Weeks of 3/16 and 3/23

Dear families,
We have had a great week of learning in room 23! The students have enjoyed reading poetry, writing how to paragraphs, and learning more about fractions and mixed numbers.

I know that we are all very concerned about the educational situation with HCPS closing for two weeks. Today students received a packet of distance learning activities to complete during the extended closure. If your child was absent today I strongly encourage you to come to Trevvett on Monday and pick up your child’s packet. I have also added this resource to your child’s Schoology account in their HOMEROOM course. Attached are the directions for your child to access HCPS’s CLEVER platform.
Students who were present today have books to use to complete the literacy activities. Students should be engaged in reading, writing, and math activities every day to help maintain their learning and work ethic. Moby Max is always a good resource to practice fact fluency and reading comprehension! Please continue to monitor emails from HCPS and Trevvett for important updates.
I truly hope to see everyone’s happy, smiling faces on Monday, March 30. We will provide the students with a half day STEAM simple machines activity, even if March 30 is a full day.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by email or message me on dojo! Remind your student that they can send me messages as well by typing a document in google drive and sharing it to me. I will be working remotely during the next two weeks and will be available during regular instructional time, Monday thru Friday.
Keep reading, keep healthy, be safe!

week of 3/9

Dear families,
We had a great week of learning in third grade! The students have shown so much growth in their literacy abilities! They wrote wonderful fictional stories and on Thursday they rocked their mid-nine weeks’ reading test!
On Thursday a permission slip came home for our field trip to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, VA on Wednesday, April 1. We will be leaving Trevvett at 7:45 am and returning at 4 pm. We are travelling by charter bus using James River Transportation. The cost of this trip is $44 dollars due to having to hire the charter buses. We are excited to provide the third graders this opportunity to see Virginia’s natural diversity in person!
Next week in reading we will complete a unit on fiction where we have been reviewing narrative elements, making predictions, and analyzing characters. In writing we will review synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. We will read and write functional text and practice writing to persuade. In math we will continue our unit on fractions focusing on number lines, mixed numbers, and comparing fractions. The students will have a third quarter math test on Thursday, March 12. Please look for your child’s math notebook to help them prepare for this test at home by studying their study guides. The test is cumulative so anything that we have learned this year could be on the test. In science we will finish our unit on Earth’s cycles by learning about tides. In social studies we will begin a unit of study learning about the Kingdom of Mali.
The Book Fair is here! Students can shop from 7:20-7:45 am every morning. On Thursday the book fair will be open during our second grader’s PTO performance. Come to the book fair to support Trevvett!
Upcoming Events:
Thursday, March 12-Math quarter 3 assessment
Wednesday, April 1-Living Museum Field Trip
Thursday, April 2-Career Day
Have a great weekend!

Updates for the week of 3/2

Dear families,
February was a challenging month for our students in third grade. They had to adjust to having Mr. Koerner as Mrs. Duffy’s substitute and also my absence last week. I am proud of all our Tigers and the PAW values that they exhibited in the face of so many changes in their routines. I also wanted to reassure you that your child has continued to work hard and make progress with third grade curriculum.
Having a substitute and a new teacher for a week has given the students an opportunity to develop some behaviors that I will be working very hard to improve over the next few days. Here are a few ways you can help at home:
1-Remind your child that they come to school to learn, not socialize. They should not be talking during instruction or small group independent work times.
2-Students should follow rules for all areas of the school building. These are clearly posted in all areas.
3-Remind your child to listen, ask questions if they need assistance, and consistently do their best work.
4-We are very fortunate in HCPS to have one to one Chromebooks to use for educational purposes. Students who misuse their laptops will lose their privilege for 2 days for the first offense and a week when they choose to misuse them for the second time.
Students should only be using assigned activities on their Chromebooks.
We are celebrating Read Across America all week! Wednesday is Wacky Tacky Day, Thursday is red fish, blue fish (wear red or blue), and Friday is dress to impress. Thanks to the students who wore their hats on Monday!
Upcoming Events:
Thursday, March 5-Reading test Q3 4.5 weeks test. On Wednesday the children will have their reading notebooks. Please ask them to study their study guides in their notebook at home tomorrow evening.
March 9-12-Scholastic Book Fair is coming!
Friday, March 13-Math test Q3 4.5 weeks test
Have a great week!

Weeks of 1/24 & 3/2

Dear families,
We have had a fabulous week of learning in third grade! On Monday for STEAM Day we explored our human impact on the global water supply, then designed, built, and tested our own water saving devices!

For the last two weeks we have been learning about money in Math. On Wednesday we will have a test on counting sets of coins up to $5.00, comparing sets of coins, and making change from $5.00. Please study your child’s study guide in their math notebook on Monday and Tuesday to help them prepare for their test. When we complete our unit on money on Wednesday we will move on in math to study fractions. In third grade students will learn about mixed numbers and improper fractions, and add and subtract fractions with like denominators.
In reading we will continue to learn about different types of functional text. We will investigate an author’s purpose for writing, and complete our own fictional stories. In science we will learn about earth’s cycles and patterns including day and night, seasons, phases of the moon, and tides. This is a great time to get outside and watch the moon with your child!
We are halfway through the third nine weeks of third grade. During the week of March 2 we will take our reading 4.5 test. It is scheduled for Thursday, March 5. The following week we will take our math 4.5 test. That date will be announced soon.
On Monday we will be celebrating our February Moby Max Munchies winner who have earned 120 minutes of Moby Max practice during the month of February! Keep practicing fact fluency at home!
On Friday, February 28 the students will have a class pizza party to celebrate all of our success with our semester benchmark testing. If your child does not eat pizza please send a note to school and we will provide them with an alternative treat.
I want to make all of you aware that I will be out of the building all of next week, February 24-28. The students are in excellent hands with Mr. Koerner and will have the same substitute all week. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Koerner if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a great weekend!

week 2/17

Dear families,
We have a had a full week of learning experiences this week! The students enjoyed counting coins in math and making a watercycle in a bag in sciencece.

On Thursday we had the great pleasure of visiting Trevvett’s Living Wax Museum presented by our fourth graders. The students learned about so many African American achievers! This is a great program that your child has to look forward to next year!

Next week in reading the students will be learning about all kinds of functional text including: recipes, flyers, and directions. In writing we will continue to learn about adjectives and crafting fictional stories. In math we will continue to learn about counting and comparing coins with a value of $5 or less, and begin to make change. If your child struggles with facts for addition and subtraction now is a great time to solidify this foundational skill by visiting mobymax! Students who practice fact fluency for at least 20 minutes a week in February earn a special prize from Mrs.Broudy and Mrs. Rhoden!
In science we will continue to learn about the water cycle focusing on conservation of water. Our STEAM activity on Monday is a challenge to design a device that will conserve water. We will also learn about other earth pattern

Dear Trevett Parents,
My name is Lathem Koerner, and I will be working with our class while Mrs. Duffy is out on maternity leave. I am starting my career in teaching after completing my master’s in teaching at James Madison. Before that, I worked as a bilingual paralegal in Washington D.C., after studying at William and Mary. I’ve been working in the Henrico school district for this school year and look forward to the chance to get to know your students. I love cooking, and occasionally dabble in baking bread. I look forward to the next few weeks, working in collaboration with Ms. Hufnell, students, and parents to achieve our shared learning goals.
Mr. Lathem Koerner
Upcoming events:
Monday, February 17-STEAM Day/student dismissal 10:50.

week of 2/10

Dear families,
We have had a busy week of math review and testing this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday they participated in a fun math “boot camp” earning stickers and skittles) for their hard work in review stations.
I am so proud of all the children and the improvement they demonstrated when showing their math thinking. They worked hard and tried their best over two days of testing!
Next week reading we will be learning about drawing conclusions in nonfiction text. Sometimes this is hard for children: remind them it is like an “author and me” question where they have to use what they know. In writing we will continue to learn about syllables in larger words and begin writing fictional stories. In math we are beginning a unit on money. In third grade students count and compare sets of coins to $5 and make change from $5. If you have play money at home it is great practice for counting coins, especially combinations great than one dollar. In social studies we will finish our unit on famous Americans by making a video, and begin a unit of study in science on the water cycle.
In the coming week we will continue to collect change for the Pennies for Patients foundation to help children with cancer. Our SCA will be selling flowers for $1 each to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Students can buy a flower to give to a friend or teacher.
Upcoming Events:
Friday, February 14: PAW Achievement on site/Valentine’s party at 1 pm.
Monday, February 17-Presidents Day/STEAM

Week of 2/3

Dear families,
We have had a great first week of the third quarter! The students have been hard at work reviewing all the math concepts we have learned throughout the year. We completed our animal research writing. I look forward to you seeing them in the hall at parent teacher conferences Thursday!
We are so proud of Mrs. Duffy who was honored as the exceptional education teacher of the year at the monthly faculty meeting!

Ms. Capano, our innovations and learning coach, has earrned her National Board Certification and Mrs. Gouldman, kindergarten, is our teacher of the year.
In your child’s yellow folder today there is a paper copy of this link forParent/Teacher conferences on Thursday, February 6. Please sign up for a conference if you haven’t already done so.

On Friday, February 14 we will celebrate school wide with our quarter 2 PAW achievement and also classroom parties that begin at 1 pm. I sent home a paper copy today and here is a digital copy as well.
Valentine’s party/class list
Next week in reading we will continue to compare and contrast fairy tales. In writing we will practice breaking larger words into syllables and begin to plan a fictional writing. In math we will continue our benchmark review before the semester test on Thursday and Friday. The students will continue to bring home their math notebooks to help them prepare. I can tell the students are feeling much more confident in their abilities and I know that this will translate into a great performance on these important tests. In social studies we will continue to study famous americans.
Beginning Monday, February 3 we will begin a school-wide fundraiser called Pennies for Patients. We encourage each child to bring an any amount of change to contribute to this important community service activity.
Upcoming Events:
Thurs./Fri. 2/6 and 2/7-Math semester benchmark
Monday, Feb. 10-report cards come home
Friday, Feb. 14-PAW achievement/Valentine’s Party: 1 pm

week of 1/27

Dear families,
What a fabulous week of learning we have had this week! Mrs. Duffy and I have LOVED having our entire class at school every day. The students worked very hard over the last two days to demonstrate their reading ability on the end of the semester test. Your child’s score will be in powerschool today.
Tuesday is the beginning of the third nine weeks of your child’s third grade year. Students will not have any tests next week!
Next week in reading we will be comparing and contrasting characters, settings, problem and solution using two versions of the familiar fairy tale Cinderella. We will complete our final copies of our animal research projects in writing. Our week in math will be review of what was taught in the first nine weeks to help the students prepare for their semester benchmark on February 6-7. We will review number sense and place value on Tuesday, addition, subtraction, and word problems on Wednesday, patterns and graphing on Thursday, and measurement on Friday. Please support your child at home by reviewing the study guides provided in the notebooks. The students will be bringing home their notebooks every day. In social studies we will learn about the contributions of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, and Cesar Chavez.

Our quarter 3 parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, February 6. Please click on the link to sign up for a time for us to meet and discuss your child’s progress during the first half of third grade.

Mrs. Duffy will be going out on maternity leave the week of February 10th, and will be back before the end of the school year in mid-May. We are fortunate to have a substitute teacher, Mr. Kerner, who has experience teaching third grade, join our classroom in her absence. He has met the students before, and we are excited to be working with him!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, January 27-no school for students/teacher clerical day
Thurs./Fri. Feb. 6/7-Math benchmark
Friday, February 14-PAW Achievement and class Valentine’s Party at 1 pm