Safety and  Responsibility – HCPS Expectations & Code of Conduct

 Background Information

By filtering internet content, Henrico County Public Schools provides a more safe environment for you to participate in online experiences. Yet filtering is only one component of staying safe online. Behaving appropriately and taking responsibility for your personal safety are paramount.

Essential Questions

  • What is the purpose and intent of HCPS’ Code of Conduct?
  • What are Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and why are they in place?

Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

  1.  Teaching Digital Citizenship can be overwhelming.
    A good starting point for more information is this site.
    Comprehensive training on many related topics can be found here.
    High quality third party Digital Citizenship curricular materials can be downloaded here.
  2. Make student expectations and responsibilities clear and overt by 1) having students sign a digital citizenship pledge (example) and / or 2) copying, laminating and displaying a digital pledge in classrooms (example).  Other examples of ‘safety pledges’ can be found here. Classroom posters are effective in the learning process; investigate this concept more fully here
  3. Click here to go to an online art pad. Please choose an AUP/Laptop Rule you feel is important and create a poster. You can save your work by taking a screen shot using the “snipping tool” on your computer. (Search Windows – Snipping Tool)
  4. Have students work collaboratively to decide which part of the Code of Conduct is being broken in the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: Hope and Destiny ride the same bus and usually get along, however Destiny spreads a rumor about Hope using Instagram.  Hope then decides to confront Destiny on the bus by showing her the post on her computer.  Destiny gets mad and slaps the computer out of Hope’s hand and the computer falls to the ground. Hope and Destiny both ending up physically harming one another and the other students on the bus begin to film the fight on their cell phones.  Several students posted the fight to various social media sites.

Scenario 2: Parker is computer whiz and often finds ways to get around the school filter and access blocked material.  Parker is playing “Running Fred” in English class and is caught by his teacher.

Scenario 3: Emily is taking a test on her computer and figures out a way to access files on her computer to help her out on her test.  The teacher specifically stated this was a test grade in which notes were not to be used.  The teacher sees Emily access other materials on her computer and talks to her privately afterward.