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Description: Interactive, standards-based resources and activities for students in grades 6-12.  Interactive Tools provide online instruction and encourage insights by showing topic depth and relationships in ways a textbook cannot. They enable students to clarify concepts and build skills through active learning.  An Inquiry is a guided, self-paced investigation, organized around a focus question. Students answer the question in a three-step process: read, research and respond.  Web Lessons are complete learning activities on a broad range of concepts and skills, designed for classroom use or independent study. Lessons may include student handouts, discussion and writing opportunities, and links to Internet sites or SAS Interactive Tools.  SAS focuses on material difficult to convey through conventional methods – topics where doing, seeing and listening provide information and encourage insights in ways that textbooks cannot.  SAS also contains a professional development section for teachers.

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Teachers |  must initially subscribe for access using a set username and password by school, see your ITRT for more information.

Students |  utilize a set username (no password) by school, see your ITRT for more information.

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