Week of 3/18

Dear families,
We had an action packed week of learning mastering all kinds of fraction concepts and writing paragraphs about our favorite trees. The students especially enjoyed five dayas in a row of outdoor recess with no rain!
Next week in Reading we will be learning about author’s purpose in fiction and poetry. In writing we will be reviewing descriptive language and writing to explain our own special taco recipe. In math we will begin our unit on probability. Students should see the relationship between fractions and probability as descries as chance. We will have a math power test on Friday, March 22. In Social Studies we will study economics and opportunity cost when making a economic choice.
March madness for Moby Max continues through March 29! The students get 30 minutes at school but will need to practice at home to get their hour a week and earn a special art activity. The link for Moby Max is attached here!
The Book Fair will be open all next week! Students are able to shop before school and after school. We will preview the book fair on Monday, March 18 and the students will have a wish list. If it is helpful for you to have your child send the list and money together Ms. Cline and Ms. G are happy to assist you and getting their order ready.
Lots and lots of upcoming events!
Thursday, Marh 21-PTO Spaghetti Supper: only $5 a person or $20 for a family of 4/Please support Trevvett and our PTO!
Friday, March 22-Math Powertest
Monday, March 25-JA in a Day/community outreach program presented by local businesses
Wednesday, March 27-Career Day
Thursday, March 28-PAW Achievement Class movie parties for students who qualify to participate
Friday, March 29-STEAM DAY/early dismissal
April 1-April 5-Spring Break
Tuesday, April 9-Math Science Center Innovation Center field trip/permission slip to come home 3/20.

Week of 3/8

Dear families,
The students have worked hard this week and learned a lot about the Earth’s cycles and fractions on a number line! We had an assembly on Wednesday and enjoyed seeing all the brass instruments and hearing the music.

Next week in Reading we will continue to learn about writing a summary for nonfiction. We will have a power test in Reading on Friday, March 15.In Writing we will write to inform about trees. In Math we will continue our unit on fractions, focusing on comparing fractions and adding with like denominators. In Social Studies we will review the civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Mali and learn about their economic specialization.
Moby Max March Madness is in full swing! A flyer was sent home last Friday, March 1. The children are working for one hour a week on Moby Max to show fact fluency in addition and subtraction facts. Students who meet this benchmark will get to paint a rock for our “Math Rocks” garden. Please encourage your child to log into Moby Max on the weekends!
Don’t forget: Daylight Savings begins on Sunday-Spring Forward!
Lots of upcoming events:
Friday, March 15-Reading Power Test
Monday, March 25-JA in a Day
Tuesday, March 26-PTO meeting and Spaghetti Supper!
Thursday, March 28-PAW Achievement activivty
Friday, March 29-STEAM day, 1/2 day dismissal for students
Monday, April 1-Friday, April 5-Spring Break

Week of 3/4

Dear Families,
We have had an action packed celebrating Read Across America in honor of Dr. Seuss! Thank you for all the families that viewed Mrs. Broudy last night on Facebook Live! and posted pictures of your children reading. We had over one hundred posts and Mrs. Broudy roller skated down the hall dressed like Cat in the Hat!

Next week in Reading we will be comparing autobiographies and biographies while learning how to summarize nonfiction text. We will practice writing summaries and review contractions and possessive nouns in writing. In Math we will continue our unit on fractions focusing on fractions on a number line, comparing fractions, and learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers. The students will have a Math power test on Friday, March 8. In Science we will learn about day and night, Earth’s seasons, and phases of the moon.

During the month of March Trevvett will be participating in a Moby Max March Madness Challenge! Students who become fact fluent in all addition and subtraction facts or practice on Moby Max for one hour each week will get to paint a rock to go into our Trevvett rock garden. Please encourage your child to practice on Moby Max at home!

Upcoming Events:
Friday, March 8-Math Power test
Saturday, March 23-Panther Prowl at Hermitage High School
April 1-April 5-Spring Break

week of 2/25

We have had a busy week in third grade! Despite a two hour delay and an early dismissal day for me on Wednesday the students showed great improvement in their ability to count and compare sets of coins. We will continue to make change throughout the school year. If you notice your child struggling to count coins accurately the Dollar Tree is a great resource. They have play money that children love to work with. Keep in mind they need to be able to count coins up to five dollars. Quiz your child in the car about different combinations of coins to help keep their skills sharp!
Our class has also been affected this week with a lot of illnesses both fever and stomach virus. Please remind your child the importance of washing their hands every time they use the restroom and keeping their hands out of their mouths and off their faces. If your child has had a fever or has vomited in the last 24 hours please protect others by keeping your child at home. Thank you!
Since November of 2018 I have had the students write “Read for 20 minutes and record in your agenda” as homework. This is part of the nightly homework expectations. Students who do not write what they are reading in the agenda will earn an x on their behavior communicator. As a reminder students may not participate in our quarterly PAW Achievement celebrations if they earn 7 or more x’s on their weekly chart.
Next week in Reading we will continue to learn about author’s purpose. In writing we are excited to begin a research project that will end with the students creating their own magazine around their self selected topic. We will have a power test assessment in reading on Friday, March 1. In Math we will begin a unit on fractions. In third grade we build upon students’ knowledge of fractions as equal parts and learn how to compare, what is a mixed number and an improper fraction, and to add and subtract fractions with like denominators. In Science we will complete our unit on the water cycle. The students will have a text in Science Wednesday, February 27. Look for them to have their Science notebook to study on Monday and Tuesday.
On Thursday a flier came home with all of the fun activities we have planned for the school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. On Monday please remind your child to wear as many colors as they can to school!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, February 25-Many Colors Day!
Tuesday, February 26-PTO/Living History Presentation of African American Achievers 6 pm
Wednesday, February 27-Water Cycle test
Thursday, February 28-Hat Day! Follow Trevvett on Facebook to view a special Facebook live! message from Mrs. Broudy
Friday, March 1-Read Across America Day!

Week of 2/18

Dear families,
Thank you for all the special treats for our Valentine’s Day party yesterday! I think the students really enjoyed being able to have a party this year, and of course, the candy! Ms. Elder took a great photo of us during the party and posted it to Remind. Please take the time to look at your child engaged in fun and learning!
Next week we will have a full five day school week. We are making up a snow day on President’s Day which is Monday, February 18. In Reading we will be learning about author’s purpose in nonfiction. In Math we will continue to study money and learn to make change from five dollars. The students will have a Math power test on Friday, February 22. In Writing we will learn how to use I and me correctly, as well as create our own timeline. In Social Studies we will complete the unit on famous Americans and their contributions and begin a unit in Science on the water cycle.

Upcoming Events:
Monday, February 18-full school day for students and staff
Friday, February 22-power test, MATH
Tuesday, February 26-African American Living History Museum/PTO meeting 6 pm

Week of 2/11

Dear families,
This afternoon we celebrated the end of the semester testing with a Benchmark Blast!!

The entire class participated for their PAW values during our two weeks of benchmark testing. It was wonderful to celebrate and feel the students confidence and Tiger Pride! Ask you child what their favorite part was of our hour long party!
Next week we will have lots of exciting activities as well. On Monday second nine weeks report cars come home. We will have our Awards Assembly from 1:10-1:30 in the classroom. Families are encouraged to attend! Thursday is Valentine’s Day and we will have a classroom party from 1:10 to 1:55. A flier was sent home today in the students’ folders, and is attached to the blog for your reference. There are still empty slots on the sign up genius.
Next week in reading we will continue to learn about drawing conclusions in fiction and nonfiction. In writing the students will complete their hero narratives and review prefixes and suffixes. In Math we will begin a unit on money. In third grade students should be able to count and compare sets of coins up to $5.00 and make change. In Science the students will complete their Science unit on Matter They have a quiz on Wednesday. Look for their Science notebook on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for this quiz.

Upcoming Events:
Join Ms. Bushey for a “Snack & Chat” Monday at 2:30pm. Topic: “Tips & Tricks for Managing Anxiety & Anger in Children.” See you there!
Monday, February 11- Second Quarter Report Cards come home/Awards Assemby 1:!0-1:30.
Wednesday, February 13-Science Quiz on Matter
Thursday, February 14-Valentine’s Class Party 1:10 pm

Week of Feb. 4

Dear families,
We had a very successful week in third grade! I am so proud of each of my students who tried their best Wednesday and Thursday and really showed what great readers they are becoming. We had some fun with Math review, and even got to do a Science experiment to show properties of matter and physical change.
Next week in Reading we will be learning about drawing conclusions when we read fiction and poetry. Poetry is particularly good for drawing conclusions: Jack Prelutsky is one of my favorite children’s poets and his website has lots of fun and funny poetry activities. In writing we will review contractions and practice narrative writing. In Math we will be reviewing as we prepare for our semester benchmark test on Thursday and Friday, February 7/8 (I apologize for the wrong day names, but the dates were correct : ). Here are two resources to support your child at home with most confused concepts: perimeter and area and measurement units for volume and length. In Science we will complete our unit of student on matter. The students will have their study guides on Monday to help them prepare for a paper-pencil quiz. I will announce that date next week.
Upcoming Events:
A full, five day school week, I can’t wait!
Thursday and Friday, Feb. 7/8-Math Semester Benchmark
Thursday, February 7-Parent teacher conferences/ paper copy sent home today, link to sign up online here
Monday, February 11-Class Awards Assembly 1:10-1:30. Report cards come home
Thursday, February, 14-Valentine’s Day Classroom parties

Week of 1/29

Dear families,
Can you believe your child is half way through third grade already? January 29 begins the third nine week of the 2018/2019 school year. We had so much fun today at Hermitage High School Technical Center celebrating our PAW (perserverance-attitude-work ethic) achievements!
Next week we will be reviewing Reading and Math to prepare for semester benchmarks. The schedule is as follows: Reading benchmark: Wednesday and Thursday, January 30-31 and Math Wednesday and Thursday February 6-7. Parents I need your help! Please talk with your child about the importance of taking their time, showing their work, and doing their best. We have learned so much this year and this is their time to really put forth their best effort! If you have any additional questions about benchmark tests please do not hesitate to contact me.
In Science we will be learning about states of matter. The students need to know about different types of physical change. This is a great unit to practice at home incorporating Math and measurement. Make a salad and let your child measure the different vegetables as they are chopped to investigate physical change.
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, February 7 from 3:00 pm to 6:45 pm. Please sign up on the Sign up Genius link provided. If these times to not suit your schedule please contact me at jahufnell@henrico.k12.va.us to arrange a different time and date for us to meet.
Upcoming Events:
Wed/Thurs. January 30/31-Reading semester benchmark
Thurs. January 31-Zaxby’s Spirit Night fundraiser
Wed/Thurs. February 6/7-Math Semester benchmark
Thursday, February 7-Parent Teacher conferences 3-6:45 pm
Thursday, February 14-Valentine’s Day class party

Week of 1/22

Dear Families,
The students are doing such a great job telling time to the minute and determining elapsed time! Please continue to support them at home by having them practice on an analog clock and giving them situations to determine how much time has passed.
Parent Teacher Conferences for the second semester have been scheduled for Thursday, February 7. If evening conferences do not work with your schedule I will also be available to meet with you on Monday, January 28 from 10 am to 1 pm. Please email me at jahufnell@henrico.k12.va.us or call 261-5060 to schedule a conference on this day. If February 7 works for you click on this link to my signup genius page. Thank you!
Next week will be a very busy one for our students! We will be reviewing comparing and contrasting fairy tales and characters in Reading. In writing the students will review contractions and possessive nouns. In Math we demonstrate fact fluency for multiplication facts 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10. We will also practice equality and balancing equations. On Thursday, January 24 the students will take a power test assessment in Math. In Social Studies we will finish our unit on Mali with a test on Wednesday, January 23. This is a paper pencil assessment. In Science we will review animal and plant life cycles.
On Friday, January 25 we will celebrate PAW achievement by going to Hermitage High School to participate in a STEM activity. To earn this special trip each student must have 7 or fewer marks on their weekly behavior sheets, no school behavior communicators, and no bus referrals. Permission slips will come home on Tuesday for qualifying students. Please sign and return by Friday. I would live some volunteers if you would like to attend with your child!!
Upcoming Events:
Monday, Jan. 21-No School/Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Wednesday, Jan. 23-Mali test
Thursday, Jan. 24-Math Power test
Friday, Jan. 25-PAW Achievement-9:30-12/End of the second nine weeks
Monday, Jan. 28-No School for students/ Teacher workday
Thursday, Feb. 7- Evening conferences

Week of 1/14

Dear families,
It has been a great full week of instruction and the students are getting back into school routines. I was sorry to have to leave school early today because we did not get to do the prize box that the students earned this week on Class Dojo. I reassured them that I would make sure we did it first thing in the morning on Monday during morning meeting! The students received their weekly papers and behavior communicator. Please take the time this weekend to look at their assignments and sign and return the communicator to school. As a reminder, there are only two weeks left in the second nine weeks. Third grade policy is seven or fewer marks on the behavior communicator to earn PAW Achievement! For this nine weeks we will be visiting Hermitage High School’s specialty center and participating in a STEM activity.
Next week in Reading we will continue to read fiction and nonfiction, focusing on monitoring for meaning. At the third grade level students are expected to read independently. In class we are working on stamina and ways to make meaning from text with questions, summaries and organizer. In Writing we will continue to focus on writing friendly letters. We will also practice using context clues to help improve meaning. In Math we will continue to learn about telling time to the minute, equivalent periods of time, and elapsed time. This is really hard for some students: try helping them at home by asking them questions like, “If we eat dinner at 6:30 and mom gets home two house earlier, what time did Mom get home?” The students will have a Power test in Math on Friday, January 18. In Social Studies we will learn about the kingdom of Mali. In Science we will review interdependency and animal adaptations.

Upcoming Events:
Friday, Jnauary 18-Math Power Test
Monday, January 21-No School: Martin Luther King Jr., Day
Wed./Thurs. Jan 23/24-Reading Benchmark test
Friday, January 25-End of second nine weeks/PAW Achievement field trip for qualifying students
Monday, January 28-no school for students/Teacher work day
Thursday, February 7-Evening Parent Teacher conferences(sign up genius to come soon)
Thurs./Fri. February 7/8-Math Benchmark tests

Here’s hoping for light snowfall and warm temperatures in the the week to come!