Information Literacy – Creative Commons & Copyright


People who create and then upload their images, music,  and narratives legally own those products. It is important and appropriate to give credit where and when credit is due.

Essential Questions

What harm is there in just using any picture that I want?
When I post to Facebook, don’t those pictures belong to me? What about Instagram?


Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

1- Use this lesson What’s mine isn’t (necessarily) yours – Copyright lesson. Ask students to think about the pictures, music, and media that they have copy and pasted in the past for school projects. Walk students through finding pictures about a common topic using sites with copyright free pictures.

2- Use these lesson plans to explore A Creator’s Rights  and A Creator’s Responsibilities

3-  Students can explore more about Copyrights and wrongs and Rights, remixes and respect as well as photo editing using Retouching Reality.