ActivEngage is installed on all HCPS computers and is part of Promethean’s ActivInspire software. ActivEngage can can be used to help drive and/or assess instruction through questioning. All question results from ActivEngage can be viewed real time or saved for later viewing in a spreadsheet. Participants can reply in full sentences, as well as in numbers, symbols, math equations, fractions, true/false, Likert scales and more.

Target Audience

  • All audiences (PreK – Adult)

Using it in the Classroom

Below are three ways to ask questions in ActivEngage:

  • Express Poll: can be used over any document for ad hoc questioning in class.
  • Question Manager: allows questions to be embedded one slide at a time in a FlipChart.
  • Self-Paced Learning: allows teachers to run a series of leveled questions.

Consider using ActivEngage to regularly check for student understanding during instruction.

Lesson Exemplars

See how ActivEngage was used in lessons on the Henrico 21 website.


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