Description:  Zearn is an online math curriculum for grades 1 through 5, with supplemental skills practice activities for kindergartners. Students open up to a dashboard with tasks to be completed, which include a variety of fluency warm-ups that promote general number sense and lesson-specific skills, as well as guided practice with interactive video lessons that feature enthusiastic human teachers and school-age children (“The Zearn Squad”). Students will also find an independent practice and formative assessment activity rolled into one (called the Tower of Power) and a summative exit ticket.

After students complete online activities, teachers can view copious amounts of data on their progress via a slick dashboard, which provides curriculum resources targeted at each student for use in classroom small-group instruction. Paired with the online lessons, Zearn envisions classrooms where some students work independently at laptops or tablets, while others work with a teacher to get strongly individualized instruction according to their needs and growth.

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