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#TechTakeout Gets Scientific with Seven Pines!

| 4th Grade, 5th Grade, ChatterPix, Comemories, Google Slides, Kahoot, oceans, Pic Collage Kids, Planets, Revolution, Rotation, scratch, Tech Takeout, Tinkercad, Windows Movie Maker | No Comments

Last Friday, the Tech Takeout team visited Seven Pines Elementary! The fifth grade teachers noticed that students needed some review with the fourth grade SOLs 4.7 and 4.8 (the solar system) with a connection to their fifth grade SOL 5.6 on oceans. Everyone was super pumped for a Science themed Tech Takeout, because who doesn’t …

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Sound Patterns!

| 5th Grade, Google Drive, Windows Movie Maker | No Comments

I recently had a planning meeting with Mrs. Grigg at Ratcliffe Elementary. We were talking about patterns in math and we were both over doing the same old thing with her 5th graders. Mrs. Grigg and I started planning it out and we decided to Continue reading

Tech Takeout Pumps Up Language Arts at Chamberlayne

| #TechTakeout, 4th Grade, Chamberlayne, Language Arts, Makey Makey, Movie Maker, Nearpod, NotebookCast Board, Online Drum Machine, Prefixes, Root Words, scratch, Suffixes | No Comments

Last Friday we spent the day working with 4th grade at Chamberlayne Elementary. The teachers wanted us to focus on vocabulary, specifically affixes (prefixes, root words and suffixes). We find that affixes is a weak skill across the board in grades 3-5 so we were excited to come up with some “techie” activities that would …

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Video Organizer

| Google, Windows Movie Maker | No Comments

I love having students make videos as a way to show their understanding of a subject. When I first started having students make videos I would often forget the planning piece to video making. I would think to myself, “Well they did all the research, Continue reading