Relationships &  Communication – Netiquette

 Background Information

Having good netiquette is part of being a good digital citizen.  Communicating online is an essential skill needed in today’s world, but it is important to understand how to maintain manners and politeness when communicating online.  All of this is part of having good netiquette.  Netiquette (Internet Etiquette) encompasses good behavior, wise choices, treating others as you want to be treated, and thinking before you post. “The most important rule of netiquette is ‘Think before you post.” The resources below are to be used to help students understand the values of good netiquette.

Essential Questions

  • What kind of tone is conveyed through a message written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS?
  • How is online communication different than in person communication?
  • How can you maintain manners and a polite demeanor through online communication?
  • What can happen if an online message is perceived in an unattended manner?

Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

1 – Take the Quiz!
Test your knowledge of Netiquette after watching the Brain Pop movie from above. Click here to find out as to whether or not you are a Netiquette expert!

2 – Have student Respond to a Prompt
Choose a topic such as, All students should be required to wear school uniforms. Have the students respond to the topic in a back channel such as Today’s Meet or by using a shared Google Doc where they must respond appropriately. As an added bonus require that the student back up their responses by posting any online research that supports their opinion.