Safety and Responsibility – Device Care & Security

Background Information

Computers should be handled with care, and caution should be used when downloading files in order to prevent viruses. HCPS student and teacher laptops are equipped with virus and spyware protection and are filtered to restrict access to non-instructional and potentially harmful websites. Never use a proxy to bypass the web filter as doing so is a violation of the Code of Conduct as viruses and spyware can damage the software and operating system on the computer.

Essential Questions

  • How do you protect your devices from malicious software?
  • How do you protect your devices from being physically damaged?


Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

  1. After watching the videos and other resources above, have students create an infographic poster representing the concepts of device and web safety.
  2. Have  a class discussion in which students share their thoughts on bypassing the HCPS filter via a proxy.
  3. Have students prepare and act out short skits demonstrating correct and incorrect ways to care for digital devices.