Week of 11/12

Dear families,
A huge thank you to those of you who took the time to come and hear about your child’s progress so far this year in third grade! I can’t do my job of teaching your child without your support and having an opportunity to speak with you in person shows your child that we are on the same team!

Next week in Reading we will be learning about problem and solution in fictional text. We will continue to learn about prefixes and suffixes and how that they change the base word that they are added to. The students will have a power test in Reading on Friday, November 16. In Writing we will write narrative stories with sequencing words, in Math we will continue our unit on multiplication and in Social Studies we will finish our unit on ancient Egypt and China with a test on these civilizations on Friday, November 16.
There are lots of special events this coming week. All week long we will be collecting canned food for the Henrico Christmas Mother. On Monday, November 12 students who received a permission slip and returned it by Monday will go to the Henrico Theatre to see a Junie B. Jones play. Chaperones are encouraged however you must have a volunteer form on file. Buses will board at 9:15 so please plan to be at Trevvett no later than 9:05 am if you would like to chaperone this trip. Students cannot attend the trip without a signed permission slip! If you have not signed your child’s permission slip make sure it is signed and returned in their folder on Monday! Thank you.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 12-PAW Achievement 9:15 am
Tuesday, November 13-Veteran’s Day Assembly (only fourth and fifth grade attends: parents welcome)
Friday, November 16-Reading Power test, Social Studies test (paper)
Monday, November 19-Last day to pay for Science Museum of Virginia Field Trip
Tuesday, November 20-Awards assemblies in classrooms, report cards come home
Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23-Thanksgiving Break
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 11/5

Dear families,
As a special activity during the month of November we are creating a class gratitude wall. The students are asked to write one different thing they are grateful for every school day as we we lead up to Thanksgiving. Have your child discuss this activity with you at home and see how many different ways to say that you are grateful!!

Next week in Reading we will be reviewing making predictions, setting a purpose for reading, and learning about comparing and contrasting characters in fiction. In Math we will complete our patterns unit, and begin learning about patterns in multiplication.
In writing we will learn about adjectives, and using commas in our Writing. In Social Studies we will begin a unit on ancient civilizations by comparing the contributions of China and Egypt.
Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day and schools will be closed. I will be holding conferences from 1 pm to 3:45 pm. If our schoolwide conference night on Thursday, November 8 is not convenient for your schedule please respond to this email to meet with me on Tuesday. We are requesting all families to make every effort to attend conferences this Fall.
Permission slips and payment for our field trip to Science Museum of Virginia are due no later than Monday, November 19.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 5- End of first nine weeks
Tuesday, November 6-Election Day/No School for Students/Parent teacher conferences
Thursday, November 8-Parent Teacher conferences
Friday, November 9-Math test
Tuesday, November 20-Classroom Awards Assembly/Report cards come home
Wednesday, Nov. 21-Fri. Nov. 23-Thanksgiving Holiday
Wednesday, Nov. 28-Science Museum Field Trip

Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday!
Have a great weekend!

Week of 10/29

Dear families,
Thank you for your participation in our College and Career Awareness Week! We enjoyed learning more about colleges and jobs, as well as “dressing for success” yesterday!
Next week is going to be a busy one for us! We will be celebrating our fall fundraiser success with an inflatable party on Tuesday, October 30. Students who raised $50.00 in donations will be outside from 12-2 pm. If your child is participating please make sure they wear appropriate clothing to be outside for a long period of time. These students are allowed to wear there Halloween costumes to school on October 30. As we all know the children will be excited about Halloween, and then tired afterwards. Please do not send Halloween candy to school for the students to eat as a snack! I won’t allow them to eat it.
Speaking of dressing for the weather: I will continue to take the students outside for recess as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees. Please make sure your child comes to school with a coat. Thank you!
Next week in Reading we will be comparing fiction and nonfiction, as well as understanding the difference between fact and opinions. We will have a Reading test on Friday, November 2. In Writing we will review suffixes, and practice writing to describe. In Math we will investigate number, geometric, and growing patterns. In Science we will complete our ecosystems projects and finish our unit on ecosystems of the world.
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, November 8 from 3:15 to 6:30 pm. For your convenience I have created a sign up genius for you to use. If evening conferences do not work with your schedule, I will be available for conferences on Tuesday, November 6 from 12-4 pm. Please make every effort to conference with me in person so that I can share important information with you about your child’s progress so far this year in Third grade.
We will be going on our first field trip to the Science Museum of Virginia on Wednesday, November 28! Permission slips will come home on Monday, October 29. Permission slips and $17.00 for the trip is due no later than Monday, November 19. The cost for a chaperone is also $17.00. To volunteer you must have a volunteer application form on file in the office. I will not take permission slips without the fee. Thank you in advance!
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 30- Big Blast Inflatable Party!
Friday, November 2-Reading test
Monday, November 5 through Friday, November 9-Scholastic Book Fair
Tuesday, November 6-Election Day, no school for students
Thursday, November 8-Parent/Teacher conferences 3-6:45 pm
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/22

Dear families,
We have had a wonderful week in Third grade! Thank you for your contributions to our “Witch Hat Recipe” activity. The children enjoyed making a sweet treat in class, and getting to eat it for snack. As a reminder: students are allowed to eat snack during the day. It is a working snack where I continue to teach and they are expected to continue to focus on their learning. Please make sure they bring a snack that they can eat while completing school work.
Next week in Reading we will continue to practice asking and asking questions about what we read. We are focusing on nonfiction text and real world text like flyers and recipes. In writing the students will complete their wild creature selves to be on display in the school hallway. Remember, you can see your child’s work on schoology. In Math we will continue to estimate and find exact answers to word problems, as well as learn how add and subtract four digit numbers. The students have a Math test on Friday, October 26. We will also continue to learn about reference sources, Abc order, and irregular past tense verbs. We will begin a unit in Science on ecosystems and environments. The students will be working in teams to research and present on specific environment that they choose.
Parent teacher conferences are fast approaching!! I have created a sign up genius for your to schedule a conference with me on the afternoon of November 8. I am also available to meet with you on Tuesday, November 6 from 12 pm to 4 pm. Please make every effort to come in for a parent teacher conference to learn more about the progress of your child!
Don’t miss Trevvett Spirit Night at Chipolte and Bruster’s Ice Cream Sunday night! A flyer came home in your child’s folder today!
Please consider participating in Trevvett’s International Night on Tuesday, October 23. We love the diversity and Trevvett and would like to showcase all of the different traditions that our families have from different nations!
Next week will be a very busy one at Trevvett! We will be celebrating College and Career week. On Monday, September 22 the students are allowed to dress up to show a career that they are interested in pursuing as an adult! There is a flyer in your child’s take home folder with more information about each day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/15

Dear Families,
I hope this blog update finds you with power, safe, and dry! I am sorry not to be at school with the students today: three days of school impacts our learning and ability to complete our units of study. We will need to reschedule our place value test next week. Please look for a Remind message with the updated information at the beginning of the week. We will go forward with our witch hat recipe on Monday though!! Thank you for your willingness to contribute the supplies for this fun activity. I can’t wait to make a treat with the students!
Next week in reading we will continue to learn about nonfiction by asking and answering questions about the text. This is such an important comprehension strategy! When you are reading with your child ask them questions at the end of each page to see if they remember what they have read. We will begin using reference sources, starting with dictionary skills. In writing we will continue our paragraphs about the wild creature we created. If you would like to see what your child made please visit schoology. Your child will need to enter their email address: hcps-(their username)@henricostudents.org. In Math we will move on to estimation and computation of whole numbers 9,999 or less. The students really struggle when it comes to word problems. We will have some Math homework next week for them to practice this difficult skill. In Social Studies we will complete our unit on world geography. Please use the long weekend study the world map in your child’s agenda. They will have a quiz on continents, oceans, equator and prime meridian on Tuesday, October 16.
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 16-geography quiz
Rescheduled Place Value Test: TBD: look for remind message Monday!
Monday, October 22-Bully Prevention Posters due
Tuesday, October 23-PTO International Night
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/8

Dear families,
Thank you for support this week with the students’ Animal Relationships project for homework! The posters look fantastic and the students seemed to really enjoy a different type of homework to support their learning.
Speaking of posters; Mrs. Bushey, our school counselor is sponsoring a poster content for Bullying Prevention Month. This is optional, not required. Interested students brought home a form today in their daily folders. This is due October 22.
Next week in Reading we will be moving on to studying nonfiction text features and functional text like recipes, table of contents, and flyers. In Writing we will begin a prompt where the students get to combine two or more animals and describe their creation. In Math we will finish our unit on place value by rounding numbers to the tens, hundreds, and thousand places. The students have a Math test on Friday, October 12. The students enjoyed this comparing numbers website so much in class I am adding the link so that they can use it review for their test at home. In Social Studies we will begin a unit of Geography, reviewing continents, oceans, cardinal directions, and map skills. We will learn intermediate directions and geographical features of each specific continent.
On Friday, October 12 the students will be following a recipe to create “Witch Hat” cookie treats. Look for a permission slip/donation form in their folders on Tuesday!
Parent teacher conferences are rapidly approaching. I am attaching the link to my sign up genius for Thursday, November 8. In addition, if it suits your schedule better please schedule a conference on Tuesday, November 6. I will be available on that day from 8-4 pm. We are encouraging all parents to make every attempt to meet at Trevvett to experience the learning environment while having a conference. Thank you!

Gifted Screening Window

Parent referrals for gifted identification will be accepted beginning October 9 to October 26, 2018. As you consider your decision to refer your child, please be sure to speak with his/her teacher to discuss any gifted qualities being observed in the classroom on a consistent basis. Referrals should be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) to Jennifer Rhoden at jmrhoden1@henrico.k12.va.us during these designated dates. No referrals will be accepted after October 26. Subject line of email should state Gifted Referral, and the email should include student’s first and last name, grade level, teacher, and area of referral (English, Math or Both areas). An email confirmation will be sent within 48 hours. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please call the school.

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 9-PTO Bingo Night at Trevvett
Friday, October 12-Math test Place Value: rounding and comparing numbers
Tuesday, October 23-International Night
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/1

Dear families,
I can’t believe it is October already! We have had a very productive September learning rules, routines, and setting expectations for our classroom community. The students worked hard this week on their Reading and Math MAPS assessments. These computerized tests provided the school with lots of good information about your child’s learning that I will be sharing with you at our Parent Teacher conferences which are scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2018. Conferences begin at 3 pm and run for fifteen minutes. Please sign up for a conference with me using sign up genius. Please let me know if another day or time is more convenient for you!
In Math we will continue to practice place value through the hundred thousands place. We will be comparing, ordering and rounding numbers through 9,999. In Reading we will continue to ask and answer questiosn about what is read, focusing on the correct way to answer questions in compelte sentences. In writing we will be focusing on adding prefixes and suffixes to base words to make new words and determine their meanings. Suffixes make the base word change its spelling and these can be really tricky for students! In Science the students will continue to learn about animals and their habitats by investigating food chains and food webs. The students will have a project that comes home on Monday and is due on Friday. This is their only written homework for the week. It will be a graded assignment and count as a participation grade! Please look for this in your child’s folder on Monday!
Our Big Blast fundraiser has raised over $15,000 dollars for Trevvett! Go Tigers! In an effort to make sure every child an participate in the Big Blast Celebration the online fundraiser has been extended until Friday, October 5. You can register online! Thank you to everyone who has made this fundraiser such a huge success!
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 2-Place Value through the 100,000’s place quiz
Wednesday, October 3-After school clubs begin
Friday, October 5-Reading Power test -computer class assessment
Monday, October 8-Student holiday-Columbus Day
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 9/24

Dear families,
We had a fabulous third week in third grade. The students are working together cooperatively and becoming adjusted to the higher expectations of being in upper elementary school. Please remind your child that it is their responsibility to bring home their folder and agenda every afternoon and return it to school the next day. Their agenda is the best resource for you as well to know exactly what their homework expectations are each night.
Next week we will be learning about asking and answering questions about what we read. This is includes creating their own questions about what is read. This can be hard for children: please make sure they complete their Reading homework this week to help with this tricky skill. In Writing we will master the art of writing a complete sentence, a skill that will be used for the rest of their lives. In Math we have begun our unit on place value through the hundred thousands place. The students enjoy using models with their numbers, will read numbers in word form, and learn how to write in expanded form. In Science we will continue our unit of animal adaptations and learn about food chains in different kinds of environment.
If you have internet access at home, please have your student log into Moby Max from home! Some students are still completely missing their computer time because they are typing their log-ins incorrectly. This site has great activities to help your child master their addition and subtraction facts before we begin multiplication in the second nine weeks.
We have one more week of our Big Blast Fundraiser to go. I would love to have all of my students participate the the inflatable party. If you still have not donated to this great cause the information can all be found on our Trevvett Website.
After school clubs begin on Wednesday, October 3. They are from 2:20-3:20. More information can be found on our Trevvett Website.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, September 24-Gelati Celeste Spirit Night 5- 8 pm. Flyer sent home today
Wednesday, September 26-Reading MAPS testing
Friday, September 28-Math MAPS testing-homework due!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 9/17

Dear families, we have had a wonderful week getting to know each other with our brown bag biography presentations and practicing small group activities! It is exciting to work with such polite and cooperative students!

Due to Hurricane Florence and HCPS closing tomorrow we have adjusted our schedule for instruction. Next week in Math we will complete our unit on graphing. The students will have a test on graphing Tuesday, September 18. This will be a paper pencil test. On Thursday, September 20 the children will make up their citizenship test that was scheduled for tomorrow. I will send their notebooks for both subject areas home on Monday.
We are very excited for our first STEAM DAY lesson on Wednesday, September 19. We will be investigating how animals adapt to their surroundings, collecting data, and making graphs on the computer. Pleas come join us if you are able.
Third grade is offering each child a year’s subscription to Scholastic Magazine for the year at a reduced rate of $8. Every week your child will receive a magazine to read at school and then bring home to share with you! Please support your child’s education by donating $8 by October 1. Thank you!!
Today in your child’s take home folder there was an important document describing the NWEA MAPS test that our Third graders will take for the first time this year. We will take Reading on September 26 and Math on September 28. Please read this information and let me know if you have any questions.
Monday, 9-17-behavior communicators/new homework comes home-Gelati Celeste Fundraiser (who doesn’t LOVE ice cream!)
Tuesday 9-18-Graphing end of unit test
Wednesday,, 9-19-STEAM DAY! early dismissal begins at 10:50
Thursday, 9-20-end of unit test in Social Studies/citizenship
Saturday, 9-22-PTA Yard Sale, spots still available/$15 a spot, Come join the fun!
Have a great weekend! Stay dry and be safe!

Week of 9/10

Dear Families,
Welcome back to school! The students have had a wonderful week getting to know each other as we learn rules and routines in Third Grade! We have enjoyed reading together and independently, making and interpreting graphs, learning about citizenship, and writing paragraphs to tell about a special talent.
Next week will be another busy one! We will complete our unit on picture and bar graphs in Math. In Reading we will continue practice reading strategies in fictional text. In Social Studies we will complete our unit on citizenship. The students will have a test on Thursday, September 13. In writing we will focus on staying on one topic when writing a paragraph.
Our fundraiser packets came home today! We are excited to offer online donations. Please support Trevvett by participating in the fundraiser this year! Because of parental participation in 2017 I have a new document camera to use in my classroom, and your child can earn many exciting prizes.
Homework will begin the week of September 17. Please make sure you child is reading at home for at least twenty minutes in a calm environment. We visited the library today and the students are very excited to have school library books to read. In addition the students’ usernames and passwords for MobyMax came home today in their agendas. This is a computer program that will help you child improve and advance their skills in reading and math. They are in the plastic front pocket of their agendas.
Every Monday I will send home a packet with Reading and Math practice for the week. Please make sure that your child is completing their homework every night. The packet is due to me on Fridays when we will go over important parts to check for understanding. In addition to written homework the students are expected to study their notebooks for upcoming tests. I will have student write this in their agenda and instruct them to take home the appropriate notebooks two nights before the test will be given. Please check the agenda every night!
Back to School Night!
Trevvett’s Back to School night is Tuesday, September 11 at 6 pm. Two sessions will be schedueled to accommodate families with more than one child at Trevvett. Please come to learn more in depth information about my classroom structure. I hope to see you all on Tuesday.
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, September 11-Back to School Night
Thursday, September 13-Citizenship test
Friday, September 14-Graph test

Please visit our school website with information about our after school clubs that begin on October 3!
Have a wonderful weekend!