Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is a program that merges your email, calendar, and contacts into one place. Since all three of these functions are integrated, you can easily share information between them. For example, you can add an event to your calendar from an email or schedule a meeting with your contacts. In the following tutorials we introduce you to the major features of Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft Word 2013, or Word as it is commonly known, is a software application that allows you (the user) to perform word processing. You may use Word to create documents such as letters, invitations, term papers, flyers, resumes, novels, and much more!
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation tool included in Microsoft Office. These presentations can include images, videos, animation, transitions, and audio. Along with basic presentations, PowerPoint offers several unique features that could be valuable for classroom use.
Microsoft Excel 2013 is a spreadsheet program which allows one to enter numerical values or data into the rows or columns of a spreadsheet, and to use these numerical entries for such things as calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis.
Microsoft One Note 2013 is an online notebook that is an excellent tool for organizing notes, journal writing, and projects. You can automatically add information, images, and links from websites. You don’t even need a handout! When you open One Note, the opening screen has instruction on how to use the product.