Digital Identity – Digital Footprint

Background Information

Your digital footprint is the personal information you leave behind when you use the internet.  Some of this information is purposely left behind when you share it on a website or through social media, while other information is collected without you knowing. Your digital footprint follows you and accumulates throughout your lifetime.

Essential Questions

Did you know that digital information about you is collected after each time you click a link, complete a survey, purchase an item, or upload a photo? What trail of digital information have you left behind?


Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

  1. Use the InCtrl – Digital Footprint  lesson with students.
  2. Use the Trillion-Dollar Footprint lesson with students.
  3. Use the Digital Footprint Matters videos and these video modules with students. Students can then create their own videos to share with others about protecting their digital footprints.