What is Schoology?

Maintaining a pulse on your student’s day to day progress has become increasingly difficult in our current fast-paced culture. If you are interested to becoming more involved with your students education, Schoology can help. Schoology is online application that organizes all the digital elements of your student’s education. Since Schoology lives on the internet, parents of Schoology users can securely login and view their students learning at anytime, from anywhere. Parents can view the most current course assignments, updates, calendars, and even receive a weekly summary of their students progress. Eventually, parents will be given parent access codes to view the content in your child’s course. In the meantime, it is recommended that you ask your child for their login credentials, and sign in under your child’s account in order to view their account activity.

How do I view student content?

Now that the school year has started, parents are inquiring about how they can log into Schoology. As we are just starting to implement Schoology in all of our secondary schools, we are focusing on student and teacher access. In the future we look forward to taking advantage of Schoology’s parent portal feature. Until then, all parents are provided access directly through their student’s account. If you would like to see what your student is experiencing in Schoology, it is recommended that your student log into Schoology on their county issued laptop. This way you and your student can review what is happening in Schoology together. To log into Schoology click on the link below and enter your studenets credentials. (Same username & password that they use when logging onto their hcps laptop).

More Information

If you would like more information or need help logging in as a student, please contact your child’s school.