Relationships &  Communication – Cyberbullying

Background Information

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to harass, intimidate, and/or humiliate a person. Cyberbullying is a means of harassing others online.  Often times bullies turn to using the internet due to the anonymous nature of online communication.  It is important for students to recognize and report cyberbullying.  HCPS uses the silence hurts reporting process to help students being bullied.  Below are additional resources to help students understand the consequences of cyberbullying and to recognize the signs of cyberbullying.

Essential Questions

  • Have you ever sent or received electronic messages that are intentionally hurtful?
  • Does Cyberbullying hurt more than being bullied in person?
  • What are some consequences of cyberbullying?
  • How can cyberbullying cause harm to someone?


Implementation Suggestions and Strategies for Schools

Introducing the topic of Cyberbullying with students is a good opportunity to partner with the School Counseling department.

1 –  Preview the lesson plan for the Stand Up…Be inCtrl activity.  Have students view one of the videos from the site below and then have them complete the Introductory activity. (The teacher video is appropriate for high school while the student video works well for middle school.)

2 –  Students can journal about their experiences with cyberbullying or create a PSA video, or produce an infographic about cyberbullying