area (written, oral and visual).  Wed. is also Administrative Professionals Day, feel free to show appreciation to Mrs. Kelmar and Mrs. Jones in the office.

Va. Studies:  Reconstruction – Test early next week.  Keep up with the Blue Book review.  pgs. 10-1st 1/2 of 22 due Friday.  Parents, please sign the paper. Thanks!

THANKS to everyone who sent in items for the recent ice cream measurement activity!  It was loud, messy, and fun!

Report cards will be sent home April 30.  

Flying Squirrels “Go Nuts for Reading” tickets were sent home last week.  The game date is May 1st.


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April 16-20, 2018


Thanks everyone for donating items for our ice cream/measurement activity.  We will complete this on Tues. 4/17.  Because of MAPS testing, the 1/2 day and Career Day, our focus this week will be on Math (elapsed time and geometry) and Va. Studies (Reconstruction).

Many things are happening this week at school, so be sure to read below and mark your calendar!


What are we learning?

MATH:  We are right on schedule with pacing, but I will attempt to quickly teach some geometry before MAPS testing.  We will continue with geometry and cover it in more detail after the MAPS test.  

VA. STUDIES:  Reconstruction after the Civil War.  IMPORTANT!:  A blue workbook will be sent home Tues. 4/17 with a letter of explanation.  It will be used as a review for the Va. Studies SOL test.  Do NOT lose this booklet!  It will be collected every Friday for a grade, and quizzes will also be given on the assigned sections.  

READING/WRITING/LANGUAGE:  This week’s focus will be on Math and Virginia Studies due to limited classroom time.  However, continue to read for the Reading Celebration and the last Book Report due 4/25.  New Word Trek words will be distributed on Wed.   Word Trek lesson 17 words:  word parts:  –credi–=believe,  –sign–= mark.  10 new words:  inaugurate, incredible, indulge, infuriate, insignia, intoxicated, intricate, jargon, jaunt, jovial    Quiz 4/30

Important Dates:

Mon 4/16:  Reading MAPS

Tues. 4/17:  Young Scientists, Word Trek quiz week 17, VS Test Civil War

Wed. 4/18:  Spirit Night, Buffalo Wild Wings on Pouncey Tract, 5-9 pm

Thurs 4/19:  Math MAPS test

Fri. 4/20:  TURN IN VS. REVIEW BOOKLET.  Career Day 1st half of day, possible Cold Read reading test

Mon. 4/23:  Spring Pictures

Wed. 4/25:  Book Reports due.  LAST ONE!!!  

Mon. 4/30:  Report Cards go home.  Word Trek quiz Week 17

SOL TEST DATES:  Reading in 2 parts Fri. May 11 and Mon. May 14,   Math in 2 parts:  Thurs. 5/17 and Fri. 5/18, Va. Studies:  Thurs. May 24

Have a spectacular week and enjoy this warmer weather.


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April 9-13, 2018

Image result for spring snow cartoon

Brrr!  There is snow on the ground as I am writing this!!??  CRAZY!!!!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Spring Break.  I enjoyed my “stay-cation”.  I hiked up a mountain to the top of Crabtree Falls, and have developed an interest in bird watching.

MAPS testing is coming next week.  Here is a link to released SOL tests which are excellent tools for practice/preparation:


Week at a glance/Important Dates:

Math:  We will learn metric units for measurement and how to convert within the metric system.  Unit test on ALL of Measurement Friday 4/13.

Reading/Language:  Review of comprehension skills and MAP test preparation.  Possible Word Trek week 15 Quiz on TUES 4/17.  Last Book report due 4/25.  

VS:  Finish Civil War.  test on Tues. 4/17

Important Dates:

Thurs. 4/12:  Open notebook VS Quiz

Fri. 4/13:  Measurement Test, end of Q3

Mon. 4/16:  1/2 day for students, MAPS Reading Test

Tues. 4/17:  Young Scientists, VS Civil War test, Word Trek quiz week 15

Thurs. 4/19:  Math MAPS test

Fri. 4/20:  Career Day, morning assembly

Mon. 4/23:  Spring Pictures

Wed. 4/25:  Book Reports due

Mon. 4/20:  Q3 Report Cards sent home



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SPRING BREAK!!! March 26-30

animated-spring-image-0018Students were allowed to take their recorders home.  PLEASE remember to bring them back to school each Thursday for Music class.  Mark your calendars for the 4th grade chorus and recorder concert on Fri. May 4.

Welcome to Blue Devil, our new Beta Fish!  Let me know if you would like to care for him over Spring Break.

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math:  Measurement.  Quiz Fri 3/30 on all US Customary measurements and conversions.

Reading/Language:  Review of Main Idea and Supporting Details.  Work Trek week 16.  Quiz April 16.  Word parts:  il–, in–, im– = not, –port = carry.  10 new words:  ideal, illiterate, illogical, illusion, immense, impartial, impede, import, inadequate, inaudible.  Possible Cold Read test Friday.

Va. Studies:  Civil War, Fort Sumter, creation of West Virginia, First Battle of Bull Run.

Enjoy Spring Break, April 2-6.  Be safe, relax and have fun!


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March 19-23

HCPS Arts Festival.  Come see artwork from students from all over Henrico County Saturday, March 24 10-4 pm and Sunday, March 25 10-4 pm.  Douglas Freeman High School.

We  have a new, dark blue, male Beta fish!

Here is what we are learning this week:  

Math:  Measurement, US Customary and metric.  Quiz Thurs or Friday.

Science:  Force and Motion test Thurs. 3/22

Va. Studies:  Civil War.  Vocabulary quiz Tues. 3/20.

Reading, Writing, Language:  Word Trek week 15 (see last week’s post for the list of words.)  Quiz Mon. 3/26.  Book Reports due Tues. 3/27.    Poetry and sensory language, dictionary skills

Spring Break:  April 2-6  

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March 12-16


What are we learning this week at school?

Reading/Writing/English:  Figurative language: Similes, Metaphors and Onomatopoeia.  Word Trek Week 15:  word parts: grati–=pleasing, herb–=plant, -nym- and -nom-=name  Ten words:  gratitude, grueling, hapless, hazardous, herbivorous, hibernate, homely, homonym, humane, hysterical.  Quiz Mon, 3/26.  Book Reports due Tues. March 27.  In with the reading packet – students will write a story incorporating onomatopoei

Math:  Measurement.  Length in US Customary units (inches, feet, yards, miles).  Measuring to the nearest 16th of an inch, converting between units of length.  In this unit we will also study US customary units of measurement for capacity and weight.  We will then learn the metric units of measurement for length, capacity and weight, and learn to convert within the metric system.

Science:  Finish up Force and Motion, then begin the Civil War in Va. Studies

Dates to remember:  

Tues. 3/13:  Spirit Night at California Pizza Kitchen

Force and Motion test later this week…Thurs or Friday

March 26:  Word Trek quiz week 15

March 27:  Book Reports due

Have a fantastic week!!

April 2-6:  Spring Break!!

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March 5-9

Friday was a crazy day!  We began without electricity, and had many other activities throughout the day.  Needless to say, students need more time to finish their Math tests and Reading packets.  Time will be allowed on Monday.

What’s happening at school?

It’s Arts and Music Week, and that means more fun dress-up days!  Mon. wear cool colors (blues and certain greens and purples).  Tues:  Primary colors, Wed.  Secondary colors: purple, green, orange, Thurs: wear clothes with shapes, Friday: clothes with patterns.

Reminder!  Book Reports are due March 27.  Keep Reading for the Book Celebration.

Math:  Finish Fractions test Mon., then begin Patterns & Functions SOL 4.15.  Quiz Friday

Science:  Force, Motion & Energy.   See link for information about the Paper Airplane Project!

Reading, Language, Writing:  Cause and Effect, Word Trek week 14, (see previous post for words and word parts) Word Trek QUIZ Mon. 3/12 , Writing:  Personal Narrative.

Here is a note from the PTA:

Colonial Trail Families:
It’s a Great Day for Pizza at Colonial Trail Elementary! Wouldn’t it be great to raise money for our school by doing something we enjoy? How about eating pizza? Everyone loves pizza and Papa John’s is offering FREE product offers with their fundraising cards, at a family friendly price.
For many years Papa John’s has helped schools, just like ours around the Richmond area, raise money with Fundraiser cards, Dollars for Dough or spirit nights and Teacher Delivery Nights. Papa John’s goal is to partner with schools and non-profit organizations to build a better community for all. Papa John’s Pizza is committed to help us meet our fundraising needs to enrich the educational opportunities for our children and give teachers access to the supplies, books and technology necessary to provide the best educational environment possible for every child.
We have 2 choices of cards to sell:
• $10 Card – worth over $120 in FREE product offers at Papa John’s. Valid until 12/31/18 at all 18 Richmond area and 27 Hampton Road locations. Usable for online delivery and carryout !
• $15 Card – Worth over $240! Buy One Get One FREE card. Receive a FREE Large pizza every time you order 1 Large pizza at menu price. There are 16 BOGO coupons on the card! Valid until 12/31/18 at all 18 Richmond area Papa John’s restaurants. Online use only.
The fundraiser starts Tuesday, March 6th and ends Tuesday, March 20th. That’s only 2 weeks to take orders, make yours today! Our school will receive up to 70% of the proceeds. Wow! The classroom with the highest number of cards ordered wins a PIZZA PARTY for their class.
ORDERS CAN BE PLACED ONLINE ONLY by credit card at: www.pjrva.com/promocards
Select Colonial Trail from the drop-down menu on the website and proceed with your order. Please include your child’s first and last name and his/her teacher’s name in the comments section when ordering so that the cards can be delivered properly to the school. If you would like a family friend or neighbor to purchase a card too, they must use the website and type in your child’s name and teacher. The cards will be delivered to school and then you may distribute the cards to those friends and neighbors.

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February 26 – March 2, 2018

Image result for March in like a lion

Wow, it’s hard to believe February is almost over!  Students were very well-behaved on the recent field trip – way to go!  We ave almost completed our compliment chain.  When this happens, I will make a “slime cake” for the class and we will vote on an additional celebration.

Here is what is happening in 4th grade this week:

Wed. 2/28:  VS test on “A New Nation”, which includes important Founding Fathers from Virginia and important documents, expanding westward.

Thurs/ 3/1:  1/2 day for students

Friday, 3/2:  Fractions Unit test

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, theses fun events are scheduled:  Tues 2/27 wear a shirt you can read, Wed. wear green, Thurs. wear animal print, Friday dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character.

What are we learning?

Math:  Finish fractions unit, test Friday.  Next:  patterns

Science:  Force and Motion

Reading, Writing:  Cause and Effect relationships, in-class writing of Personal Narrative, Word Trek week 14 words:  word parts:  geo = earth, graph = write/written/drawn       10 words:  genuine, geography, ghastly, giddy, glaring, glisten, gorge, gracious, graphic, grapple    Quiz Mon. March 12



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Feb. 19-23

Thanks for turning in the Biography Bottle project on time!  Please come to the Social Studies Showcase if you can on Wed. 2/21.  First graders will perform at 5:45, then parents to classrooms to see Social Studies activities.  Our Biography Bottles will be on display, and students who are present at 6:30 can participate in an “Action Story” in the classroom.

Reminder:  Field Trip to St. John’s Church Wed. 2/21.  We will leave school at 9:30 and return before lunch.  Wear your purple t-shirt.

Several students have not been writing homework in their agendas.  Even though I post a picture on Dojo, students are expected to write homework down each day.  You may want to compare your \child’s agenda to the photo. 

Here is what we are learning this week:

Math:  Fractions – improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa, finding the GCF, simplifying fractions using GCF, Finding the Least Common Multiple and using the LCM to find a common denominator.  Possible Quiz Friday.

V.S.:  Founding Fathers from Virginia, important documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Va. Declaration of Rights, Va. Statute of Religious Freedom, Quiz next week

Reading:  No reading “packet” this week due to testing schedule on Mon and Tues.  Possible Cold Read on Friday.  Writing:  Continued work on Personal Narratives.  Word Study:  Week 13 quiz Monday 2/26.


Have a super week!




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Feb. 12-16, 2018


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Parents: I know this seems early, but you may need to take time off from work.  Students are already practicing for their chorus/recorder concert on Friday. May 4 at 1:45 pm. in the gym.  This will be the only performance.

Some students have been found playing with little toys in class.  Toys need to stay at home.  Thanks.  

Here’s what is in store for this week:

Gia has received the OK to return to school for a few days this week!  Fundraiser for her family on Tues. 2/13 4-10 pm.  

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday.  Please see information sent home last week (no party, OK to bring Valentines but include everyone, etc.).  Book Buddies in the afternoon.

Permission slips were sent home Friday about the St. John’s Church field trip on 2/21.  Please return with $8.00.  (If you are able to pay online, that would be helpful.  Otherwise send in a check or cash in the EXACT AMOUNT.)  Thanks!

Math:  Brief time on probability, then begin adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  We will review as often as we can for the upcoming Benchmark.  Homework will include new skills and Benchmark review for our Math test next week.  Possible quiz later in week.

Reading/Writing:  finding evidence in text, review of skills such as author’s purpose, main idea, context clues, making inferences.  Writing:  Students will begin an in-school endeavor of writing a personal narrative.  We will go through the writing process methodically.  This will take about two weeks and should result in a piece of writing students should be proud of. 

Word Trek:  Week 13 (skipped week 12.)  Quiz on Feb. 26.  Lesson 13 word parts:  –frag–= to break, –funct–=perform, gen–=born, kin, produce   10 words:  fictitious, finicky, flabbergasted, flourish, fragile, frigid, functional, gala, gallant, generation

Va. Studies:  Test Tues. 2/13 on American Revolution,  Begin unit in A New Nation.  Bottle Biographies due 2/19.  Field trip 2/21 to St. John’s Church to see a reenactment of Patrick Henry’s speech, Feb. 21 also Social Studies Showcase.  Biography Bottles on display, students who are present at 6pm can participate in a Reader’s Theater or an Action Story.

Important dates:  

Mon. 2/12:  Report Cards sent home, Word Trek Week 11 Quiz

Tues. 2/13:  American Revolution Test, Fundraiser for the Dietsch family Pie Five Pizza, 4-10 pm

Wed. 2/14:  Valentine’s Day

Fri. 2/16:  Young Scientists visit, chorus practice

Mon. 2/19:  Math Benchmark test Part 1, Biography Bottles due (including written portion)

Tues. 2/20:  Math Benchmark test part 2

Wed. 2/21:  Field Trip – no need to pack a lunch as we will be back at school before lunchtime.  Social Studies Showcase in the evening.

March 27:  Book Reports Due

Have a wonderful week!



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