Family Access to Schoology


Introducing Schoology 

We’re excited to use Schoology in all of our secondary schools and pilot in 4 elementary schools this year! Our plan is to get all of our students and teachers into the new system and then extend access to parents & families. In the interim, families have the opportunity to access Schoology via their child’s account. This is the same experience we had in our previous system, School Space. We use Google to authenticate to Schoology. As a result, it is important for all users to note the need to logout of all google accounts before accessing Schoology.


  1. Log out of all Google Accounts
  2. Go to and use student credentials* to login to Google
  3. Once logged in to Google, open a new tab and go to
  4. You should automatically be logged in to Schoology.


  • *Student Credentials Note: Username (hcps-, and does not change) and current Password (it will change every 5 months)
  • *Tip: To log into Schoology from home, it is recommended that families log out of other Google accounts, such as personal Gmail, so that the accounts do not conflict with secure login systems (ADFS/F5 Network), which use students Google login to authenticate the user is who they say they are.
  • Involve your child in assisting with logging into Schoology. They can be a great knowledge base!
  • Recommend that families use the HCPS Dell laptop provided when logging in, as the experience is more predictable.
  • Report login issues to  a designated point person at the school.
  • Documentation to help families navigate this new experience.