Week of 1/14

Dear families,
It has been a great full week of instruction and the students are getting back into school routines. I was sorry to have to leave school early today because we did not get to do the prize box that the students earned this week on Class Dojo. I reassured them that I would make sure we did it first thing in the morning on Monday during morning meeting! The students received their weekly papers and behavior communicator. Please take the time this weekend to look at their assignments and sign and return the communicator to school. As a reminder, there are only two weeks left in the second nine weeks. Third grade policy is seven or fewer marks on the behavior communicator to earn PAW Achievement! For this nine weeks we will be visiting Hermitage High School’s specialty center and participating in a STEM activity.
Next week in Reading we will continue to read fiction and nonfiction, focusing on monitoring for meaning. At the third grade level students are expected to read independently. In class we are working on stamina and ways to make meaning from text with questions, summaries and organizer. In Writing we will continue to focus on writing friendly letters. We will also practice using context clues to help improve meaning. In Math we will continue to learn about telling time to the minute, equivalent periods of time, and elapsed time. This is really hard for some students: try helping them at home by asking them questions like, “If we eat dinner at 6:30 and mom gets home two house earlier, what time did Mom get home?” The students will have a Power test in Math on Friday, January 18. In Social Studies we will learn about the kingdom of Mali. In Science we will review interdependency and animal adaptations.

Upcoming Events:
Friday, Jnauary 18-Math Power Test
Monday, January 21-No School: Martin Luther King Jr., Day
Wed./Thurs. Jan 23/24-Reading Benchmark test
Friday, January 25-End of second nine weeks/PAW Achievement field trip for qualifying students
Monday, January 28-no school for students/Teacher work day
Thursday, February 7-Evening Parent Teacher conferences(sign up genius to come soon)
Thurs./Fri. February 7/8-Math Benchmark tests

Here’s hoping for light snowfall and warm temperatures in the the week to come!

Week of January 7, 2019

Dear families,
I hope that you all made special holiday memories over Winter Break and are ready to approach the 2019 part of your child’s third grade school year with renewed purpose. The students have returned to school and settled into their routines pretty well. I hope that on Monday they are even more on task and focused on their learning!

Thank you to all the families that donated supplies, time, and ideas to make sure our Winter Celebration was such a fun experience for the students. We loved all of the games Mrs. Elder planned and all of the support from Ms. McClannan and Ms. Young who volunteered in the classroom!
Next week in Reading we will be learning about main idea for nonfiction, especially when reading real world text. The students will have a reading power test on Friday, January 11. In Writing we will be sorting words with long and short vowel sounds for i, a, and o. The students will learn how to write a friendly letter. In Social Studies we will complete our unit of study on Greece and Rome. A test is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 11. In Math we will begin a unit on telling time to the minute, equivalent periods of time, and using a thermometer to measure temperature.
Please help your child at home by checking their folders and agendas every night. The students have been instructed to write in their agendas “Read for 20 minutes and record in your agenda” for the entire second nine weeks. Students who read at home for at least twenty minutes nightly as much more successful with learning new vocabulary words and increasing their comprehension. In addition, please make sure that your child is using Moby Max at home. They are assigned lessons in Reading to support our class instruction as well as encouraged to practice fact fluency in Math. As an incentive in class, students who have demonstrated mastery of basic facts for addition, and 50% of subtraction by Monday, January 7 will earn an extra recess here at school.
For the month of January, Capitol Waffle Shop is featuring a special Trevvett menu with six of our students’ creations! Proceeds benefit our school! Treat yourself to breakfast for dinner, or brunch on the weekends!
Upcoming Events:
Friday, January 11- Reading power test, Greece and Rome test (on paper)
Monday, January 21-No School: Martin Luther King Jr., Day
Friday, January 25-End of second nine weeks/PAW Achievement field trip for qualifying students
Monday, January 28-no school for students/Teacher work day
Thursday, February 7-Evening Parent Teacher conferences(sign up genius to come soon)

Week of 12/17

Dear families,
It was wonderful to see the students this week, even if it was only for two days. We got a lot done: completed our unit of study on capacity and volume, as well as finishing our class assessment in Science on interdependency and conservation.
Next week is the last three days of school for 2018! With all of the snow days we have had to adjust some of our plans for the short week to try to get caught up on instruction. In Reading I will be integrating Greece and Rome into our whole group lessons. In writing we will complete poems about winter. In Math we will investigate area and perimeter. On Monday I would like to go ahead with our plan of making apple cinnamon ornaments. Please look over the attached document that describes the materials that we will need. I plan on doing this activity from 9:30-10:30 on Monday and could also use any extra sets of hands!
The attached document was also sent home in your child’s daily folder on Thursday. It includes information about our Winter Celebration on Wednesday, December 19. If you have signed up for a particular item and have a change of plans PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that I can make sure our students have a wonderful Winter party!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, December 17-make ornaments in class
Tuesday, December 18-Math MAPS assessment
Wednesday, December 19-Pajama Day! Winter Celebration 1-2 pm
Thursday, December 20-Wednesday, January 2-Winter Break
Thursday, January 3-School resumes for 2019!
Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

Week of 12/10

Dear families,
We have had an exciting week in third grade learning about measurement and reading lots of funny poems! Ask your child which poem they like better, “Sick” or “Help” and why!
Next week in Reading we will continue to learn about main idea and supporting details, focusing on nonfiction. In Writing we will look for ways to edit and revise our writing to make it more interesting for the reader. In math we will practice measuring for volume in the customary and metric systems. We will also begin to measure area and perimeter. In Science we will complete our unit on interdependency and conservation. In Social Studies we will begin to learn about the contributions of ancient Greece and Rome.
Thank you for all of the interest in supporting our three day week of seasonal, fun, learning activities from December 17 to December 19! If you signed up to volunteer through the PTO an email from Mrs. Cronin has already been sent out. The class will also need additional donations of materials to make STEAM projects during the week. Please look for a sign up sheet coming home early next week in your student’s folder.
Upcoming Events:
Friday, December 14- Math MAPS test
Wednesday, December 19-last day of school for 2018/Class party 1-1:50 pm
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 12/3

Dear families,
We had such a fun learning experience at the Science Museum this week! The students loved exploring, learning about simple machines, and watching the IMAX film “Amazon Adventure.”

I was absent from school today, Friday November 30! Students weekly papers and communicator will be in their folder on Monday, as well as their weekly Reading and Math homework. Please remember to return your child’s report card for my documentation, if you have not done so already! In addition to the students nightly written Reading or Math homework, please make sure you are helping them to remember to read for 20 minutes each night and write it in their agendas. In addition the students are assigned test preparation and have appropriate notebooks when necessary. This week the students will not be taking a weekly powertest assessment. Instead on Friday they will take the mid year NWEA Reading test. On Wednesday, December 5 the students will have a quiz in Science on interdependency and conservation. They will have their Science notebooks on Monday and Tuesday to study their study guide.
Next week in Reading we will continue to focus on main idea and details in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The children are becoming very good at telling the difference between a topic and a theme. At home please encourage them to ask questions as they read and think about what main ideas. In Writing we will continue to work on incorporating adjectives, homophones, and commas to give good supporting details. In Math we will begin a unit on measurement. Third graders should be able to estimate and use appropriate units to measure length and volume. Have fun at home with your child practicing measuring and guessing how much a container could hold, or how long an object could be! In Science we will complete our unit of study on natural events and human influences on organisms in an environment.
Our fantastic PTO is sponsoring a holiday waffle supper Wednesday, December 5 at 6 pm! It is only five dollars a person and pictures with Santa will be available. Mark your calendars for a worry free dinner that suppports Trevvett!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, December 3- Graded papers/behavior communicator comes home/ Study Science
Wednesday, December 5-Science quiz/Waffle Supper 6 pm
Friday, December 7-Reading MAPS test
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 11/19

Dear families,
The students have found a lot of enjoyment with our Wall of Gratitude activity. They have been thoughtful and responsible about completing their gratitude sentences during the right time in the school day, and I think we have all learned more about each other through this sharing. My hope is that the children have a deeper appreciation for their blessings as we lead up to celebrating our national holiday, Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for the gift of getting to teach each of the children in my class, and the trust that you have in me to help your child learn and grow.
Next week we will be engaged in learning activities throughout the school day. In reading we will look more deeply at determining the main idea and supporting details in fictional text by reading Cranberry Thanksgiving. In Writing we will plan a story using sequencing words. In Math we will investigate division and
connect it to multiplication using related facts. In Social Studies we will learn about the first Thanksgiving and our national traditions surrounding this holiday.
We are so excited about our upcoming field trip to The Science Museum of Virginia. I have linked their website to this post if you would like to learn more about the museum.
I hope that you and all your family enjoy the Fall Break and celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving!!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 19-1. Last day for Field trip money, 2. Picture Day-all students will have their picture taken for the yearbook! If you are purchasing pictures return your envelope on Monday. There are additional envelopes in the office if you need one!
Tuesday, November 20-Class Awards Assembly 1:10-1:30 pm. Report cards come home.
Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23-Thanksgiving Holiday
Wednesday, November 28-Field trip to Science Museum of Virgnia 9:30-1:30. Please pack a lunch.
Thursday, November 29-Math computer test

Week of 11/12

Dear families,
A huge thank you to those of you who took the time to come and hear about your child’s progress so far this year in third grade! I can’t do my job of teaching your child without your support and having an opportunity to speak with you in person shows your child that we are on the same team!

Next week in Reading we will be learning about problem and solution in fictional text. We will continue to learn about prefixes and suffixes and how that they change the base word that they are added to. The students will have a power test in Reading on Friday, November 16. In Writing we will write narrative stories with sequencing words, in Math we will continue our unit on multiplication and in Social Studies we will finish our unit on ancient Egypt and China with a test on these civilizations on Friday, November 16.
There are lots of special events this coming week. All week long we will be collecting canned food for the Henrico Christmas Mother. On Monday, November 12 students who received a permission slip and returned it by Monday will go to the Henrico Theatre to see a Junie B. Jones play. Chaperones are encouraged however you must have a volunteer form on file. Buses will board at 9:15 so please plan to be at Trevvett no later than 9:05 am if you would like to chaperone this trip. Students cannot attend the trip without a signed permission slip! If you have not signed your child’s permission slip make sure it is signed and returned in their folder on Monday! Thank you.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 12-PAW Achievement 9:15 am
Tuesday, November 13-Veteran’s Day Assembly (only fourth and fifth grade attends: parents welcome)
Friday, November 16-Reading Power test, Social Studies test (paper)
Monday, November 19-Last day to pay for Science Museum of Virginia Field Trip
Tuesday, November 20-Awards assemblies in classrooms, report cards come home
Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23-Thanksgiving Break
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 11/5

Dear families,
As a special activity during the month of November we are creating a class gratitude wall. The students are asked to write one different thing they are grateful for every school day as we we lead up to Thanksgiving. Have your child discuss this activity with you at home and see how many different ways to say that you are grateful!!

Next week in Reading we will be reviewing making predictions, setting a purpose for reading, and learning about comparing and contrasting characters in fiction. In Math we will complete our patterns unit, and begin learning about patterns in multiplication.
In writing we will learn about adjectives, and using commas in our Writing. In Social Studies we will begin a unit on ancient civilizations by comparing the contributions of China and Egypt.
Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day and schools will be closed. I will be holding conferences from 1 pm to 3:45 pm. If our schoolwide conference night on Thursday, November 8 is not convenient for your schedule please respond to this email to meet with me on Tuesday. We are requesting all families to make every effort to attend conferences this Fall.
Permission slips and payment for our field trip to Science Museum of Virginia are due no later than Monday, November 19.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 5- End of first nine weeks
Tuesday, November 6-Election Day/No School for Students/Parent teacher conferences
Thursday, November 8-Parent Teacher conferences
Friday, November 9-Math test
Tuesday, November 20-Classroom Awards Assembly/Report cards come home
Wednesday, Nov. 21-Fri. Nov. 23-Thanksgiving Holiday
Wednesday, Nov. 28-Science Museum Field Trip

Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday!
Have a great weekend!

Week of 10/29

Dear families,
Thank you for your participation in our College and Career Awareness Week! We enjoyed learning more about colleges and jobs, as well as “dressing for success” yesterday!
Next week is going to be a busy one for us! We will be celebrating our fall fundraiser success with an inflatable party on Tuesday, October 30. Students who raised $50.00 in donations will be outside from 12-2 pm. If your child is participating please make sure they wear appropriate clothing to be outside for a long period of time. These students are allowed to wear there Halloween costumes to school on October 30. As we all know the children will be excited about Halloween, and then tired afterwards. Please do not send Halloween candy to school for the students to eat as a snack! I won’t allow them to eat it.
Speaking of dressing for the weather: I will continue to take the students outside for recess as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees. Please make sure your child comes to school with a coat. Thank you!
Next week in Reading we will be comparing fiction and nonfiction, as well as understanding the difference between fact and opinions. We will have a Reading test on Friday, November 2. In Writing we will review suffixes, and practice writing to describe. In Math we will investigate number, geometric, and growing patterns. In Science we will complete our ecosystems projects and finish our unit on ecosystems of the world.
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, November 8 from 3:15 to 6:30 pm. For your convenience I have created a sign up genius for you to use. If evening conferences do not work with your schedule, I will be available for conferences on Tuesday, November 6 from 12-4 pm. Please make every effort to conference with me in person so that I can share important information with you about your child’s progress so far this year in Third grade.
We will be going on our first field trip to the Science Museum of Virginia on Wednesday, November 28! Permission slips will come home on Monday, October 29. Permission slips and $17.00 for the trip is due no later than Monday, November 19. The cost for a chaperone is also $17.00. To volunteer you must have a volunteer application form on file in the office. I will not take permission slips without the fee. Thank you in advance!
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 30- Big Blast Inflatable Party!
Friday, November 2-Reading test
Monday, November 5 through Friday, November 9-Scholastic Book Fair
Tuesday, November 6-Election Day, no school for students
Thursday, November 8-Parent/Teacher conferences 3-6:45 pm
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/22

Dear families,
We have had a wonderful week in Third grade! Thank you for your contributions to our “Witch Hat Recipe” activity. The children enjoyed making a sweet treat in class, and getting to eat it for snack. As a reminder: students are allowed to eat snack during the day. It is a working snack where I continue to teach and they are expected to continue to focus on their learning. Please make sure they bring a snack that they can eat while completing school work.
Next week in Reading we will continue to practice asking and asking questions about what we read. We are focusing on nonfiction text and real world text like flyers and recipes. In writing the students will complete their wild creature selves to be on display in the school hallway. Remember, you can see your child’s work on schoology. In Math we will continue to estimate and find exact answers to word problems, as well as learn how add and subtract four digit numbers. The students have a Math test on Friday, October 26. We will also continue to learn about reference sources, Abc order, and irregular past tense verbs. We will begin a unit in Science on ecosystems and environments. The students will be working in teams to research and present on specific environment that they choose.
Parent teacher conferences are fast approaching!! I have created a sign up genius for your to schedule a conference with me on the afternoon of November 8. I am also available to meet with you on Tuesday, November 6 from 12 pm to 4 pm. Please make every effort to come in for a parent teacher conference to learn more about the progress of your child!
Don’t miss Trevvett Spirit Night at Chipolte and Bruster’s Ice Cream Sunday night! A flyer came home in your child’s folder today!
Please consider participating in Trevvett’s International Night on Tuesday, October 23. We love the diversity and Trevvett and would like to showcase all of the different traditions that our families have from different nations!
Next week will be a very busy one at Trevvett! We will be celebrating College and Career week. On Monday, September 22 the students are allowed to dress up to show a career that they are interested in pursuing as an adult! There is a flyer in your child’s take home folder with more information about each day.
Have a wonderful weekend!