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Students & Parents:A complete overview of Study Island and directions for use can be found in the HELP menu in the program. There are a lot of resources available that have been designed specifically for parents and students. To access the resources go to use your (or your child’s) hcps login information to login to the site and click on HELP.

Teachers: Are you ready to use Study Island with your students? If so, you will first need to setup your classes in Study Island. All of the directions for Study Island setup can be found below. See your school representative for assistance.

Teacher Setup:

  1. Login to Study Island (UN: hcps-emailusername & PW: last 4 of teacher #)
  2. Click on Help
  3. Select “How To: The Manual & More
  4. Scroll down to “For Teachers” section
  5. Select “2011 Study Island Teacher Manual”
  6. Save the PDF

What steps do I need to specifically do?

  1. Review information about the program & session types (page 2-3)
  2. Review the components/new elements of the teacher page (page 4)
  3. Create Classes (page 5)
  4. Create Practice and Instruction Assignments (page 5-7)
  5. Create/Activate Class Page* (page 7) (MUST BE DONE BEFORE STUDENTS TO ACCESS ASSIGNMENTS)

The remaining pages in the manual contain great information about; live view, parent notifications, writing assignments, custom assessments, school stats, reports, parent letters, and troubleshooting information. In addition to these items check out the complete list of tutorials available in the HELP MENU. There are so many neat things you can do with Study Island (ex. engage clickers with content) and great resources to help support your use. Best part, it’s already done for you! If you have questions please see your school Study Island representative.

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